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Steve woke up to his beautiful Kono sleeping. After their much long needed and wanted night of passion he expected her to be tired. Not that he's smug or anything...noo that's exactly what he's saying.

Other than him. He's glad that she's here, and she's safe. He's happy that she's getting the much need sleep she deserves.

He's just glad that she's finally his.

He hears the bed move, signaling that his rookie has finally gotten up. He down to see that she is playing with the hairs on his chest and staring up at him with a smile. A smile that he hasn't seen in a while, and is definitely glad he's the one who caused her this happiness.

"Good Morning Commander." She runs her leg up his, snuggling more into his chest.

"Morning Officer." He runs with her little game, liking the way her body feels against him.

Kono runs her hands through his soft hair, and down his stubble...that sexy stubble that felt so good and rough, rubbing against her body in a delicious way that had her in so much bliss.

She kisses his cheeks and moves to his lips, brushing her once swollen lips against his soft-to-the-touch lips. She kisses him, savoring the taste that is Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett. The way his tongue swirls around hers. The way she is memorizing his taste, lips, and tongue.

She breaks it first. And stares at him with a happy gleam in her eyes.

"What was that for Kalakaua? Not that I'm complaining." He says moving a stray hair back in it's place.

"What I can't kiss my boyfriend without him questioning me?" She fakes the hurt look on her face.

"No, like I said I'm not complaining babe." He chuckles happily.

"Now I believe I started something. And you know me. What I start I finish." Kono says going back to kissing him with passion and love.

Grabbing the nape of her neck, Steve sits up pulling her in his lap straddling him. While one of his hands is tangled in her hair, the other is squeezing her butt and roaming body.

Kono runs her hands through his soft hair and cups his cheeks savoring this moment. But just as things where about to get heated up Kono's phone rings.

"If you dare try to answer that phone, I will throw it out the window." Steve threatens, as Kono's Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone kept ringing.

"Steve I gotta answer it, it might be a case." She moans as he trys to distract her with planting kissing on her collar bone and neck.

As Kono starts reaching for her phone, Steve picks it up, and throws it on the balcony that's connected and across his master bedroom.

"Steve! My phone! You threw my phone!" Kono stops all movements and looks at her blue Nokia laying across from her on the balcony, then back at Steve with a surprised expression.

"Don't say I didn't warn you babe." He laughed hugging her.

"It better not be broke McGarrett. You know how much these Windows Phones cost. How would you like it if I threw your Windows Phone out on the balcony." She pouted, at him getting up, and putting on Steve's Navy SEAL cut off shirt.

"Aww baby I'm sorry." He said putting on some boxers and gray sweatpants.

"Whatever Commander." She said going to the balcony, picking up her phone, she checked if it was broke. It didn't even have a scratch.

"Your so lucky these phones can't brake easily." She said poking him in the chest, before breaking out a smile, and pecking his lips.

Checking to see who called, it was Chin. She called him back, abs ge answered at the second ring.

Basically, he has been worried about her, she told him she was fine, better than fine. He said that they had a case come in and they needed her and Steve to come it. She said ok, and they have something to tell them when they got there. He said ok, and they both said bye.

"Well that was Chin, we got a case. And we need to be in, in 20 minutes so chop chop McGarrett. You already know Danny's gonna be on your case all day." She said while walking past him, but not before kissing his lips.

The case blew off without a hitch. They caught the killer of a teenage girl, his reason to killing her were just because he felt like it. Which everybody knowing Steve, and hearing a response like that. Steve wanted to dangle him off a roof, and then drop him. But if it wasn't for the governor taking away immunity and means for them, and the hand that came on his shoulder. That guy would have been dead by now...like very dead.

It's around 9:00 P.M. when they finish up, and Steve was thinking about inviting them over to his house for a BBQ, and some spending time together as a team. Especially after what happened between him and Kono. They all need this time.

Steve walks up to each of there offices and asks if they wanna cone to his house later. They both awkwardly say okay. And Steve then walks to Kono's office. Kono was to busy with her PW to see that Steve entered the room.

He took advantage of that, and made his way quietly behind her chair, he put his hands over her eyes. Kono instantly giggled knowing who it was.

"Guess who, Kalakaua." Steve said while kissing her neck.

"Well I know it's not Chin. So that leaves two people." She said while moaning. "Mm, it is Williams?"

"It better not be, because if he's touching you this way. Then I'll have no choice but to put him in the tank." His possessiveness, and jealously kicking in.

"So, that only leaves Commander McGarrett." She seductively say his title and name.

"Ding ding ding. And don't say my name like that again. It makes me weak." He says, removing his hands and kissing her lips. "But, I came here to tell you Danny and Chin are joining us for a BBQ I setup. And there we can tell them about us." He said, coming into her line of vision.

"Ok, I'm about done with PW. We can go when your ready." She smiles at him while signing the paperwork, and handing it to him.

"Alright, let me put this on my desk, and lock up. Then we can go." Steve walked out her office to his, and putting her PW on it.

Locking up, his office and turning off lights. He wraps an arm around Kono waist and makes his way outside to his car.

"You wanna ride with me, or follow Kalakaua?" He asks walking to his Navy Blue Silverado.

"I'll follow, I don't feel like getting my car in the morning. If I ride with you." She says walking to her car, before getting it.

They make there way to Steve's house, stopping at the Supermarket to pick up a few things. As they put up to house, they both see that Chin and Danny were there already.

Steve expected them to be inside. But the lights in his house weren't on, so he figured they were in the back.

Kono told Steve to held inside to put the things away, and get ready for the BBQ, while she kept company with Chin and Danny.

Kono made her way to the backyard, and saw Chin and Danny. They both looked at her expecting that sad look on her face, but all they saw was happiness, love, and energy. And all they can say and think is...

"Kono your back!" Chin says running over to hug her.

"Where did I go!?" She says laughing as she hugs him back, missing that comfortable feeling her cuz gives her ever since her mom went I'll.

"You know what I meant. I'm glad to have you back keiki." He quietly says, letting her out of his embrace.

"Me too Chin...me too." She smiles softly, before looking at her favorite Detective.

"I didn't forget you Danno, come here Williams." She holds her arms out as he comes to wrap her in a big bear hug too.

"I missed you Kalakaua. We all did." He says in her hair. As he hugs her tighter.

"I missed you guys too Danny. Especially you and your ranting." She laughs a full happy, filled with life laugh. That they missed for a while.

She pulls away from the hug with a smile on her face, and walks to the Lanai. Soon joined by the two of them, they all sit on the four lawn chairs. The four empty, as Steve is still inside preparing the meal. She was about to see if he needed any help when he came out with four plate of steaks, vegetables, and garden salads.

He handed everyone a plate and sat down with his. They all dug in, in comfortable silence. Once everybody was done. Kono collect all the plates, and putting them in the sink and washing them, before going back outside.

Steve looked at Kono as if asking her is it the right time to tell them. She nods her head, and begins to speak.

"Ok. Chin, Danny, me and Steve have something to tell you." Kono walks over to Steve, before sitting on his lap. "Me and Steve are together. Like boyfriend and girlfriend together."

There was a eerie silence for about five minutes before Chin and Danny got up and start cheering things like. 'yes' 'i knew it', and 'that explains why she's so happy.'

"So you guys approve of us?" Steve says slightly confused.

"Of course we do, we already knew you guys were together when you both walked in with smiles, and Kono had hickeys on her neck." Chin said with a smile on his face.

"We are extremely happy for you guys." Danny said with a huge smile on his face. Probably to happy to rant about how Steve is a Neanderthal Animal.

They enjoyed the rested of their night with longboards, and swimming in Steve's private ocean.

Kono watched as they all were laughing and playing around, and couldn't be anymore happier. This was her team. Her home. Her Ohana. This is everything she could imagine and more. She has the perfect job, team, friends, and lover. This is more than she could have ever asked for.

She glad that she waited for them, for him.

Because if she hadn't, she wouldn't have the comfort of her Ohana with her.

And for that, she'll always be grateful that she waited.

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