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Bloodyhound17: ….

Bloodyhound17:"I don't know what you are talking about."

Bloodbrother7: "You have a box of hearts right next to you on the floor!"

Bloodyhound17:"I still don't know what you are talking about little brother." (As he kicks the box under some tarps, out of his little brother's eye sight)

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Chapter 1: Graduation

(Four years later)

It has been awhile since Naruto found the hideout and has begun to train in the way of the sword and its secrets. Kurama has begun to train him in genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu and some kenjutsu. Naruto now wears dark blue pants, and a pale sleeveless shirt (like Zoro's) and a red headband tied around his upper arm.

Naruto also trained in throwing accuracy and in the dead bones techniques. (As in Brook) Naruto trained in secret, not even the third hokage knew of his true strength.

Naruto was now at the underground hideout in the training room, training with his swords.

"Okay once more YONTORYU OJI: YONCHI JIGEN(Four swords style ancient art: four thousand dimensions),"Naruto yelled his attack as he holds two of his swords at an angle against each other and rotates them rapidly while running towards the iron dummy to create momentum and he then slices up the dummy with his four swords with full speed and power and focus. The dummy then fell apart in to four pieces. As each piece of the dummy touched the ground two pieces were consumed in a blue and red flame and the other two turned into blood red powder.

Naruto was breathing hard from using the technique. "I almost (huff) got it (huff) mastered," Naruto grinned as he fell back in exhaustion.

"Well done kit, you are high chunin to mid jounin in kenjutsu, next I will train you in the taijutsu style THUNDER FIST but for now go get some rest its getting late," Kurama insisted as he went back to his nap.

Naruto looked at the clock and saw it was near midnight.

"I guess I'm going to bed," Naruto said as he yawned as he fell asleep on the floor.

(In the early morning)

It was 6am in the morning as Naruto came back to life from a nights rest. Naruto went to do his morning warm up routine which included: five hundred push-ups sit ups, jumping jacks, pull ups, etc. and a few laps around the indoor track, which was a mile per lap, all while he wore 100 pound weights on each limb and chest and even his teeth was holding some weight.

"That was interesting," Naruto panted as he finished his last lap after an hour and a half of warm-ups.

Naruto went and took a shower and brushed his teeth and went to the kitchen to cook his breakfast. (It turns out that Naruto is a natural cook, and thanks to the cook books and excellent preserved ingredients that were held in the grand underground home he was a professional chef.

He cooked himself a omelet taco with a sausage, cheese, syrup wrapped inside. (I made one before it was very rich and my own creation)

There was only 30 minutes left before class started and he was two miles outside Konoha. Luckily his Kage Bunshin that Kurama taught him a year ago to improve his strength faster, dug a special tunnel towards Konoha, which leads to the back of the Hokage tower under a bush, that only he can enter and people he lets in.

Today was graduation day and the day he would become genin and one step closer towards his goal. Naruto rushed into the tunnel that was four feet wide and seven feet tall and four miles long: two miles to get to the gates and two miles to get to the Hokage Tower.

"Gotta hurry, gotta hurry, I'm not failing again, not again!" Naruto shouted as he ran along the tunnel.

(28 minutes later)

"Where is Naruto, he knows we have the graduation exam today, and yet he's late?" said Iruka as he looked at the clock.

"Iruka why care he's a dead last and everyone knows he can't do crap, he's better off not coming at all!" yelled the years top banshee…err I mean the years top kunoichi.

"HEY, don't talk about your classmate like that!" Iruka yelled at the pink haired banshee…girl.

Suddenly the door opened to reveal Naruto wearing a red head band that covered his hair that had a leaf symbol on the front, a shirt (like Zoro's) and blue pants like Zoro's but blue.

"Oi Iruka-sensei, am I late?" Naruto said with no emotion as he walked inside of the class room.

"One minute to spare, what took you so long this time?" Iruka asked the blonde.

"Attacked by a demon cat," Naruto lied.

"Ah yes, Tora… I hate that cat," Iruka muttered as he remembered the days he had to catch that cat.

"Now get to your seat, Naruto," Iruka said as he changed the subject.

As Naruto went to go to his seat, Sakura stood before, "Naruto-baka stop trying you'll never be as cool as Sasuke, so see your place baka!" Sakura shouted as she went to punch Naruto's head in.

Naruto just stood there emotionless with a shadow covering his eyes and when Sakura's fist was mere inches away from his face, a smirk appeared on his face and started to walk towards Sakura and turned his head to dodge to the right with his left hand sticking out of his pocket, "MUTORYU HANUTO SANCHOU…" Naruto whispers as kept walking as Sakura landed and was about to turn her head until, "YAHAZUGIRI," Naruto whispers more loudly as Sakura had a shocked look on her face as she collapsed.

Sasuke's eyes widened a bit after that, and so did everyone else's, everyone knew that Naruto had a crush on Sakura and would never harm her. What a change of heart!

"She'll wake up in ten minutes," Naruto said nonchalantly as he picked her up like a flour sac and dumped her in a random seat in the corner and sat behind Ino in an empty row.

(AN: Just so know Naruto was holding back in class to make it look like he was a dead last and had a fake crush on Sakura, he used to wear that orange jumpsuit but it was all an act)

(10 Minutes later)

Sakura finally woke up groaning and grumbling to see that Ino took her spot sitting next to Sasuke, who was brooding.

"Okay class, you should know today's the graduation exam, the exam that decides if you will become genin or not, first is the written test, second is the taijutsu spar, third is throwing accuracy, and finally the three basic academy ninjutsu," Iruka said as he looked at the class with eyes of expectations.

In the written exam there was twenty questions and Naruto passed with a A- because he was able to sneak into the library due to his stealth skills.

It was time for the taijutsu match with Mizuki. Kiba lasted 1:45, Choji lasted 1:30, Shikamaru lasted 1:50, Hinata lasted 1:30, Sakura lasted 1:20 and Sasuke lasted 1:59, Ino lasted 1:58, the rest of the class got below 1:10. "Uzumaki Naruto you are to fight Mizuki and last inside the ring for about two minutes or as long as you can, no weapons or ninjutsu are allowed. Hajime!"

Naruto stood in his no sword style stance, knees bent, standing side ways, both arms out forming fists, facing his opponent. Mizuki started to charge at Naruto using more strength than used against the other students. Soon enough Naruto started to charge too, both met in the middle exchanging blows. Then in one hit both were separated pushing each other on the opposite sides of the ring with Mizuki sweating a bit.

"MUTORYU: JUU BURU KAKIN," Naruto said as he struck ten fast jabs at Mizuki's stomach.

Mizuki collapsed in a heap. No one expected Naruto to be this strong. "Iruka –sensei Naruto-baka probably just cheated and used a weapon or ninjutsu not even Sasuke-kun could do that!' a certain pink haired banshee I mean girl said.

"And do you have any proof of this?" asked Iruka

"No but he probably did!" said the brat as Sasuke's fan club protested.

"Sakura if he used any weapon or ninjutsu I would've seen it," said Iruka with a tick mark on his head.

The rest of the class was silent. "Okay class next is kunai and shuriken accuracy," Iruka said as he led the class to the target practice field.

As Naruto started to walk behind the group since he knew he was the last to go, so he didn't have to hurry, but two arms surrounded him and he could feel a body press against back. "Congrats Naruto-kun, so you decided to show off hmm," said a feminine voice.

"So what if I did, shows them not to mess with Naruto Uzumaki, besides you did better than I did Ino-chan," Naruto said as he turned his head to face a blonde girl and smiled.

"Naruto-kun you struck Mizuki-sensei down in less than a minute," Ino pouted cutely as she hung onto Naruto. (AN: Naruto and Ino kinda have a secret relationship that no one knows)

Naruto turned his body to meet Ino's and kissed her cheek. "Come on lets get to the other's Ino-chan," Naruto said as he grabbed Ino's hand and ran to find the group. When they came to the group they separated and went their own ways. Kiba was next in line and got 11/15 hits, Choji got 11/15 hits, Shikamaru got 12/15 hits, Hinata got 13/15 hits, Sakura got 12/15 hits, Sasuke got 14/15 hits and Ino got 15/15. "Okay Uzumaki Naruto you are up next, you are to throw eight kunai and seven shuriken and hit the targets," Iruka explained to the blond.

In front of Naruto there was four dummies with nine targets on each and he was supposed to hit one of them. Naruto dug into his pocket and got out orange colored goggles and a small green slingshot with two black pellets. "Naruto we are supposed to use kunai and shuriken," Iruka said confused.

"Just watch," Naruto said as he targeted the four dummies. "KUNAI RAIN!" Naruto said as he shot one pellet at the targets and out came 18 kunai hitting of the dummies accurately making it 18/18, and then he shot the next pellet a second later. "SHURIKEN SHOT!" as another eighteen shuriken shot towards the other two dummies and made another 18/18 accurate hit making it a total of 36/36. Everyone's eyes widened except Ino's because she seen it before because she trained with Naruto for the past two years.

"Sensei Naruto-baka cheated!" Sakura screeched as she and the Sasuke fan club protested.

"Well Sakura, Naruto did basically throw his kunai so that doesn't mean he cheated, he just used a different tactic than most would," Iruka said with a headache.

"Let's go inside for the ninjutsu test and I will call you one by one.

After a few minutes Naruto was called up to perform. "All right Naruto you are to perform a Henge, Kawarimi and a Bunshin," Iruka said as he waited for Naruto to start.

As Naruto gathered chakra a smoke covered him and Iruka and Mizuki. As the smoke cleared, Iruka and Mizuki stood where Naruto once stood and looked towards the desk to see Naruto and the Third Hokage.

"So Iruka-kun, how was the exams?" said the Hokage.

"Everyone has passed so far, we were just testing Naruto Lord Hokage," Iruka said.

"That's good, but to let you I'm not the Hokage yet Iruka," the hokage said making everyone become dumb struck and confused.

The Hokage then turned into Naruto and gave a high five to the other Naruto beside him, making him go poof.

"Eh…I guess you pass Naruto," Iruka said as a sweatdrop formed on Iruka's head. "Here's your headband."

"It's okay Iruka-sensei, I already have one, see," Naruto said as he focused chakra to the leaf symbol on his head band and a head plate appeared stitched in.

Sasuke was grinding his teeth. "Those abilities should be mine, that power should be mine, I will get you yet Uzumaki Naruto!"

"Okay class it looks like everyone passed, and just so you know the rookie of the year and the kunoichi of the year will be announced next week, have a nice day and congrats on becoming genin," Iruka said as he left the class with Mizuki.

Naruto left the classroom but right before he left, he placed a note on Ino's desk saying to come behind the Hokage's Tower.

(A few minutes later behind the Hokage's Tower)

Naruto was waiting behind the Hokage tower standing next to the entrance to his tunnel home when he saw Ino running towards him waving her hand. "Naruto-kun!" Ino yelled as she met up Naruto and tackle hugged him to the ground. "I can't believe we began genin already, everything just went so fast."

"Well you better believe it, today we became ninja!" Naruto said as he ruffled Ino's hair.

Ino came up to Naruto's face and pulled him into a passionate kiss which lasted for five minutes. Ino then pulled out of the kiss, "Naruto-kun my family is going to have a party today for my graduation and I asked if you could come, they said yes, and will you come please?" Ino said with a puppy dog face.

"How could I say no to face like that, I'll come to your party Ino-chan, I will also bring some of my homemade cooking," Naruto said with an eye smile.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Ino said as she gave Naruto a peck on the lips. "I'll tell them you're coming see you at my place Naruto-kun," as she raced off to her home.


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