Emiline's/Luna's P.O.V

She knew she was dreaming but she really didn't care. It was such a wonderful dream! Luna was racing Jack Frost around the workshop at the Pole, laughing hysterically as she went. They ended up in the globe room with all the other Guardians and a few others. Bunny was by her side in a second offering her a piece of chocolate and a blank egg with a paintbrush. Tooth told him playfully to give Luna some time to eat her chocolate before dragging her into painting. Sandy laughed silently and winked at Luna, like they were sharing some private joke. Maybe they were, he was the one who gave her this dream after all.

What was strange was that North was talking away with Dracus. Dracus! He was there along with a couple of Nightmares. The Fearling was being rude but he seemed to be having plenty of fun talking away with the Russian and messing with the elves. Jack went over to him, whispered something, and soon the two of them were scaring elves and yetis alike by chasing after them on Nightmares. It was so strange and yet it all went together so perfectly. It was wonderful.

Luna didn't want to wake up. She wanted to stay in this precious dream forever and ignore the real world. But all dreams must end and hers ended abruptly, though for a second she wasn't sure if it had or not. The air was still filled with sounds from the workshop which sounded nothing like anything in Pitch's evil little world. Luna wondered why she could hear all this when suddenly she remembered what had happened before she fell asleep.

She was on her feet in a second and holding a sword in the next. But there was no one around her, nothing threatening her. She was in a sitting room of sorts that held a large fireplace. The was a huge window with a sizable windowsill behind her and Luna realized that she had been sleeping on the windowsill. Strangely enough she felt completely relaxed, like sleeping there was completely natural, and now that she thought about it she had been more comfortable there than she had ever been in Pitch's bed.

Luna shook her head and headed for the door, wanting to know where the Guardians were so she could possibly smack them. They had kidnapped her! How dare they! But, then again, if they hadn't kidnapped her she would never have had that dream. Still, Luna did not appreciate being kidnapped.

She was careful as she moved through the complicated hallways of the workshop. Yetis and elves alike were moving about but none of them noticed Luna, mostly because she had worked her magic and turned herself invisible. She carefully snuck towards the globe room, which she felt like she knew the exact location of even though she had only been there once. When she arrived in the room she saw all of the Guardians sitting around looking totally depressed.

"Someone should check on Emie." North said, awkwardly rubbing at his neck. No one answered them and Luna felt like they were all dreading doing so. But who was this girl? Jack had said it was Luna but how could that be?

Luna, still invisible, placed herself in the middle of them. "You owe me answers." Luna said loudly, scaring everyone in the room. They looked around wildly for her but of course they saw nothing. "You kidnap me when I've known you for a grand total of five minutes! Why did you steal me?!" Luna shouted furiously.

Bunny looked directly at her, like he could actually see her despite the invisibility that still covered her. "My storyteller, we stole you back. Pitch took you from us." He said, his voice cracking with held back tears.

"Pitch created me! He didn't steal from anyone!" Luna shouted, though she wasn't exactly sure if that was true or not. Pitch had said they had broken their hearts but she had never found out how they did that. Was there any possibility that she wasn't who Pitch said she was? Luna crossed her arms, blocking out any doubtful thoughts as she did. "Say I believe you, why would you try to get me back?" She asked.

Jack growled furiously, looking at her in a heartbrokenly angry way. He couldn't actually see her of course but he could stare at the same spot Bunny was. "Why would we come and get you?! Why?! Because we love you, you stupid evil little Fearling!" The winter spirit spat.

"Jack!" Bunny, Tooth, and North all shouted furiously. But of course the damage was done, Luna was mad.

The Fearling Princess made herself visible before lunging at the winter spirit furiously, dropping the sword as she did. She knocked him off of where he was perched on his staff. They fell to the ground and Jack's back slammed painfully into the ground. He tried to get up but Luna was too quick for him and she easily straddled him. Her hands snaked around his throat and she squeezed. "I'm not stupid! I'm not little! I'M NOT EVIL!" Luna screamed, choking Jack. Tears feel from her eyes, landing on Jack's face that was slowly turning blue.

Luna felt furry arms wrap around her and soon she was being pulled away from Jack. She struggled in Bunny's arms, kicking and thrashing, but he wouldn't release her. Tooth and North rushed to the winter spirit furiously drawing in air. The little boy was staring at Luna like he was going to kill her, though there was obvious sadness in his eyes. Tears were in his eyes, threatening to fall. Snow was falling too and Luna found herself staring up at them in wonder.

"Beautiful." Luna whispered as she stared up at the little spots of white.

Jack lost it. He let out an enraged shout and lunged at Luna, looking ready to either strangle or slap her. Luna let out a surprised shout but before the winter spirit could get her she was pulled back out of his reach by Bunny. Tooth and North grabbed Jack and pinned him to the ground. The youth was actually crying now and sobs broke free of his throat.

"You're not Emiline! You evil Fearling!" Jack shouted, enraged. He glared at Luna through his tears and she shuddered, for some reason hating this expression directed at her. "Emiline would never have done that! SHE PROMISED ME SHE WOULDN'T!" He practically screamed. At those words the black heart burned white hot and Luna saw herself outside in the snow, staring at Jack. He was begging her never to say the word "beautiful" alone ever again.

Luna stared at Jack in shock when she came back to reality. What was going on? Why had she seen one of this Emiline girl's memories? The Guardians were always calling her Emiline and now she was certain that these memories were that girl's. Could it be true? Was she Emiline?

"Sandy you need to knock her out again. Before something else happens." Bunny said quietly. He was still squeezing Luna but now he was squeezing her in a way that seemed affectionate. His head was rested on her shoulder and he sounded like he might cry.

The Sandman nodded and quickly came over. Before Luna could halfheartedly protest he hit her with a ball of dreamsand. She felt herself smile before slipping into unconsciousness.

No Real P.O.V

Bunny felt Emiline relax in his arms as she fell into her dreams. He gently released her before picking her up again and holding her bridal style. Bunnymund cradled her against his chest, placing his forehead against hers. "My little storyteller." Bunny cooed.

"Don't call her that! She isn't Emie!" Jack shouted furiously, jumping up from the ground. Tooth and North had finally released him, deeming him no longer dangerous. "Emiline wouldn't have said that! Emiline wouldn't have attacked me!" Jack shouted as he stormed over. He stopped in front of Bunny and pointed at the bruises that had already formed around his neck. "Emie would never choke me Bunnymund. That thing is not her." The winter spirit growled out. He glared down at the Fearling in Bunny's arms and felt an overwhelming need to get rid of it. He hated Pitch's creations, absolutely hated them, and he was determined to destroy each and everyone. Even if they did look like one of the few people he held nearest and dearest to his icy heart. The girl he loved….before she died.

Bunny shook his head. "This is Emiline, Jack. That Fearling said she was remembering us." He said defiantly. Bunnymund didn't want to believe that they had lost their girl, he didn't want to believe that she was forever gone.

Jack scoffed furiously. "So we trust the words of Fearlings now huh?" He asked, his eyes blazing with fury. He was glaring down at the sleeping girl with enough anger to stop a Nightmare army. "We trust this thing in your arms just because she screams that she isn't evil, while she's murdering me! And we apparently trust that devil boy because he said that this Fearling Princess remembers being ours! Have you all forgotten that he's the one who carried Emiline to her death?!" The winter spirit couldn't stand it any longer. He let out an enraged scream that startled everyone in the room. They flinched back, afraid of flying icebolts. A few did fly but they hit the walls instead of someone's face.

"I am not a devil boy!" An infuriated Fearling shouted from the darkest corner of the room. He crawled out on his stomach, his hands and feet being bound tightly. "And the girl strangling you isn't evil, just parts of her. I bet if you hit her with some real powerful memories she'll be right as rain." The Fearling said.

Everyone instantly looked over at Tooth. "Well it could work I guess but the only memories I have of hers are her childhood ones and I don't even have all of her teeth." The fairy said uncertainly.

North looked perplexed. "You do not have all of teeth?" He asked.

"No I don't. Emiline had one baby tooth left which, when it fell out, was supposed to have all of her Guardian memories." Tooth said. The little fairy zipped over to the unconscious girl and gently pried her lips open to reveal the pearly whites. They were all sharpened into deadly little points and Tooth flinched back as she felt the horribleness of the memories in these new teeth. "None of these are like her old teeth though. The baby tooth would have fallen out when Pitch changed her so maybe if we find it…" Tooth let her voice fade away, uncertain whether to give the others this possible hope or not. They had lost so much already, one more lost hope would be too much.

"So we try her old memories and hopefully they will work. If they don't we talk to her about her old life while we search for the tooth." Bunny said, squeezing Emiline slightly. The rabbit stared around at each and every one of them. "Emiline was stubborn so she probably did something before she transformed to ensure she would remember us. We all know how she was and we all know how she is. This Fearling is Emiline so she's got Emie's spirit, her determination. If she's curious about these memories she's gonna end up helping us. We can help her remember." Bunnymund said determinedly.

Jack let out a chuckle; the Guardian of Hope was doing his job. He was against thinking of this thing as Emiline but Bunny talked with such conviction that he had to believe him. Jack placed a hand on Bunny's shoulder. "If you think it'll actually work then I'll help you." The winter spirit told the Pooka.

"Thanks Frostbite." Bunny whispered, pushing a lock of hair out of Emiline's face.

"Welcome Kangaroo." Jack said, grinning. He looked down at the Fearling girl and felt a sharp stab at his heart; she looked exactly like Emiline in her sleep. There was no cruelty to those beautiful features when she was asleep. Jack looked away from her, not wanting to fall in love with her again, and looked at the first thing that caught his eye which happened to be the other Fearling.

The boy was staring up at Jack with a look of jealousy and anger. Jack smirked triumphantly at the Fearling though he didn't know what he had won. This Fearling, why was it being so possessive of her? The whole time she had been unconscious he had prattled on about how the Guardians better not "mess her up", as if they would ever think about doing so. The Fearling glared at him and Jack glared back, wondering exactly why the Fearling seemed to care about Emiline as much as them.

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