The next day...

Danny's POV

I woke up this morning so excited. I couldn't wait to see Cathy. But then again, I didn't want to deal with Sam and Chris with their obnoxious teasing that they are bound to do. But, at least I get to be with Cathy...oh, Cathy...

Cathy's POV

When I woke up this morning, I was so, so, so ecstatic! Danny and I had a great time last night and I couldn't wait for another perfect day with him, but he seems so worried about Sam and Chris. I hope everything is going to be ok today. Oh no, I'm so late! I've got to hurry, or I won't be ready when Danny gets here!

A knock is heard at the door.

"Hello? Is anybody home?" Danny called.

"Danny! Oh, you're here!" I yelled.

"Yea, the Danny is in da house!" Danny said, humorously.

"Huh?", I giggled, "You're so funny, Danny. So, did you sleep well?"

"As good as I could get. Truth is, I was up all night." Danny snored.

"Aww, why, Danny? Are you ok?" I said, concerned.

"Yea, I'm ok. It's just that project you heard Mr. Fusster talking about yesterday that you don't have to do. I didn't do it and so I got in trouble with my parents and had to stay up all night to complete it. I hate school!" Danny complained.

"Well, you should really do your work, Danny. You do want to stay with me through all of school, right? You can't be lagging behind. I heard something about it is possible for people to not move on to the next grade, or well at least something like that."

"Yes! I wanna stay with you every second of my life! That's no's just schoolwork!"

"Danny, would you like me to help you with your schoolwork? I can help, but as long as I'm not actually just doing the work myself..."

"Oh, Cathy, you don't have to. I could do it."

"Danny, I actually want to help you", I giggled, "so we could always work on it afterschool today."

"Are you sure, Cathy? I don't want you to feel like you have to help me. And..."

"Yes, I'm sure, Danny. I want to help. And...what?"

"Ok and we gotta go!"

"Ok, let's go! Bye, Grandpa! I'll be home after school!"

"Ok, Cathy. And will you be here, Danny?"

"Yes, sir. I mean, if that isn't a problem..."

"No, it's not a problem. See you guys later. And have fun."

"We will!" We both called.

Danny's POV

Ok, off we go. Let's hope Chris and Sam aren't going be so teasing today. I just want to enjoy today...

Cathy's POV

Off to school we go. And for Danny's sake, I hope Sam and Chris hold off. Today's gonna be great, that is if we aren't late...

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