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It started when Catherine was stationed to the island permanently. Kono had a problem with that, you see Kono has always had something for Steve. Maybe love? She doesn`t know, but that small something turned into a little bigger something, that turned into a something that was just on her mind everyday. And, it wouldn`t stop, even through she tried, she really did. But, no matter what the tension, the looks, the small touches wouldn't stop. And, she was miserable from that.

It was the end of the work day, and Kono was just now leaving to do some surfing and walking just to get her head clear. Everyone else had left but her, and she had just finished her paperwork. So, she went out to her car and decided to take the walk first since it was almost nighttime, then she could night surf. Be invisible to the world like it always seems she is.

She pulled her car up to the curb of this beach she was planning to walk and surf on.

As she began walking on the beaches soft sand, she just thought about how Steve probably will never be hers, how Catherine just comes in and takes everything that probably would have happened between them. She was or thought that she would be ok with Catherine coming to Oahu permanently, but as Steve and Catherine acted affectionately to each other more she lost hope.

But, out of many things that hurt her. It was Valentine`s Day, when Steve came to bench where everyone was eating in a tux; lifted Catherine bride style off the ground, kissed her and walked away.

It just wasn`t fair to her. That Catherine would be able to have a man like Steve, and not be the least grateful. She thought she did everything right, she thought that they were pretty professional. That they would keep their distance, try not to be around each other, she thought she did pretty good at the places were Cath was with them and Steve. That she won`t just lost her patients and just hit Cath in the face or worse.

She thought she would get over him.

But, it seemed like every time it seemed she would, he just come back full force. Invading her space, entering her mind, controlling ever inch of her. She was afraid that, that side of her couldn`t be controlled anymore. It was terrifying. But, she would almost lose control every time Catherine would kiss Steve, ever time Steve would hold her possessively, ever time they would be playful together. She would hold in all that jealously and hate; love.

Because if she didn`t, They could lose their friendship and professional way of life.

And, it wasn`t worth it...It just wasn`t worth it.

As, she finished her walk, she was taking off her clothes because she had already had her bikini on. She placed them in a neat pile on the sand; ran into the water.

Letting the sense of the ocean fill her, relaxing into the blue waves. She layed on her back, looking at the sun almost setting in the sky. And it was working, she was relaxing letting the cool breeze wash over her. It was washing away all the recent thoughts of Steve and Catherine. All the comments and images. Everthing...and just as she thought they were all gone; she was ready to get out of the water.

She saw Steve and...Catherine. Kissing on the rocks. And, it wasn`t just a kiss, it was the most passionate kiss she has ever since out of Steve.

And, it broke her heart.

It brought back the memories pounding her head, the images of them kissing, hugging...loving. Were all just coming back, and she`d never thought they`d leave ever again.

So, she took her things, and put her clothes back on. And, with one last look at them...she left.

Getting in her car with tears in her eyes. She went back to HQ, because she didn`t think she could do it anymore. Not without just bursting out crying, or hitting something in pure anger and stress.

She didn`t think she could work at 5-0 anymore.

Not like this.

She entered the her office, and sat down writing her letter. Tears in her eyes and crying. Trying not to cry on the letter, she wrote her resignation and a personal letter.

As she finished, she got up and walked the Steve`s office putting the two letters, her gun and badge on the desk. As, she walked out Steve`s office and down the hall to her car. She took one last look at 5-0, before she got in and took off with a heavy, and torn heart.

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