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This chapter will be sexually graphic with NON-CON SEX AKA RAPE! If you are uncomfortable with such themes, please skip this chapter. I will explain in short what happened at the bottom, since this event is quite important.

This following fanfiction is taken purely from an RP I have with an Alucard. I love this RP and I felt that it needed to be here on as well.

Keep in mind: this fanfic involves torture and/or mature themes such as non-con sex (RAPE) and filthy comments. Anyone who doesn't approve of any of this should not read this fanfic. Keep in mind, neither of us think that rape is ever, EVER, okay. In this fanfiction, it is going to be used as a torture device.

It is still an on-going RP so we aren't quite sure where we're going yet, but I will update this fanfic as we go. Slight changes have been made to fit as a proper fanfiction.

My Abraham is inspired by both 'Dracula' and most fanfics from Death-in-the-Orchard and Maroongrad

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The night's hunt was a joke. There was a very very small group of vampires in some sort of barn. They were unorganized, uncertain and frankly quite stupid. He supposed that they were fledgelings who were abandoned by their master. He brought them back to the estate and put them in separate cells. He was growing rather tired, but went down to his slave's cell anyway.

"Alucard, you will have your coffin put back in place in three days. Hopefully, you won't have turned into dust by then" he chuckled as he stepped into the cell, closing the door behind him.

Alucard was pleased by the time his Master had returned. He had fully overpowered the rat's mind and commanded it to do simple tasks throughout the cell as practice. He could still feel the creature now, somewhere above raiding the kitchens of bread crumbs and fallen cheese, but he left it be.

"However gracious of you my Master…" the vampire spat from his corner sarcastically.

"Now now, there's no need for such a tone, Alucard. Am I not granting your wish after all?" he smirked, slowly walking over to the corner.

The vampire's frown deepened, scooting away from the man as he approached. "Maybe..if its not a trick…what do you want?"

Abraham chuckled again as he crouched in front of the vampire, a rather dangerous glint in his eyes. "I just wish for a simple chat with you, Alucard…"

The Nosferatu didn't like the look in the man's eyes, he knew better than to believe his Master came for innocent reasons. "I'm afraid I'm not good for parlor tricks my Master…" if possible he squeezed tighter into the corner.

The man leaned in further, smirking all the while. He grabbed the vampire's neck and sweezed slightly, leaning in even closer. "You have been talking so freely up until now slave, why not now?"

"Perhaps because you desire it," Alucard replied, voice a bit strained though he had no need for air, so he was not choking.

"That's not how we want it…. " Abraham murmured, gripping the front of the slave's shirt firmly and ripping it open.

His brows furrowed suddenly eyes widening, "Master?" he moved to brush the man's hands aside.

"Stay still" he ordered. "You've been talking way too freely about my wife tonight… "

Alucard's hands fell to the side as ordered, eyes narrowing, "Is she really your wife? She couldn't tell you apart from a vegetable."

He slapped Alucard swiftly and pressed harder on the vampire's neck.

"She is. Vampires broke her once and you, as the father of all vampires, are going to be put through hell because of that" he hissed and grabbed the rim of the slave's pants.

"Don't." it came from his mouth before he realized it, a hand snaking around the human's wrist to hold him in place. "If your feeling restless go find a hooker, I'm not your wife."

(( Reading past this post is not recommended for the young or squeamish. ))

"Why should I?" he hissed. "I do not despise prostitutes, not to mention, you cost me no additional money. This is not only a way to relieve myself, it is also a way to punish you…" he growled, ripping the pants.

"I haven't done anything!" he grappled with his torn clothing, summoning up any power he had left to restore the fabric. "You've already cut me open!"

"That wasn't enough… it will never be enough…" he growled, forcing his lips harshly onto the vampire's to silence him.

"NNN!" Alucard slammed his head back against the wall, causing pain but that was hardly a problem at the moment. His heels scrapped against the floor as he shoved the man away from him.

Once he had gotten Abraham at least some inches away he spat off to the side, eyes narrowed and teeth barred, "The God you pledge your allegiance to allows this hmmm?"

His eyes glinted dangerously as the vampire scrambled away. He grabbed the vampire's leg, pulling him towards him again while pressing on the seal to cause the vampire to lie still.

"You are mine, slave, and I will do whatever I want to you"

"God will allow any punishment towards your kind"

He was forced to still though his eyes promised a terrible demise. "You're as mental as your wife!" he hissed the words, muscles trembling in fury under the seal's wake. "I'll kill you…" he spat at the man, a spec of liquid blood at Abraham.

"Then I suppose that we are a perfect match. Insults won't help you now though" he chuckled as she grabbed the vampire's jaw and pushed it back. The action left his throat bare and Abraham leaned in to bite and lick it, knowing that it would trigger several instincts in Alucard. No creature wanted an enemy close to such a vital part of the body.

He tried to fight the seal, jerking his head to the side, his jaw, threatening to snap. "GET OFF ME!"

"No…" he murmured in amusement and ripped the clothes completely to shreds.

"Fine…." Alucard was smirking now, hysterical amusement in his voice, "Enjoy yourself you sick coward. Just keep in mind, any pain you give to me, was given ten times to your wife…and when I get free I'll fuck her so hard in front of you her ears will bleed…then I'll fuck you as well, and your children, and your children's children…"

"Be my guest. You will never get out of the seal, not until all of us are dead. No matter what I do to you, you won't be able to fight any of us. You won't hurt me, my wife or any of my descendants, because you will go mad with pain if you even try" he growled, grabbing the vampire's shoulder and flipped him around so that he was on his stomach.

"Hng…" Alucard's face hit the floor, a familiar position he had promised would never happen again. For a moment his mind was gone to a far away land, a musky smelling bed, and a greasy old man. Dread filled his empty veins, coursing up to a tight ball in his stomach.

His arm was at an odd angle under him, where he had been flipped, uncomfortable and pinned with the seal he fought it at its very core. No doubt Abraham would be struggling with keeping him still, and their wills were battling.

He resolved himself then, as he had as a child over and over again, a sick grin plastered to his face, as teeth ground together. "Who knew you were into men…" his last retort spat out as a last effort.

He noticed that the vampire tensed up and he rejoiced in it. It was clear that the vampire was filled with dread and fear, but like a frightened animal, he bared his fangs and growled in an attempt to scare away the abuser.

He wriggled after a while, which actually felt quite pleasant in some odd sadistic way.

"Don't insult men, vampire. You are no man, you are a monster. Nobody cares about a monster" Abraham purred, dragging his fingers along the vampire's genitals and up to his entrance.

He hated himself for it but Alucard shivered at the contact, already feeling sick and furious at both himself and Abraham. He slammed his head against the floor then, and again, and again, in an attempt to knock himself out.

The shiver felt lovely against his skin, but he was quite bothered by the head-slamming. Therefore, he grabbed the vampire's head to keep him from knocking himself out. "Bad boy…" he murmured as he pushed one finger inside the slave.

"Ahgmm.-" he ground out, attempting to keep quiet, he grit his teeth, annoyed his attempt was foiled. In a flailed attempt he pulled up any strings of power he had in reserve that wasn't tangled in the web of the seal, and dredged them forward. His form slightly de-materialized for a moment, flashes of other forms among them, a man, a woman, then a small girl, and back to himself, he had failed.

He laughed at the attempt of escape. He moved the finger in and out harshly and leaned in to whisper in the vampire's ear.

"What's wrong, vampire? Not comfortable enough for you? You hurt my feelings…." he growled, adding another finger, feeling the skin break slightly around them.

"GRaaah!" He strained against his pulled neck, his thighs quaking, in an attempt to push off the ground with his knees and escape. He hated this man, hated him more than he hated anything in existence.

A sting of wetness touched the corners of his eyes and he was surprised at the reaction, red blood welled up from not only his wounds but his eyes. He snapped at the nothingness in the air, and seethed hisses of pain through his ground teeth, in hopes of intimidation that wasn't lasting.

After pumping them in an out for a moment. he pulled them out and unbuttoned his pants. A shiver had run down his spine, directly down to his erection. He wasn't attracted to the male under him, not in the slightest. Quite the opposite actually, he had never hated any creature more than he hated Alucard.

That was why he rejoiced in the pained sounds the monster was making. The creature he hated more than anything else lay below him, completely incapable to run. He licked his lips as he rubbed his member between the vampire's buttocks.

"Are you in pain vampire?" he growled, clenching the black mane harder. "Answer me!"

Alucard didn't answer for a few moments too distressed to do much more than growl, when Abraham's words registered he snarled a loud, "Bastard!"

"Wrong answer…" he growled and then pushed in swiftly, the blood from the earlier ripping working as a lubricant. He had to suppress a groan at the tightness, but he didn't move anymore, not until he had observed Alucard's reaction.

Alucard screamed then, eyes wide and in pain. Unable to stifle the noise that ripped through his body just as Abraham had. His fingers clawed the ground for any kind of hold and he keened, beginning to pant unnecessarily. A strange sense of arousal over took him then. Overcoming his mind with the pain, his body working against him.

The scream was music to his ears. He let out a quiet moan as he pulled out and then pushed in again. He loved the reactions he got from his monster. However he thought it would be more interesting if he tried out the pleasure part of the seal… He lifted the seal, letting pleasure instead of pain overflow both their senses as he pulled out and pushed in once again.

It hit him like a hot wave. A warm enveloping feeling that clouded his mind, Abraham's arousal filled the void and stroke a primal urge deep seated into his monstrous being. Slowly he relaxed, arching his back into the touches, and pushed back once. "M-maste…masssr.." he slurred with a lust filled and foggy mind.

He found that he liked this reaction a lot more than the previous one and he began thrusting in and out at a steady pace, while kissing the vampire's neck. He knew that the humiliation would be unbearable for the monster when he regained his senses, but for the moment, Abraham had to admit that the monster was being quite arousing.

"Y-es Alucard?" he purred between the thrusts and bit down lightly on the sensitive neck.

"Hnn..aaah…" The vampire moaned with each thrust, no sweat, but beads of blood running down his back, and forehead. His own member came to attention, painfully throbbing beneath him. Shakily he moved his trapped hand down, down, lower on his body in an attempt to relieve himself.

"Don't" came the groaned order from his master. He didn't want the monster to climax before he did. He picked up the pace, holding onto the monster's hips to do it harder. As he felt that he was close, he leaned in and licked the shell of Alucard's ear. "Now, you may touch yourself"

It hurt, it felt good and hurt at the same time, his moans occasionally harbored pained cries. When his ear was licked and the restriction on his movement, it was like a gunshot, his hand flew to his shaft and he began pumping himself with a crazed lust infused fury.

He pumped harder and harder, working himself over the edge. He grunted and moaned, sweat beading on his forehead. As he felt that he was about to reach his climax, his nails dug into Alucard's hips.


"AH!" the Nosferatu did not need any verbal prompting, he came hard and fast against the dirt and blood strewn cement. His hand gifted with the same bloodied white substance.

Alucard's body quaked, and shook, under Abraham, his muscles spasming against the intense pleasure, he went limp.

Just as his slave came, he emptied himself inside him with a growl. As he came down from his high, he panted and pulled out his now soft limb. He stood on slightly shaky legs and pulled his trousers back up. As he did so, he let go of the seal completely so that Alucard would be his old self again.

Alucard lay where he was sprawled, his mind and body coming off its intense high. The moment Abraham released him, his eyes refocused in on amber pinpoints and he gasped, more horrified with what had just happened.

Pushing up onto aching limbs he scrambled to the far corner of the room and curled into a ball in the corner. Narrowed brows though widened eyes watched Abraham in his every movement. Unnecessary breaths coming in and out of his own lungs.

The the ball he had curled himself into caused his frame intense pain, Alucard would not allow himself any vulnerabilities, not now. His mind was a crumbling ball of fear, anger, and madness. Not quite coming to terms with what had happened yet, he sat where he was stoic and still.

As Abraham buttoned his pants, he eyed the vampire closely. He looked positively broken even though it was obvious that he didn't quite understand what had happened.

Slave, I will return tomorrow night. If there is a mission, you will accompany me in it. I bid you a good night" he chuckled as he left the room, closing the door with a loud thud.

He was almost overly pleased with himself, not to mention sexually relieved. He would sleep well tonight….

The vampire healed somewhat through the rest of the evening, though his mental scars were far from mending. His body pushed out every undesirable substance, and torn flesh and bruised skin, repaired slowly.

He took to pacing the dungeon prison, back and forth, back and forth, the rhythmic turning, dizzying him enough to cloud his mind in vertigo. However about the thirtieth turn, he slipped and fell, brain jumbled in its spinning madness and cried.

Some hours later Alucard despite the seal, despite, the pain, and blood would be slamming against the iron door, clawing at it, biting the iron bars, and denting it with his strength in an attempt to escape.

There you go! Second chapter! Like I previously said, this RP is still on-going and more chapters will come.

So basically, Abraham raped Alucard brutally, causing the vampire to become desparate to flee.

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