"You know Cass, something just occurred to me," Tim said. "We haven't talked like…at all this season up until about ten minutes ago."

"I know, it's kind of weird," Cassie agreed. "I mean yeah, we stand next to each other in the same frame a lot. Like, a lot. But we don't ever actually have a conversation."

"I think that whole thing about not trusting Luthor was the first time conversation we've ever had," Tim added.

The pair contemplated this for a few seconds. Finally, Cassie decided to break the silence. Which was a good thing, because Tim probably would have left it at that. Bats are terrible conversationalists.

"Tim, if there's anything I've learned from Kid Flash dying, it's that life is short," she said boldly. "And hey, we've literally got like five minutes left before our show is canceled and our lives are over too so…wanna go make out off-screen so Miss Martian can find out and reveal to the fans that we're a couple in the last two seconds of the show?"

Tim smiled. "Sounds good to me."

Tim snaked an arm around her waist and pulled out a grappling gun with his free arm. He fired a line up into the ceiling, and they were both hoisted skyward.

"You know I can fly, right?"

Their banter continued for maybe another quarter of a second before they realized they were now off-screen, at which point Cassie immediately kissed Tim.

Because those two came completely out of left field. Not that I don't love it. Honestly, I ship Tim and any female who shows interest in him. 8D

Anyway, waaay shorter than what I usually write (just look at New Justice), but not meant to be taken very seriously. Well, I'm off to drum up more Wonderbird fics to get the ole ball rolling!