Jack's P.O.V

Three years had passed since the fight with Pitch and yet Jack still couldn't help feeling jittery. What if Pitch came back? What if he attacked the kids for helping them? Jack couldn't imagine how he would live with himself if the kids got hurt just because they had helped him and the other Guardians. His fear for their safety was what drove him into Burgess every single night, no matter how far away he was. He would dive into their rooms for a few minutes, inspecting every dark corner to make sure Pitch wasn't there, before quickly leaving so Sandy could give them dreamsand.

Tonight though Jack was feeling loose, careless. He had made it snow today, the first snow fall of the year, and he had loved seeing the kids' faces light up at the sight of the white flakes. Jamie had shouted his name into the sky with glee, looking all over for him. Jack had happily shown himself by throwing a snowball at Jamie from out of nowhere. The boy had laughed and had tried to throw one back but there wasn't enough snow on the ground to make one. Jack had promised to send a thick blanket of snow soon, the kind that was perfect for snowballs.

"And you'll have a hard time doing that," Jack thought regretfully as he flew towards the Bennett house, "with North wanting you to cut back on the storms." The big Russian had made him promise not to overdo it like had had the last two years. The snow had been falling practically everywhere, chilling his reindeer to the bone, and a couple of times the sleigh had nearly slipped off a roof. "Ah but he won't mind too much if I give Burgess a nice little blizzard a few days before Christmas. The snow won't be so thick and until then I can give them just enough for snowball fights." Jack thought as he neared the house. Jack thought it looked like a barn for some reason, though it was clearly not.

Jack landed nimbly on Jamie's windowsill and peered inside. Jamie was nowhere to be seen but his robot nightlight was turned on so Jack knew he was welcomed. Jack pushed open the window, which was always kept slightly open so Jack could get in. He jumped into the room, landing without making a sound, and waited for Jamie to come up and get him.

Jack passed the time by walking around the room and examining the drawings on the walls. Jamie had gotten much better at drawing over the past three years and now you could definitely tell what was what on the papers. There were so many pictures of the Guardians that Jack was surprised his parents hadn't given him a talk about them. Surely this was considered a bit of an obsession and it must have seemed odd for a thirteen year old to be this fixated on childhood tales. Of course, Jack didn't care if Jamie was odd for his age. Jack was just glad the boy still believed in him.

Finally, Jamie came running into the room with a bright smile on his face. "Jack!" He shouted happily, running over. He grabbed hold of Jack's sleeve and started pulling him towards the bedroom door. "Come on Jack, we've got a new babysitter and she's seventeen and she is so hot." Jamie said as he pulled Jack along. Lately Jamie had started to notice girls, which amused Jack because he had long ago gone through that phase and remembered just how noticeable the opposite sex had been back then. "Mom and dad still don't trust me to watch Sophie and the house by myself. I think it's because they're starting to think I'm a bit crazy." Jamie sounded irritated at that.

Jack nodded; understanding even if he had never gone through what Jamie was talking about. A boy talking to thin air must look weird to parents.

It didn't take them long to reach the living room downstairs. Sophie was there waiting for them, a can of soda in her tiny hand. Her hairstyle hadn't changed in the past three years, remaining uneven and wild, so Jack only saw one eye light up with delight at the sight of him. The little girl came running over and wrapped her arms around his knees.

"Jack! We missed you!" Sophie said, hugging his legs. She looked up at him with those green eyes that could convince Bunny into doing absolutely anything. "When's our next visit?" Sophie asked.

Of course she wanted to know that. Ever since the other Guardians had agreed to let the Bennett children visit their homes the kids had been practically demanding trips every week. It was hard though, squeezing in enough time for them to both spend time in all places. "I'm not sure Soph. North's real busy with Christmas coming up, Tooth's still dealing with the cavity pileup from October, and you know how busy Sandy is." Jack said apologetically.

"Bunny?" Sophie asked.

Jack grinned. "Bunny would be more than pleased to see you guys. I'll ask him if this weekend's okay, after North's party of course." He told her.

"Kids do you have the TV on or something? I swear I hear someone else in there." A girl's voice rang out from the kitchen.

Jack turned to the Bennett children with a surprised look on his face. "She believes?" He asked incredulously. Only the people who believed in him could see or hear him and this girl was probably much older than the kids who normally believed in him.

"She does, now hide! We want you to be a surprise." Jamie said, pushing Jack behind the couch. Jack pointed his staff at Jamie in mock threat which made the boy smile. "Yeah Emiline, we're talking to Jack Frost!" Jamie shouted as he walked away.

There was the sound of rushed walking and Jack knew the girl had bolted into the room. "Really? Where is he?" The same voice from earlier asked excitedly.

"We've hidden him for now. We want you to tell us one of your stories first so he can hear you." Jamie replied. There was a loud flop! as Jamie sat down on the couch. "Please Emiline? We really want him to hear how good you are at storytelling."

Jack imagined a pair of girl eyes rolling since that was what he would have done in that situation. "Alright, if you really won't let him out till I've said a story then I'll do it. Not one about Jack though, I'm sure he's got a big enough ego with you praising him all the time." Jack nearly started to argue but he quickly shut his mouth. If Jamie wanted him to hear this girl tell a story in hiding then he would do so.

There were two more loud flops! as the girls sat down. "Let's see…Ah! I know!" The girl, who Jack was now trying to picture based on her songlike voice, said. "Everyone knows who the Man in the Moon is, even if they never acknowledge him. After all, who could ignore his comforting presence each and every night?" The story had started and the girl's voice had filled with a wistful beauty that immediately transfixed Jack.

"Man in the Moon, Manny as he's sometimes known, is a very kind soul. He sits above the earth, watching us and keeping us safe. That's why he made the Guardians, to protect us better. Man in the Moon loves all people, whether they're children or not, and his heart breaks every time he sees one of us hurt." Jack could picture Manny as the girl described him, a caring loving man who watched over everyone. Jack had never seen Manny's true self before but now he had a clear picture of an almost fatherly looking man. "Man in the Moon is the rival of Pitch Black, the Boogeyman. He is the light in Pitch's dark, the hope that keeps us going. Manny would never abandon us to the Boogeyman and he works every minute of every day shining light where Pitch wants dark."

Jack imagined that if he was a child who didn't believe listening to this girl would immediately make him believe in every last Guardian. It wasn't even the words she spoke that would convince people, it was the way she said them. There was so much conviction, so much passion, so much wistful childish innocence. Now Jack knew why Jamie had wanted him to hear the girl instead of seeing her first. He wanted Jack to know just how amazing this girl was without her looks influencing him. The story was over now and Jack was thoroughly convinced that the girl had a supernatural gift. He floated out from behind the couch, determined to match the voice with a face.

Emiline's P.O.V

Emiline wasn't surprised when Jack Frost suddenly drifted out from behind the couch, she had guessed that was his hiding place since that was where Jamie always hid people when he didn't want them to be seen. Though Emiline had never seen Jack, she felt like his appearance was as familiar as her own. Those trickster icy blue eyes, that wind tossed snow white hair, that devilish smile with teeth that sparkled like freshly fallen snow. She didn't expect him to be staring at her so intensely though, as if he was trying to memorize everything about her.

Really, Emiline didn't see why he would want to. She was nothing special with chocolate eyes and basic brown hair. Of course, the way her hair curled perfectly without help was kind of interesting and the brightness in her eyes was noteworthy. But the annoying always there pinkness to her cheeks that made her look like she was wearing blush, though she despised makeup of all kinds, and the way her smile always seemed a bit impish made Emiline think that she was far from pretty. She thought she looked plainly ordinary, if not a bit ugly.

"How do you do that?" Jack asked, startling Emiline out of her thoughts on how much her appearance sucked.

"Do what?" She asked, confused.

"Do that! How do you tell stories that well!? You could convince even an adult into believing in the Guardians!" Jack shouted, seeming a bit irritated by the fact that she didn't understand.

Emiline smiled. "I don't know, I've just always been good at telling stories and I've believed in you guys for so long that my stories about you are always the best." She said with a shrug.

"It's amazing Jack." Jamie said with a huge smile.

Emiline looked down at Jamie and her smile filled with older sister affectionate. Emiline loved the Bennett kids; they were her favorites out of everyone in Burgess. Back in her hometown she could never tell her stories about the Guardians, people would instantly make fun of her before she could even get the story going, but here almost everyone seemed to believe in them. Emiline had been able to finally start telling her stories without fear of being made fun of, though the kids in her grade had originally stayed away from her for her unnatural belief in the Guardians. A seventeen year old girl believing in childhood tales? Creepy right? Well Jamie and Sophie hadn't thought so and after only a couple of days of her being in Burgess they had cornered her and demanded a story. Then they had told a few of their own.

Ever since the kids had told Emiline that they visited the Guardians often she had wanted to go with them, though she was too afraid to ask. She wanted to see Bunnymund's warren and Tooth's palace. Santa's workshop would of course be amazing and the idea of being able to hold an elf sent happy chills through Emiline. To watch Sandy make dreams for kids and to see Jack make snow fall down indoors would be amazing. At heart Emiline was such a child, wishing for the biggest things, and people often marveled at her innocence.

"I have to introduce you to the other Guardians." Jack said suddenly. He grabbed Emiline's hand and started pulling her towards the door. "Come on! We can got to Tooth's first, she'll probably love to have another girl to talk to, then we can go to North's and then—"

"Jack she can't!" Jamie and Sophie shouted, grabbing onto Emiline's free hand. "She has to watch us Jack! Besides, if she goes we do too." Jamie said as he pulled against the winter spirit.

Jack looked irritated at that but released Emiline's hand without protest. "Fine but we're going soon. North's having a just-before- Christmas party in two days so you'll be able to see everyone at one." Jack said, staring at Emiline.

Pure joy filled Emiline and she prayed that none of this was a dream. She couldn't wait for two days to go by so she could see the Guardians and she was so filled with joy that she wanted to dance around like a total fool but, of course, she wasn't going to do that. "Alright but until then why don't we pop in a movie and eat the frozen pizza I cooked?" Emiline suggested, playing it cool.

The rest of the night Emiline spent lying on the floor with the others in silent joy, wondering what the party at the Pole would be like. Jack stared at her for a long time and asked her questions about her life that she deflected easily. Her life hadn't been pretty with her mother dying of cancer and her father becoming a hopeless drunk. Her life wasn't a tale she could make beautiful by choosing the right words and there was no way she was going to say anything in front of the kids. Emiline loved them too much to make them listen to such depressing talk.

Despite the fact that Emiline's blood way pumping with joy, she still managed to get drowsy around the end of the movie they were watching. Something about Alice in Wonderland and that amazing world always made Emiline want to sleep, as if she could go to Wonderland in her dreams like Alice had. She pulled Sophie into an embrace, letting the little girl curl up on her chest and lap. Jamie rested at her feet, using her legs as a pillow. Jack had them all covered in thick blankets so that he could curl up beside them without freezing them. His back was pressed into Emiline's side and his slow rhythmic breathing told her he was asleep, clutching his staff like a teddy bear as she always imagined he did. Emiline wanted to be asleep too, she was so exhausted, but she knew what would come if she closed her eyes. Still, she couldn't help drifting into sleep. Emiline barely caught a glimpse of the dream Sandy had in mind for her that night before Pitch replaced it with darkness.