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Chapter One

A silver she-cat with one paw dipped in black sniffed the air and immediately halted. She dropped into a hunting crouch; her sapphire blue eyes were fixed unto a plump mouse near a thick bush. Slowly, the warrior approached the piece of prey. She began to wiggle her haunches, ready to pounce.

"Silvermist! Where are you?!" A voice shouted.

Silvermist lost her concentration and the mouse noticed her. It gave a loud "squeak!" and scampered away in panic.

"Who dares disturb my hunting?!" The she-cat yowled impatiently. "Show yourself immediately!"

A brown head popped out from the bush behind. He looked at his mate sheepishly.

"Sorry," the tom muttered, staring at his paws.

Silvermist gave out a sigh loud enough to scare off any prey in the area. Then she nuzzled her mate affectingly.

"Okay, I forgive you," the warrior purred.

I'm starting to get soft, she thought to herself. But shook the thought away.

"I know a way to make it up for you," Owlfeather said.

Silvermist tilted her head. "What?"

"We can hunt together during the night." Owlfeather replied. "Wouldn't it be so romantic?"'

Silvermist giggled unconsciously but then shook her head.

"I promised Brightstar that I'll have some rest tonight."

"Mouse dung." Owlfeather sighed. Moments later he perked up.

"What about tomorrow?" He eagerly asked.

Silvermist rolled her eyes teasingly.

"Does Gathering ring a bell?" She asked.

"Oh. After the Gathering?" Her mate pressed.

"Sure." The she-cat answered and Owlfeather made a whoop of joy.

Suddenly a group of birds fluttered off, heading further away from the forest.

Silvermist narrowed her eyes.



Silvermist padded across the camp clearing, pausing midway to greet her mother, Brightstar.

"Hey mom!" The warrior purred.

"Oh darling! I didn't see you there." Brightstar exclaimed. "How did hunting go?"

"It went well," the she-cat answered.

"Good, now why don't you go eat? You're looking pretty hungry."

Silvermist nodded and was quickly approaching the food pile when she was suddenly attacked by a flurry of kits.

"Hi!" A small reddish kit squeaked.

"Hey Blossomkit!" The warrior replied as she struggled to stand.

Blossomkit immediately noticed and like a leader, she called the other kits to get off Silvermist's back.

"Can you eat with us?" The little kit pleaded after all was settled.

"Sorry. I can't," the warrior answered sheepishly. "I promised Pearlfrost that I'll eat with her."

While the other kits grumbled about life not being fair, Silvermist saw her sister sulking in the shadows of the far corner in the clearing. You could barely even see her because of her black pelt.

Leaving the kits on their own, the kind warrior approached Pearlfrost. Her sister had a scrawny squirrel at her paws. But the black she-cat hadn't even touched it, let alone take a bite. Her dark solemn eyes were glaring at her. Silvermist blinked, surprised to have seen so much hatred. Though when she looked into Pearlfrost's eyes once more, they were full of kindness. (This part sounds weird. A little help?)

Silvermist, you've gone crazy. The deputy scolded herself and laid beside the other cat.

"Hi Pearlfrost."

The black warrior looked up in surprise then smiled slightly. Just about she was going to give a reply, another cat called out to Silvermist.

"Hey Silvermist! Want to eat with us instead of that loser over there!"

The silver deputy growled and glared at the speaker. It was of course that arrogant Leafstorm and her stupid friends.

"No thanks," Silvermist hissed a reply and glanced where Pearlfrost was. She was gone.


Toss. Turn. Toss. Turn.

"Silvermist what's wrong!" Her clanmate, Roselight, finally asked.

"I really hate Leafstorm!" The silver she-cat replied angrily and took a deep breath.

"I'm going out."

The she-cat tabby looked at her, surprise was obvious in her eyes.

"Um… Okay," Roselight blinked.

Before she went out, Silvermist used the dirt place.

When she was finished doing her business, the silver she-cat approached the guards, Skybird and Mousewhisker. She gave them a nod and went out into the forest.

The deputy continued to walk as she went along her favourite path.

She followed a narrow path through the frosty bracken and up through the trees.

At the top of the hollow, Silvermist emerged from the forest into the moonlight. She sniffed at the grass edging the cliff top. Despite all the snow, the grass there was always fresh.

She then glanced up at the Silverpelt, and hoped that her little long dead sister was well.


"Pearlpaw are you okay?" A miniature version of Silvermist asked fearfully.

The other apprentice said nothing and completely ignored the scared cat.

Silverpaw whimpered as a ginger tail surrounded her quivering body.

"It's not your fault Lightkit died," her mother murmured softly into her ear.

But it was my fault. And Pearlpaw knows that…

End Flashback

All went black.


Silvermist opened her eyes grudgingly.

"What happened?" She muttered to herself.

It was still a bit dark but she could see the sun rising from the horizon.

The warrior stumbled on her own feet as she tried to get up. Feeling a bit dizzy, the she-cat didn't notice her pelt was covered in blood.

As she walked on, Silvermist suddenly heard a wail of despair.


The silver cat halted and hesitated. It was pretty obvious that the cocky warrior had done something wrong. Right?



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