It was what he associated her with. It's what practically everyone in the village associated her with.
But to him, flowers had more meaning - because she was in fact, his very own flower.
Lying on his back in a meadow and twirling a blade of grass between his thumb and index finger, he recalled the time that he had tucked her hair ever so gently behind her ear and threaded a daisy through it. Though, threading that flower was harder than he'd expected. And as he fiddled and fumbled with it for a moment, he could almost sense her tension. Maybe it was the way she pulled back her arm for a second and clenched her first, ready to teach him a lesson for daring to lay a finger on her - but then relaxing herself once he had finished the job.
And putting all that aside, he also recalled each spine-tingling second that passed by, and as the adrenaline pumped through his veins, he was certain that there was no going back for him.
He liked her. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. Who knew?
But he was sure he liked her in some way or another.
And who would've thought such an innocent gesture as putting a flower in a girl's hair, would be so riveting and exciting.

'Eh, it was a stupid move though,' he thought, because surely he'd expected her to punch him into oblivion. But she hadn't. In fact, it even looked like her breath had somewhat hitched into her throat as she eyed his movements carefully.
And it was as if the whole world around them slowed down just for a little.
He could hear each beat of his heart thumping loud inside his chest, and he could hear the wind rustling through the grass around them.
The meadow. The same meadow he was sitting in at that very moment, pondering away.

But how did it all start?
He had caught her collecting flowers - a smug and satisfied look painted across her features.
And when he asked her why she was picking flowers, she had slapped him across the arm and told him not to snoop in on a lady's privacy.
Maybe it was the pang of jealousy that her words caused, which made him realise some things - that there might've been a possibility that she liked someone else and was picking flowers for them.
Though, he tried to dismiss the thought because surely he didn't like her like that, right?
Yet it was after they had sat down, and talked for what seemed like hours, about their lives, friends and even the occasional Konoha gossip - it was then, that he decided to make a move. Just a tiny, harmless gesture.
And then, he had run off like the idiot he was, leaving her behind to try and comprehend what had just happened.

Maybe, just maybe, he hoped that she liked him too.
Because yes, he was sure of it now.
Naruto had taken a liking to Ino.

Inspiration/s - So I remembered the time my friend and I roleplayed NaruIno for a little bit... (she was Naruto and I was Ino) and I thought, why not write this for her?

Notes - This is for you, my lovely Chloe-chan! Since I know you like NaruIno and since you're going to draw NaLu and let me watch it -fangirl screaming-... I thought you deserved this. Even though it's a little short, ehh.
I hope we can finish our roleplay one day... because this pairing is really lovely. And there will more drabbles and stuff coming for this pairing! But just enjoy this one for now.