Yet again, not well edited. But I've been working on this since I posted the last chapter so I kinda just wanted to get it out for you guys. I feel like it might be a little all over the place, considering I wrote it in random chunks, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyways!

"Ahh, Bekah. Welcome to the family!" Damon said, reaching out to pat her cheek. Before he reached her, however, she grabbed his hand a twisted it, hearing many bones break in the process.

"Rebekah!" Stefan pulled Damon out of her grasp, while she and Damon snarled at each other. "Calm down!"

"Why, Stefan? Your gang has killed two of my brothers. It's only fair that I at least get to attempt retribution."

"Rebekah, look at me." He cupped her face and looked her in the eye. "I'm sorry we did that, but please, calm down."

After a moment, she relented. "Fine, I'll play nice with your bastard brother."

Damon jumped in, being helpful as ever. "Actually, your brother is technically the bastard."

"Damon! Not helping!" Stefan yelled, once again trying to keep the peace.

"Not trying to." He offered his trademark smirk.

Elena finally walked over and joined the conversation. "Are you guys actually together now, instead of just having meaningless sex because you're both so lonely?" She said with her dead tone of voice.

"Wow. Apparently tact is an emotion now…" Rebekah muttered under her breath.

Stefan pinched the bridge of his nose. "Okay, how about instead of the two of you trying to kill each other, we try to come up with a plan to fix all of this?"

"There's nothing we can do, Stefan. Elijah has the cure and he's taking it to Nik, Elena doesn't want it, and the last sacrifice has been completed. Our only hope for survival is to hand the cure over to Silas and get ready to kill a bunch of revived immortal creatures for a second and final time." Rebekah pointed out.

"Well then we better get prepared, and quick. There are so many people who have died, just in the past two years alone, who are going to want us dead. So you win, Elena. We are no longer searching for the cure so we can force it on you. Now let's go home. Bekah and I will take the stolen car. See you in Mystic Falls, brother." Stefan grabbed Rebekah's hand and walked out of the diner, frustrated with what his immediate future held.

Rebekah could practically hear him brooding so she stopped him as they approached the car. "Stefan, it's going to be alright. We managed to kill all of the people on the other side before. And while it's not ideal, we can kill them all again. You've got to look on the bright side. I'll get my brothers back, you'll get Lexi, and Elena will get Jenna, Jeremy, Alaric. We'll all get back our loved ones. We can do this, and once we do, you and I will live happily ever after, okay?"

Stefan couldn't help but smile at her positivity. "Okay." He leaned in and kissed her. "Thank you, I love you."

"You're welcome, and I love you too." She smiled as he opened the passenger side door for her before speeding around to the driver's side and climbing in. They drove back to Mystic Falls carrying a constant conversation, never letting go of each other's hand.


Caroline went to bed as soon as she got home, and when she awoke, she felt happy. She didn't feel a drop of guilt as she had expected, nor did she feel nervous or regretful. Feeling great, she got up and showered before making herself breakfast and getting ready for the day. Once she finished, she decided to head over to the Mikaelson mansion and surprise Klaus.

When she got there, she walked right in, knowing that he would have heard her pulling up to the house. She heard movement in the kitchen and walked that way. "Good morning, handsome!" She rounded the entry way to the kitchen and jumped when she realized that it wasn't Klaus in the kitchen. "Elijah! What are you doing here?"

"Hello, Caroline. I believe I could ask you the same thing."

"I… uh, well… Klaus and I are… um…" Caroline grasped for the right words.

"Please love, do finish that sentence." She heard Klaus behind her and she spun around to see him smiling. "Good morning." He cupped her face and pulled her to him in a sweet kiss.

"Good morning." She smiled at him, gazing into his eyes. They both snapped out of their trance when Elijah clears his throat.

"Sorry, brother, I'd forgotten how uncomfortable affection makes you." He smirked as he slipped his arm around Caroline's waist and faced his older brother.

Elijah let out a soft laugh and shook his head. "Oh how I've missed your wit, Niklaus." Now the brothers were smirking at each other.

"Okay. Before this turns into a fight, I'm going to steal Klaus away. We have a lot to talk about anyways."

Klaus turned his head to look at her. "After you, sweetheart."

She walked out of the kitchen, grabbing his hand to ensure that he followed. She continued to pull him until they reached his study. "So bossy, love."

She rolled her eyes as he leaned in to kiss her. She kissed him back for a moment before gently pushing him away. "I meant it when I said we needed to talk."

"Alright. What would you like to talk about?"

"A few things. First, I was serious when I told you that you need to allow Tyler to come back. We've all come closer to killing you in the past and you never ran us out of town so clearly it has a little more to do with your feelings for me." Klaus looked away from her, confirming her suspicions. "And that is unfair to me. This is Tyler's home. He has the right to be here. I don't want to be the reason he doesn't feel safe here."

"But-" He looked at her to defend his actions when she cut him off.

"No but's. I'm not going to choose him if he comes back." His eyes widened when he realized how truly well this woman understood him. "I know that you've been through a lot in your thousand years, many of which have given you deep rooted trust issues. But if you and I are going to work out, and I want us to, you need to try to get past that and trust me. I'm not going to hurt or betray you – not when it comes to Tyler, or my friends or anyone else. Okay?"

He sighed deeply, thinking about his response, before answering her. "Alright. He can come back. I will call a truce, and wipe the slate clean, for you. But if he so much as thinks about crossing me again-"

"Okay! Thank you!" She kissed him soundly. "So much. Okay, now, second thing – you and I."

"Now that sounds like something far more interesting." He smirked. "So what about you and I?"

"Where do we stand? I want to be all tough and serious and say you're on probation or something, but that's a punishment to me as well. I've spent so long hiding my feelings that I don't want to fight it another second. But there will be conditions. Just because I'm choosing you, doesn't mean I'm not choosing my friends too. So from now on, no more death threats, no more torture, none of that stuff."

"Of course, I will try my hardest, but what about your friends? I can't speak for them."

"I know, and I have every intention of having this talk with them as well. I just wanted to make sure you agreed to it and still wanted to be with me before I brought this all up with them."

"Love, there is nothing that would make me stop wanting to be with you, especially not you requesting me to be nice to your friends. As long as you make the same attempts with my siblings, I don't think there will be any problems."

"Well, now that all of that is settled, do I get to call you my boyfriend now?" She smiled and blushed.

"Absolutely, in fact, I don't want you to ever stop saying it, girlfriend."

She giggled before leaning in and kissing him. What started out as a sweet kiss soon turned passionate, but before long they were rudely interrupted.

"Ughh! Really, Nik?" They pulled away from each other at the sound of Rebekah's voice.

"Bekah, as lovely as ever." Klaus said, stepping away from Caroline. "What are you doing here? Last I remember, you were angry at me."

She leaned out into the hallway to tell Stefan where they were before answering her brother's question. "Well I drove all night to get back here and forgive you for all your nasty behavior, and figure out what we're going to do with Silas, but I find you in here making out with that strumpet."

"Hey!" Caroline yelled out, as Stefan stepped into the room, trying to decide how to react to what he just heard Bekah say.

"You do not come into my house, little sister or not, and talk down on her. She and I have finally figured things out, so you better start being nice, because if I have anything to say about it, she will be around for a very long time. So you can either shut up and make an effort with my girlfriend, or you can leave until you will."

"Fine, I'll keep my mouth shut, alright?"

"Wait, wait, wait. Girlfriend? What is going on Care?" Stefan butted in.

"Exactly what it sounds like, Stef. He's my boyfriend, we're giving this a shot. I could ask you the same thing, you know. What are you doing with Rebekah?"

"Don't get defensive with me. I'm just making sure I have the story straight. And yes, Rebekah and I are together as well, so I have to say I agree with Klaus – you guys really need to learn to get along. Clearly we're going to be spending a lot of time together now."

Caroline just smiled and walked over to Stefan. She reached up and hugged him. "Thank you for being so… Stefan about this." She pulled away. "I just hope everyone else can be a fraction as nice as you."

"Okay, now that you've had your little best friend moment, can we figure this Silas thing out? We're going to need a solid plan."

"You're right, Rebekah. Let's figure this out." Caroline answered with a small smile, which Rebekah, oddly, returned.

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