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Prologue: Ancestor Roronoa

"Get the demon brat!"

A mob was chasing an eight year old blonde named Naruto down the street.

"Why do you keep trying to kill me, I never did anything to you?" Naruto asks while still running from the mob.

"You killed our family and friends, we will avenge them by killing you demon brat!" one of the mob says while catching up to the little blonde.

Knowing that no one would listen to him he kept running. As he ran he got farther and farther away from the villagers. He sped out the village gates and disappeared in the forest to find his special hiding spot. But as he ran, he ran blindly in fear. He soon well through a small hole in the ground and began to slide down the hole. He finally made it to the end in *THUMP*. In front of Naruto were two steel doors.

There was a sign next to the steel doors saying *Sign here with your blood*.

Naruto bit his index finger just enough for blood to come out. He began to sign his name and when he finished there was a bright flash, so he covered his eyes in order to keep from going blind. When he opens his eyes the doors are open and there was a light inside. He looked inside and saw what looked like a house entrance.

"Wow!"Naruto says as he looked in awe as he entered. Naruto looked around the house and he saw: a living with couches and a coffee table, a kitchen completely stocked with food, silverware and whatever else you find in a kitchen and dining room, he also found training room in the basement and then a few doors down where he also found a laundry room, and a few bathrooms ready to use.

He found nine bedrooms. One bedroom looked like there was a hospital built in filled with research on medicine actual medicine and herbs and studies. The second bedroom he looked into, he found music records, actual instruments of many kinds, also he found books on sword techniques with a purple cane, which looked as if the top could be pulled out. Naruto grabbed the bottom and pulled the top of which revealed it to be a sword.

"Sweet, "Naruto said as he tested the cane sword.

The third room looked like an actual library; he even found signs hanging from the ceiling showing which kinds of books are located where.

The fourth room looked like a weather station, books on weather and what not. The fifth room looked like it belonged to a mechanic, all sorts of tools, he saw a suit made out of steel and found a fridge full of cola. The sixth room was a plain room except there was meat hanging from the walls and ceiling. In the room he found a straw hat and books on how to increase speed and strength. The seventh room looked like it belonged to a person that targeted people from a ranged outlook. There was a pole that looked like a sling shot with little pellets in a bag right next to it. He looked around the room to find more bags on shelves filled with weird pellet like things. The bags had labels on what they were and had descriptions of it. On the bed there was a pair of orange goggles.

"This is a weird place and what the hell do these tiny things do," Naruto questioned himself as he accidently drops a green pellet. A soon as it hit the floor a big green carnivorous plant comes out with actual teeth and roars in Naruto's face and goes back to the size of a pellet.

"Oh Kami," Naruto said breathing heavily due to shock. He grabbed the goggles and ran out the door, on to the next room.

In the eighth room he found materials that belonged in a kitchen, and on the shelves there were books on recipes to make food, and off to the side there were scrolls labeled techniques. In the ninth room looked like it belonged to a swordsman. There were weights a bench press and whatever you would find in a weight room. It was a very large room: there was a king sized bed and there was a wall that had a huge amount of weapons on shelves on wall, and on the side were scrolls, which Naruto infers that the scrolls have techniques for the weapons. Naruto looked down to see three swords in a glass case and a letter on top of it. The letter read:

To the Roronoa who finds this place, I am the last of the straw hat pirates, my name is Roronoa Zoro. Each of my crew has left something behind. Me I left special swords for the next swordsman. I give you four swords it might not look like it but one of them can turn into a dual blade. The names are:

Tsuin Kuro Senkou Kibou Yaiba (Twin Black Flash Trick Blade)

Akai Kuraishisu Yaiba (Red Crisis Blade)

Kyuu Hantei Yaiba (Ninth Judgement Blade)

At the very moment he read the name all he saw was black.

(In his Mindscape)

"What the, where am I, one second I'm in a swordsman room reading a letter, next thing I'm in a sewer?!" Naruto questions as he confronts a humongous gate with a piece of paper holding it together.

"So you're the brat I'm sealed in, so pathetic," a voice sounded throughout the sewer.

"Come out so I can kick your ass!" Naruto says as he puts up his fists and readies to fight.

"You can't hope to defeat me, of the Kitsune!" the voice said as the huge shadow came into the light to reveal a humongous fox with nine tails swinging behind its back. It was known as the Kyuubi that killed the Yondaime Hokage 8 years ago.

Even though Naruto was shocked he still spoke out against the fox.

"How are you still alive you bastard fox!" Naruto shouted without a single ounce of fright.

Kyuubi was surprised at the boy. His host was not even scared and was even brave enough to insult him.

"You dare insult me brat, I am the almighty Kyuubi!" the fox yelled out.

"So what you can't hurt me, when you're stuck behind that cage," Naruto mocked.

"So how are you still alive fur ball, weren't you killed by the fourth Hokage?" Naruto mocks continually.

"Foolish boy, no mortal can kill me, your Yondaime Hokage sealed me within his little brat, you," said the Kyuubi.

Naruto started putting two and two together. Naruto also remembered the picture of the Yondaime in the third's office.

"So the Yondaime is my father, why didn't anyone tell me," Naruto said as he began to tear up. (Naruto is smarter than he lets on)

"Your father Minato Namikaze had many enemies and not many knew of your heritage," Kyuubi explained.

"What about my mother?" Naruto asked while wiping his tears up.

"Your mother was my previous Jinchuuriki host, her name was Kushina Uzumaki," Kyuubi said in sorrow.

Naruto was shocked by this, his own mother was the previous host of the Kyuubi.

Naruto finally broke the silence, "So why did you attack Konoha and how did you get out of the sealing?"

Kyuubi had a shocked look on his face.

Naruto kept on talking,"There is always two sides to a story."

"Your mother was giving birth and that's when the seal was weak. A man named Madara Uchiha attacked your parents. Your dad could've attacked, but you were a hostage. Madara took your mother and took me out of the seal, he put a strong genjutsu on me that drove me insane and ballistic which caused me to attack."

"I feel sorry for you. I promise that I will kill Madara for you and my parents and for the village believe it!" Naruto shouted with confidence.

Kyuubi started to look at Naruto with respect. "Anyway, what's your name, Kyuubi is probably just a title so what is your real name." Naruto asked.

Kyuubi's eyes widened," No one has ever asked me for my name before. Anyway names Kurama."

"That's a cool name so want to be friends Kurama," Naruto said smiling.

"Sure kit," Kurama said with a smile.

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