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Cathy's POV: Cathy was finally on Earth. She was nervous but ready to meet the humans on Earth. She had to wait a few days in captivity before getting to go to school. A few days later, she goes to school. On her way there, she sees a group of people. In that group are two boys and a girl. One of the boys was messing around with the girl while the other boy was holding her hand. Cathy noticed that she was staring at them, so she looked away. In the meantime, the group was getting closer to Cathy. Cathy accidently bumped into the boy that was messing around with the girl. Cathy spilled all of her books. The boy apologized for bumping into her. Cathy said it was her fault for not looking where she was going, but the boy said it was cool. The boy also asked if she was new in town. Cathy replied that yes she was new in town and was looking for friends. The boy then introduced himself. He said, "My name is Daniel Jackson, but most people call me Danny." Cathy then introduced herself. She said, "My name is Catherine Smith, but I like the name Cathy." After that, they decided to be friends. Danny noticed that Chris and Sam were already at the school's entrance. Danny and Cathy ran off together to the doors. Danny introduced Cathy to Chris and Sam. That is when Sam and Chris introduced themselves to Cathy and they also decided to be friends. That's when Danny told Cathy that Chris and Sam were complete love birds and pretty annoying to be around when they get all loveys, so he got pretty lonely, so he was glad he met her. She laughed at what Danny said. She just loved the way he talked.

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