Hi guys and gosh I am so sorry! I thought I had this hiatus notice up AGES ago! I never meant to leave you guys hanging like this but unfortunately my stepfather died back in August and about a year before that I was diagnosed as an epileptic with petit mal seizures. The meds they put me on have caused me to progress to grand mal seizures and we are STILL trying to get the right dosage so that hopefully they will stop. Until that time I'm not allowed to be alone AT ALL so during the day while my husband is at work I stay at his sister's house and she has no internet and six kids with too much time on their hands so it's really difficult to find the time and energy to write. But I SWEAR that once everything's figured out and I have internet again I will come back to this story. My other story, Not What He Seems, is, for now, on permanent hiatus. I wasn't happy with how it was flowing but I know where I want it to go, so once i have it rewritten in a way that is appealing to me I will be continuing that story as well. As always if you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to pm me or shoot me an email at krissybear22 yahoo. com. I am off to attempt a start on the next chapter maybe I can get a chapter out here and there, who knows.