Summary: Reborn decides Tsuna and his Famiglia should be trained in the art of magic, much to the young teen's dismay. The best place for learning such, you wonder? Obviously, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Set during GoF and after KHR ended.

Rating: T

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La Vita È Magia

chapter one

Something was watching him.

Severus Snape realised that as he stalked through the dungeons of Hogwarts, frowning. The hair on his neck rose, indicating that he was being watched by someone or something. He flicked his wand, muttering a small "Lumos" to gather more light in the candlelit dungeons. The potions master glanced around meticulously, dark eyes narrowed dangerously.


Snape lowered his wand slightly, the tip still brightly bursting with a circular beam of light. The dungeons were still and quiet, with no indication of anyone or anything scurrying through it. No signs of life anywhere near Snape, nor was it Dumbledore coming to aggravate him for amusement. Most of the professors were still gone or readying the castle for the beginning of the new school year, especially since the Triwizard Tournament was going to take place after so many years.

Not to mention the fact that everyone was still concerned with the Quidditch World Cup's horrendous ending. Snape hadn't been very surprised when he'd found out that Potter had been mentioned along when the Dark Mark was cast into the sky. Potter always seemed to get into trouble, no matter where he was. What surprised him was the idiotic belief Crouch initially had that Potter or one of his friends had casted the incantation when it was so obviously a fellow Death Eater that did so.

Because Harry Potter would joyfully ally himself with the sociopathic man who mercilessly murdered his parents and hundreds of other completely innocent wizards/witches.

Additionally, the fact that the Dark Mark appeared had Snape feeling uneasy.

Crouch's house elf was also included in the mix, having Potter's wand after the Dark Mark was conjured. The thought that the elf was the one who uttered Mosmorde was laughable. Many wizards were still quite alarmed about the sudden appearance of Voldemort's Mark and not the elf, though.

Snape was also greatly concerned, but didn't show it much when he spoke to Dumbledore about the Mark. It signified Voldemort's return, and his Mark was also beginning to slightly ache...

"Ciaossu, Mr. Snape."

The greasy-haired man jumped in shock, defensively holding his wand to throw a shield spell or a stunning one. While the sudden voice and the mentioning of his name threw him off, what really caught him off guard was the high-pitched, baby-like quality it held. Snape prepared himself, wondering what the voice had uttered. Chow-sue?

A shadow of a tall, fit man was on the wall. It outlined a fedora, along with curly sideburns and a strange detail ― a curved thing resting on the brim of the entire hat. The rest of the shadow showed the man in a suit.

As Snape gazed traveled until he found the source of the shadow, he let out a small sound of disbelief. "A mere infant." He spoke sharply, seeing the small child standing on the floor.

The infant smiled good-naturedly, its outfit the same as the shadow. A vibrant yellow pacifier was slung around its neck and it donned a wrinkle-free black suit. Curly sideburns surrounded both of its cheeks, and the fedora had an orange stripe across it. The curved thing was actually the tail of a chameleon, which was resting peacefully on the brim of the hat.

Everything would've made much more sense if the shadow wasn't of a grown man, and well, if the person following him wasn't a baby.

"I must admit, it was very interesting to me that you could sense my presence," The infant replied calmly, black eyes fixated on the taller male, "but considering that you're an advanced wizard, it isn't very surprising."

"Who are you?" Snape asked it suspiciously, the grip on his wand unwavering. "Why are you following me, and how did you get into Hogwarts, first of all?"

The baby held up its small hands defensively. "I mean no harm, Mr. Snape. I initially came to visit upon an old friend of mine ― Mr. Albus Dumbledore."

Old friend? The infant looked no older than around two years.

"You came to see Dumbledore?" Snape furrowed his eyebrows, still having doubts about the strange visitor. The infant nodded seriously, leaving Snape to wonder what exactly was going on. "What do you want from the Headmaster?"

The baby smiled serenely, stepping closer to the frowning Snape. "I have a favour to ask from him. My plan was on seeing Albus, but I don't know the password to his office. I came across you, instead of Albus. Could you give me the password?"

Of course, since Dumbledore's new password was treacle fudge. He really did enjoy sweets, that old man.

"...I'll lead you to him." Snape regretted his sudden outburst, but there was something intriguing about the infant. He just couldn't put his finger on it...

So, Snape led the baby out of the dungeons and toward Dumbledore's office, cautiously glancing back often just to keep a close eye on the small visitor. "I won't do anything," the child promised genuinely, "my name is Reborn. And you are Severus Snape, a potions master and the spy of Albus." Reborn smiled knowingly when Snape still glanced at him with blatant suspicion, but he chose not to say anything about it.

"How do you know that?" Snape demanded sharply, mouth a straight line.

Reborn waved a small hand dismissively. "I have my resources," He remarked vaguely, inwardly amused as he watched Snape scowl in irritation at his ambiguous response.

Finally reaching the third floor, Snape led the baby to the Headmaster's Tower. They finally came in front of the statue of a gargoyle. "Treacle fudge," Snape told it curtly, waiting for the gargoyle to move.

It stepped aside a second after the password was uttered, leaving room for the man and the infant to step into the circular staircase. As they were moved upward in, Snape carefully watched the baby's expression. He wondered if the child was a possible wizard since he noted that Reborn wasn't the least bit amazed by magic.

He hadn't seen a wand on the child, but then again, he was merely a child. They weren't allowed to have wands.

Dumbledore's personalised office came into view, with his usual items in their usual locations. His Pensieve was placed in the corner, his private library was tidy with notes piled on several tables, and Fawkes was resting peacefully on the desk. Portraits of past headmasters lined the walls, several gone completely while others remained busy within the frames.

"The same as I remember." Reborn murmured as he glimpsed around the room, hopping unto Dumbledore's desk. Fawkes woke to the infant's gentle stroke, letting out a gentle note from his Phoenix Lament. Reborn froze as the phoenix sung that one note, his mouth curving downward a moment after.

The door to the left opened suddenly, revealing the present Headmaster in long, purple and sparkly robes. Dumbledore smiled pleasantly at Reborn, his light blue orbs twinkling behind half-moon spectacles. His wrinkled face didn't express any surprise or shock at the sudden appearance of the infant. "To what do I owe this pleasure, Reborn?" He spoke in precise Italian, causing Snape to look at him sharply. "Oh, where are my manners? Would you care for a lemon drop?" He offered the sour candy to the infant, who shook his small head.

"A favour, Albus," Reborn seated himself on one of the nearby chairs, "the Vongola Famgilia has a new successor. My No Good student, Sawada Tsunayoshi. ...Also, maybe some of those flavoured jelly beans."

Dumbledore seated himself down as well, gesturing for Snape to take a nearby seat. "A Japanese man?" He pondered over the name, handing over a box of Bertie's

"A Japanese boy," Reborn corrected him as he took the food, pulling out a picture of Tsuna, who was smiling along with his fellow friends, "he is currently fourteen years old."

The white-haired man took the photo into his hands, noticing something in Tsuna's bright brown eyes and joyful appearance. He spoke one word. "Innocence."

"Yes," Reborn nodded comprehensively, understanding of Dumbledore's curiosity, "while he fails," epically, "at most things, his desire to protect his loved ones and to wipe away the Vongola's sins have made him the best candidate to become Vongola Decimo. Much unlike Xanxus..."

Yeah, Xanxus as the boss would've meant the end of the world with thousands dying daily and the overuse of the word trash...

"I want Tsuna to be trained in magic, much like the Primo guardians were," Reborn finally admitted what he had came for, "and Hogwarts seems to be the best option for him and his guardians."

Dumbledore contemplated Reborn's favour, his glinting spectacles hiding his orbs. "Hogwarts hasn't had transfer students in centuries, I'm afraid," He remarked to Reborn, "and I'm sure you are aware of the Dark Mark appearing and what it means, correct?"

Reborn's expression turned grim. "I am. However, I'm not that fearful of him. I can't say the same for my student," He admitted truthfully, imagining that Tsuna would probably piss his pants if Voldemort came his way, "but Tsuna has experience dealing with people similar to him."

"Really," Dumbledore chuckled amusedly, "I do admit that I am curious about the new Vongola successor. Timoteo had told me about how the Vongola was initially a vigilante group before it became a blood-stained mafia group. With the Triwizard Tournament happening once again, I don't think it'll harm us to have some new students in our midst."

Reborn smiled back at the older man, taking out a large file from his suit. Snape still was lost from their Italian conversation, but was even more surprised when the conversation turned to an Asian language ― Japanese.

The bespectacled wizard took the file from the baby, opening it. Snape glanced at it from the corner of his eye, obvious curiously. Dumbledore chuckled as he finished reading Sawada Tsuna's profile, seeing that the boy had failed most of his classes, even home economics.

(He'd apparently sown a pillow unto his shirt once, and accidentally exploded a blender.)

Gokudera Hayato was much different then Sawada Tsunayoshi, but he had sworn fealty to the latter. Dumbledore tapped his cheek lightly, in silent thought as he peered at the silver head scowling in the photo. "Ah, now I remember," the old wizard spoke, a small smile playing on his lips, "I went to one of his piano recitals. His playing was unusual, but quite enjoyable."

He sifted through all of the papers, noting the more peculiar members of the new generation: Hibari Kyoya and Rokudo Mukuro. After reading their profiles, he took into account of all of the Vongola's trainings and battles, starting with Mukuro and ending with the battle for the Arcobaleno's curse.

"I would be delighted to accept these new transfer students," Dumbledore finally said. "Now, I believe you informed me of those dashing rainbow robes in our last chat..." Dumbledore brought the language back to English, smiling brightly as he gestured for Reborn to continue. "How much were they?"

The Arcobaleno smirked amusedly.

Several days later

When Reborn suddenly declared a meeting for Tsuna and his Famiglia after returning from a week-long trip to wherever the heck he went, Tsuna was less than enthused by the unforeseen demand. Reborn's serious request (which he asked with an ominous smile) meant that something hazardous and detrimental to Tsuna's mentality was somehow going to occur.

Tsuna really wasn't looking forward to the meeting. At all. However, Reborn made sure all of Tsuna's guardians were presently gathered at the brunette's house ― even the infamous crowd-hating Hibari Kyoya and the ever allusively creepy Rokudo Mukuro. Needless to say, Tsuna was entirely nervous when he saw the two in the same room and not harming each other or making any indication that they would end up destroying his house in the process.

Thank goodness his mother and Fuuta were off on a trip through Sweden with his father. Why Sweden of all places had the Vongola boss baffled.

Instead, Hibari was seated far away from the entire group, since he obviously disliked being included into crowds. An amused Mukuro was beside Chrome, sipping tea casually. Tsuna received the usual "Kufufufu, nice to see you once again, Tsunayoshi-kun" from Mukuro and the eerie chill that accompanied it when he sat down next to Reborn warily.

Gokudera had greeted him with great enthusiasm and Yamamoto gave him a usual cheerful hello. Lambo was there, happily chomping on sweets that Ryohei was giving him generously.

Tsuna smiled back to them, noting that Haru, Bianchi, I-Pin, and Kyoko weren't present for the discussion. That seemed for the best, because he didn't want them getting hurt from whatever Reborn was currently plotting.

"Ciaossu, everyone."

The fourteen year old glanced at his young tutor, who had finally decided to speak. Reborn smiled at all of them, the whole group quieting down to listen to the small infant's words. "I need you all to tell me what you think of magic," He said mysteriously, sitting back down on his chair.

"Magic?" Tsuna repeated in befuddlement, eyebrows furrowed.

Gokudera hastily shoved on his metal-rimmed glasses and found his notebook, flipping through the pages. There was a small unopened letter crammed into it as well, sticking out just for Tsuna to see Gokudera's translated name in English. He settled on a page, which was thoroughly written in G-speak. "Control over the forces of nature through incantations, rituals, or spells...?" He muttered under his breathe before he gazed at an amazed Tsuna. "Tenth, does that help?"

"Er..." Tsuna was at a loss for words, since he was clueless as to what Reborn was planning. "Sure?"

Gokudera beamed until Yamamoto spoke, amusement clearly in the baseball player's voice. "Magic like Merlin, that wizard guy?" Reborn let out a small nod. "Oh, that's cool."

"How do you know that?" Gokudera glared at him, frowning in disdain. That stupid baseball freak tried to outdo him in front of the Tenth once again... Challenge accepted. Tsuna immediately sensed impending arguments, tensing as he watched his angered future right-hand man.

"I read about it in a book," Yamamoto responded brightly, tapping his head, "it was something about King Arthur of Britain."

"You can read, baseball freak?" Gokudera inquired sarcastically, but the fellow teen merely laughed merrily. The silver-head's eye twitched. "Are you laughing at me?!" He demanded angrily, hands inching to show all the hidden dynamites on his body.

Seriously, where does he keep it all? Tsuna idly wondered. His pants? I wonder how he gets it through airport security...

"Calm down to the extreme, Octopus-Head!" Ryohei called out loudly, slamming a fist on the table. He stood up abruptly, his wooden chair screeching against the floor before toppling over completely. "Magic is the extreme passion people have during boxing!" Tsuna blinked at the answer. Onii-san, why...?

Gokudera snorted in derision, rolling his olive green orbs. "That's the stupidest answer I've ever heard," He claimed with blatant irritation, "shut it, turf top."

And thus began a heated argument, including a grouching Gokudera, a passionate Ryohei, and a cheerful Yamamoto. Tsuna groaned, Why does this always happen? Needless to say, Hibari was not amused by the sudden turn of events. From Hibari's spot near Tsuna's glass sliding doors, his cold gaze hardened drastically as they met Tsuna's terrified brown eyes.

Immediately, Tsuna turned to Reborn, desperate. "Hieee! Reborn, just say what you want!" He flinched from Hibari's glare, as per usual.

The suited baby wordlessly pulled something out from inside the pocket of his suit, opening the folded piece of parchment carefully. He handed it to a bewildered Tsuna, who took it into his own hands. Several people glanced at it with recognition, much to the Decimo's apparent and building confusion.

The top of the entire letter had a strange crest on it, consisting of four animals: a lion, a snake, a badger, and an eagle. Their backgrounds were differently coloured, but all animals turned to face the large golden letter H in the middle of the entire crest.

Underneath that crest was something even more puzzling.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Sawada Tsunayoshi,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as a fourth year transfer student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins 1 September. We await your owl of confirmation no later than 31 July.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

Tsuna lowered the paper after he read it, looking at Reborn with a frown. "What is this? Reborn, magic isn't real..." Right? Tsuna wondered. But Reborn can't possibly be joking about this. He flipped it over, seeing the letter written in English as well.

"Oh, really?" Reborn turned on his student, his face not betraying anything. His tone was daring, daring Tsuna to prove that magic didn't exist; that it was just cheap tricks used on people and even possibly just mere illusions. "You need to be more open-minded, my No Good student."

Tsuna's jaw dropped. What...?

"...Boss," Chrome's tentative voice broke through the silence, a similar but slightly wearied down paper in her hands, "I received one of those, too."

"Kufufu, so did I," Mukuro holding the letter upright with two fingers, "very interesting. I've only come across a few with the ability to possess magic."

Ryohei raised a hand as well, waving the worn down and ripped paper wildly. "Me too, Sawada!"

"Oh, so that's what it is," Yamamoto fished through his pockets until he found the rumpled paper, "I thought it was some cool learning experience until my old man said it was probably a scam."

"Lambo's too young to be a student, but he's joining us as well," Reborn provided, gesturing to the napping child.

Hibari remained motionless, but it was obvious that he was still continuing to listen in on the conversation; choosing to not say anything.

"How about you, Hibari?" Reborn inquired, walking toward the black-haired teen. Grey eyes flitted to the baby for a mere moment. A quick rustle of movement, and the Hibird resting on top of Hibard's held a similar object to the letters in its beak. Reborn took that as a yes, smiling knowingly as he sat down beside Tsuna once again.

Gokudera finally pulled at the envelope in his notebook, inspecting it with obvious curiosity. He ripped the envelope apart, finding the same letter Tsuna had received with two differences: his name, and the fact he would be a fifth year. That meant being away from Tsuna ― oh the horror. "What? Why am I not in the same year as the Tenth, Reborn-san?!" Gokudera inquired incredulously, shoving the parchment right in front of the hitman.

"I wasn't aware that you wanted to be with Tsuna," Reborn replied calmly, pushing the paper away from himself, "the years are decided by your age. If you'd like, you could speak to the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore."

Gokudera made an irritated sound as he settled back down in his seat. However, Tsuna was still on the topic of why the heck they were transferring to Hogwarts, which was apparently a witchcraft and wizardry school.

(Never mind the fact that it said witchcraft really freaked him out.)

"Reborn, what does this mean?" Tsuna asked with dread in his heart.

"You haven't guessed, yet?" Reborn sounded disappointed, but it was false. Of course Tsuna suspected the plot afoot, he wasn't a fool. "We are all transferring to a new school ― to Hogwarts, which is situated in Scotland."

Tsuna did what any rational person would do if they had just found out magic was apparently real, and if they had to transfer from Japan to Scotland to attend a magic school ― he fainted.

Reborn... magic...

Tsuna mumbled under his breathe incoherently, shifting awkwardly in the seat he was sitting in. He stirred awake, rubbing at the drool making way down his cheek. Wait, why wasn't he asleep in his own, comfortable bed? He was in the upright position, his neck aching slightly when he shifted slightly. His brown eyes fluttered open, and he rubbed them gently, letting out a yawn. He glanced out the window, seeing cloud after cloud.

Wait. Clouds? Tsuna shrieked loudly (like any other man), finally realising that he was on an airplane, tightly strapped into a seat. "This can't be happening," Tsuna pulled at his brown tufts of hair, "why does this always happen to me?" I didn't say goodbye to Kyoko, Haru, I-Pin, or Bianchi, he thought disappointedly, mind focusing on his friends he didn't have the chance to say farewell to. He also still harboured the doubt that magic was real, because how in the name of hell was it even remotely possible?

A few seconds after his terrified (girly) yell, Gokudera appeared, concern etched on his features. "Tenth," the bomber spoke to him worriedly, "did something happen?!"

"Gokudera-kun," Tsuna turned to him, orbs wide with desperation and doubt that he was actually on a plane, flying to Scotland, where he would go to a magic school ― lemme repeat that, a frigging magic school, "why are we on a plane?"

"It's actually a private jet, Tsuna," Yamamoto's head popped up from the seat in front of Tsuna, the black-haired male smiling exhaustedly at the younger teen, "the little guy's taking us to the United Kingdom."

Of course it's Reborn's doing... Tsuna blinked at those words, finally realising something. "What about your dad and my mom? And Hibari's Namimori?"

"Well, dad thinks I'm on some one in a lifetime prestigious education thing in Europe, and your mom is still in Sweden," Yamamoto laughed it off, rubbing the nape of his neck, "I think Kusakabe's the substitute in charge of Namimori now, too." He rummaged through a bag, pulling out several envelopes before he placed them in front of Tsuna. The boy took them curiously, seeing his name written in the middle of all of the letters. "They're from everyone you didn't say goodbye to," Yamamoto explained immediately, causing to Tsuna smile slightly, "like Kyoko and Haru and Shouichi."

"Thanks, Yamamoto," Tsuna said gratefully, holding them tightly, "but I can't believe we're on a plane to Scotland."

"Then you better believe it," Reborn sounded from the window beside Tsuna, popping out of a secret compartment. How does that happen? Tsuna initially wondered, but remembered that with Reborn, nothing was impossible. "I see that you're finally awake, Tsuna."

I should've never woken up.

"I had Gokudera pack everything you need," Reborn informed the brunette, gesturing to the luggage beside and above him. One of the duffel bags fell out of the compartment above Tsuna, hitting the brunette spot on. He let out a screech, but Reborn expertly ignored it.

"Tenth! It's all my fault; I placed those bags there!"

"I-I'm okay, Gokudera-kun," the fourteen year old managed a strained smile, rubbing his head, "it's not anyone's fault." Except for Reborn's, he added silently.

Gokudera shook his head, adamant. "You don't have to be strong for me, Tenth. I'll get you some ice." And his future right-hand man scrambled off, going to find ice wherever the hell it was on the bloody plane ― er, private jet.

"Now, I will continue," Reborn hopped down from his place, standing on Tsuna's armrest, the teen flinching uncontrollably, "I was hoping you'd be more excited, Tsuna."

"Excited?!" Tsuna gaped in disbelief. "I'm on a plane to Scotland."

"I didn't hear you complaining when we boarded the jet."

"I was unconscious!"

Reborn merely waved a dismissive hand in response.