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Emiline's/Luna's P.O.V

The next time Luna woke up she was tied up. Her hands were bound behind her back and her ankles were made immobile by the rope around them. Luna let out a frustrated shouted as she squirmed her hands and feet, trying to find some type of looseness. The rope was tight though, too tight really, and she had a feeling Frost was the one who tied her up.

Luna realized she wasn't going to get anywhere fast tied up so she started searching for anything sharp. She was back in the sitting room though she was now on the floor beneath the windowsill instead of on it. There was nothing sharp around and for a second Luna felt despair, how was she supposed to get out of these ropes? But then she remembered her powers and felt like a total idiot. Quickly she conjured up a little helper, a fairy with black wings and silver hair, and set her to cutting away the ropes.

The fairy had gotten about halfway through the ropes when the door suddenly opened. Luna jumped in surprise then glowered when she saw that it was Jack. He glared back at her for a second then quickly looked away as he walked into the room, allowing Luna to see the person behind him. The Fearling girl let out a gasp of joy when she saw Dracus.

"Dracus! I forgot they had you!" Luna said, trying to get to her feet. She would have flown up but with her hands secured behind her back she couldn't move her wings. As Luna tried to get to her feet she noticed the cuffs around Dracus's hands attached together by a long thick chain. They were constricting but that was it, Dracus could almost move normally. "Wait, why aren't you all tied up? What, do you like him better than me Frost?"Luna cast Jack a sideways look and saw him glaring at Dracus who was looking kind of smug.

"At the moment he's more trustworthy than you." Jack said, still glaring at the Fearling boy. "But trust me I had him tied up just as tight as you. The only reason he's not anymore is because North thought it would be a good idea to give him a bit more movement since he's helping me move you." The winter spirit said. Luna looked up at him in confusion and the youth snickered. "What? You didn't know that you're precious Dracus helped us capture you?" He asked mockingly.

Luna looked at Dracus with a blazing fury in her eyes. "You helped them?!" She shouted furiously.

Dracus glared at her furiously. "Don't act like you didn't want to meet them. You wanted to know about all those stupid visions and now I'm giving you the chance to find out about them." The Fearling boy said angrily. Luna's glare softened a little, he was right after all, but it hardened again when Dracus smirked. "I loved the little tantrum you threw, it was spectacular. So over dramatic!" He said, laughing slightly.

The fairy finally cut through the ropes on Luna's wrists and she was able to conjure up a knife. She threw it at the rope around her ankles, effectively cutting it, before lunging at Dracus. Luna had him on the ground in a nanosecond and his arms pinned in the next. She leaned down so close to him that their nose were nearly touching. Her eyes were blazing now, the gold in them looking like fire. The black was darker too like an abyss. "I didn't want to meet them like this!" Luna growled at Dracus. "I didn't want to be captured; I wanted to meet on my own terms. I also didn't want to attack Frost but he called me evil! I had every right to throw a tantrum!" She shouted.

Dracus laughed and Luna recoiled so as to avoid his breathe. It didn't smell bad but Luna hated a lot of breathe hitting her face. "You are a little evil, a completely good person wouldn't try to kill someone during a tantrum!" He laughed. Luna growled before falling off of him, releasing him as she did. She was on her feet in seconds and didn't argue when Jack pinned her arms behind her back. "Oh don't look so pouty!" Dracus said angrily as he got to his feet. "You're still pretty good but all Fearlings have to have bad in them, that's what makes us Fearlings. I don't think Pitch's arrow worked too well on you. After all, he said it didn't work that great on me so why couldn't it do the same for you?"

Luna was surprised, was Dracus trying to cheer her up again? It was strange but he had done stranger things like tell her about getting sick when he scared the kids. She wanted to thank him for his kindness but the comment about arrows distracted her from doing so. " Pitch's arrows? You mean the ones in the study?" Luna asked and Dracus nodded. "Don't those turn things bad?" Again, she got a nod.

"We can talk about it later. Move." Jack said furiously, shoving Luna forward. She stumbled but quickly regained her footing, casting Jack a glare when she did so. He just glared back and pointed for her to walk. Luna let out an annoyed sigh and walked out of the room, following Dracus who walked out ahead of her.

Within minutes Luna was back in the globe room. All of the other Guardians were there, staring at her uncertainly. Tooth flew over, a golden box in her hands. "These are your teeth Emie, they'll help you remember." Tooth told her. Luna was about to ask her what she meant when Tooth suddenly shoved the box into her hand. Tooth placed a hand on the diamond covered front and suddenly Luna wasn't there anymore….

Luna was a child, about four or five, and she was sitting in bed crying her eyes out. She had had a nightmare, though she already couldn't remember the details, and it had frightened her pretty badly. Her mother came into the room and without saying anything placed herself on the bed. Soon Luna was nestled in her mother's arms, listening to her tell her stories to cheer her up. Luna smiled as her mother told her that next time she would just have to call the Sandman to banish the bad dreams….

She was a few years older now, in the third grade. Her mother was in a hospital bed and she was sitting beside her. Candy was spread out on the sheets and they were munching away at the sugary treasures with delight. Luna was chattering about seeing Jack Frost outside her window a few nights before….

Only a few months passed and Luna found herself at her mother's funeral. She was sobbing uncontrollably and reaching for the lifeless woman in the casket. Her father was holding her back by the arm and he took a long drink from his flask….

More memories came to Luna and with each one she felt the black heart grow steadily hotter and throb harder. The first time her father hit her, the tiny tree she had found in her room the Christmas after her mother died from Santa, the note she had gotten from Tooth when she wrote a thank you letter to accompany her missing tooth under her pillow, the time her father beat her so badly he broke her arm. Each memory, whether it was good or bad, made Luna feel complete. They filled the empty hole in her head while also causing the black heart to hurt her more and more.

"Stop!" Luna finally managed to shout as the heart burnt her. The memories were coming at her faster and faster and it just made the heart burn hotter and hotter. "Please! It hurts!" Luna shouted, unable to move. As she saw her childhood slowly came to an end and her teenagerdom begin the black heart burnt so hot that Luna let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Tooth pulled the box out of her hand and flew backwards several feet, a look of fear on her face. Luna breathed a sigh of relief until the black heart hit her chest violently, it was shaking. The heat wasn't leaving and the crack in the back of it was letting light so bright it was blinding pour out and surround Luna. She screamed again and tried to lift the black heart up off her chest but her fingers were shaking so badly that they couldn't hold it.

"Why?! Why did you show me that?!" Luna screamed as she grabbed the black heart in her hands. It burned them instantly and she had to release it. There were new heart shaped burns on her hands, making some of the tattoos stand up off her skin. "It hurts! The heart is hurting me! Help!" Luna screamed. The Guardians just watched her, all but Jack who was staring at the black heart hanging from her neck.

"Did Pitch give that to you? Is that your Fearling heart?" Jack asked, his voice low with a fury that terrified Luna. She tried to shake her head, tried to tell him she'd had it forever, but the heart was burning so brightly now that she couldn't even scream. It was like something inside it was fighting to get out, something Luna wasn't sure if she wanted out or not. Jack walked over and grabbed the chain on the necklace though he didn't lift it up far enough to take the black heart off her skin. "What if I crushed it? Would you care since it's from your precious Pitch?" The winter spirit asked her.

Luna managed a strangled "Don't."

That seemed to be the last straw because suddenly Jack yanked at the chain, effectively breaking it. Luna let out a relieved sigh as the burning heart was removed from her skin but she shouted in horror when Jack threw it to the ground. His staff hovered over the black heart, ready to smash it.

"Don't! Please don't! Please I'll do anything!" Luna shouted, terrified. She didn't like the pain the heart caused her but it was a part of her. It was something she cherished more than anything and she didn't know what she would do without its random images. "Please don't break it." Luna begged, reaching weakly for the black heart.

Jack glared at her for a minute before slamming the end of his staff down onto the black heart, shattering it.

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