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Chapter 1

Today was a particularly cloudy day, not that any resident who had walked the streets of Speke for years minded, though. Already early in the morning, store doors would be lifted, fireplaces would be lit, fathers on their way to work, and mothers preparing breakfast for their children.

In one particular house, 25 Uptown Green to be exact, lived a family like any other, but was completely different.

A drowsy, sandy-haired boy tossed and turned in his bed. He hadn't been able to sleep all night, because today was the big day.

Eventually, he stopped and slowly opened his brown eyes, only to shield them from the ray of light peeking out from his slightly covered window.

"George?" an older boy called from the stairs. "I need to tell you something . . ."

The newly eleven year old hopped off his bed and rushed to his brother, Peter.

"What is it Pete? Did I get my letter?" George excitedly threw questions like torpedoes.

However, Peter's face was blank and solemn, and George started to worry.

" . . . Pete? What is it? Did I get it or not?"

After several seconds, Peter shook his head and sighed. "No George, I'm sorry. It looks like you're a Squib."

Shocked and devastated, George, not being able to take the pain, ran back to his bed and sobbed into the covers.

A Squib? No, he couldn't be . . . he had waited so long for this, and now his brother was going to tell him he had no magical properties.

"PETER HARRISON! What did you do?!"

Curious as to why his mother's temper had risen at his brother, George wiped the tears on his face and intently listened.

"I'm sorry Mum, it was just a joke!"

"I'll deal with you later!" George could hear his mother rushing up the steps to his room, and he pretended he was still depressed.

"Now, now, George. Peter was just joking. Your letter's right here with me, see? The owl delivered it while you were still asleep."

Louise pulled out the letter with the all too familiar seal on it. Relieved, George smiled and let out a big sigh. He was a member of a pure-blood family! Imagine if he had turned out to be a Squib?

"Where's dad? Does he already know?" George looked up at his mother.

"He's been driving the Knight Bus all night and hasn't returned yet, but I'll get to him. Now, come on let's eat! School doesn't start until September. That's seven months from now, so keep calm!"

Nodding, George obeyed and went downstairs to sit next to his brother, who was still snickering about the prank.

"Heya Squib," Peter whispered in his ear.

Resisting the urge to create a mess, George resorted to kicking his brother under the table.

"What? Don't have the guts to use magic on me? Oh wait, you don't have any!" Peter cackled.

George stood up and violently tackled Peter to the ground.

"Don't ever say that again!" George, his eyes now ablaze with anger, looked at him straight in the eyes.

"H-hey, what's happening?" Peter was shrinking now. When Louise had gotten in the dining room, he could fit in an ashtray.

"You two! Didn't we just settle this?" Louise picked Peter up from the floor. "George, please try to control yourself. It's enough I have to handle the both of you. What more with your Underage Magic?"

George looked down and ate his breakfast in solitude. It was his birthday today, why did Pete have to pick on him?

A couple of hours later Louise was able to get Peter back to normal size. George just sat in his room, reading and re-reading his letter over and over again.


Something pecked at George's window. It was his friend's family owl, Daisy.

George opened the window, gave Daisy a biscuit, and nuzzled her neck. A letter from her owner, Iris Winters, was tagged to her leg.

George patted the snowy owl on the head like a dog and opened the letter.

Hi George!

Did you get your letter? I'm sure you did, it's your eleventh birthday today! I'm sure Hogwarts will be loads of fun. There's all the things to do, meeting new friends, and Quidditch! Don't forget Quidditch! (but we'll have to wait until second year).

Speaking of friends, remember Stella Crow, the Ravenclaw that lives across me? Here's a picture of her and a friend of hers from Hogwarts.

He's a Gryffindor, and all the girls in his year are falling for him! (They'll be second year this coming term).

So, Happy Birthday, and good luck on which house you'll end up in!


A picture was attached behind the scroll. It showed Stella, who George had met once, and the boy Iris had been talking about. He had dark brown hair and doe-brown eyes.

Even George, as a male himself, had to say that he had the looks. George realized that Iris didn't even mention his name. Well, looks like he had to find out when he went to school . . .

George hastily wrote a letter back to Iris with a scroll and quill and gave it to Daisy to return, hastily.

"There you go, girl. Now fly safe!" George waved as the snowy owl glided into the distance.

George wished he could bring himself to the start of school immediately. He just couldn't wait!

But there were still many months to come, and all he could do was sit tight and wait . . .