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(1) description taken from beyondhogwarts . com

non me ne frega un cazzo—I don't give a fuck

vaffanculo—fuck off

oh, santo cielo—oh my goodness; oh heavens


"Sawada!" An old, small woman was calling out his name, holding a stack of papers in her grasp.

Chrome glanced at her boss, whose face was planted in the egg on toast she had previously slid to him. He was fast asleep, his brown hair askew and uniform messily thrown on. His robes were mostly undone, and she resisted the growing urge to clean up his uniform. Reborn had let him sleep in until there was only thirty minutes left of breakfast. And yet, Tsuna was still a sleepy mess.

The plump woman who had been calling Tsuna's name spotted Chrome's hand, which was meekly waving towards her. A wide smile spread across the woman's face, her battered outfit and cheerfulness giving Chrome a homey feeling.

"Hello dear," The woman greeted Chrome warmly, "I am the Head of Hufflepuff House, Professor Pomona Sprout. You must be Ms Chrome Dokuro, and that must be..." Her eyes slid to the sleeping Tsuna and she let out a hearty laugh. "Mr Tsuna Sawada!"

"Oh..." Chrome managed a feeble smile at the woman. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Professor Sprout smiled brightly. "The pleasure is mine, dear. Welcome to Hogwarts and Hufflepuff House." She held out two pieces of paper, and Chrome took them. "These are your courses for the year. And what luck! First class of the year for both of you is Herbology!" She declared before stalking off to find more students.

Chrome studied the papers closely. Her and Tsuna's schedules matched perfectly. Their first class was Herbology with Gryffindors, and then a full schedule. They had mainly core classes, and electives consisting of Divination and Care of Magical Creatures.

"Boss," Chrome said softly, resting a hand on his shoulder, "wake up." She shook him until he jolted upwards, yolk spread across his cheekbones.

He blinked furiously at her before he let out a loud yawn. "A-Ah, sorry Chrome," He said sheepishly, fumbling for his fork and knife.

Chrome sighed heavily. How did her messy Boss ever defeat Mukuro-sama? She honestly couldn't tell. She grabbed a napkin off of the table, leaning forward to wipe at his face.

"C-Chrome?" Tsuna said through a mouthful of egg, his cheeks pink as she dabbed at his forehead.

She sent him a small smile. "Let me help you out, Boss." Gently, Chrome straightened out his die, fixed his collar, and brushed off crumbs from his robes. Her tenderness felt drawn from the gentle consideration of naturally kind women like Nana or Kyoko.

Tsuna, who still was easily embarrassed by any woman, choked and barely managed to gulp down his eggs and milk. "Thanks, Chrome," He said, a timid but grateful smile on his lips.

"It's not a problem," She replied simply, "oh, and here's our schedules."

"TENTH!" Gokudera's voice screeched to the two. They both stared embarrassedly as Gokudera shoved his way to his precious Tenth, who finally stood proudly at the Hufflepuff table.

"Got my schedule," Gokudera explained proudly, "let's compare classes, Tenth."

Oh. So they were allowed to sit at other tables? Chrome discreetly tried to find Mukuro at the Slytherin table. She saw him, and smiled at him as he boredly inspected his food before she looked back at Gokudera.

"—Tuesday and Wednesday, we have—"

Why was Mukuro sitting alone? She disliked the idea that his new Housemates weren't interested in conversing with him.

"—can't wait for Divination—"

He was eating chocolate scones. He had too much of a sweet tooth. Too much chocolate would give him a sugar rush, but he would never admit to such a condition.

"—I heard that we can also go to the little town, Hogs—"

"Go see Mukuro." Tsuna said suddenly, interrupting his friend.

Chrome jerked at his order. "What?" She asked, eyes wide.

Tsuna's lips twitched upward in understanding. "I know you want to ask him how he's doing. You keep glancing at him while he's eating. So go ahead. I'll find you later to go to our first class."

She beamed so brightly that both Tsuna and Gokudera were speechless for a moment. "Thank you so much, Boss!" She bowed lowly, taking off across the Hall.

The blue-haired teen glanced upward from pouring himself more tea, an impish smile spreading across his face when he saw his faithful ex-subordinate.

"U-Um, hi! Mukuro-sama," She greeted him. Whispers exploded around them from the Ravenclaw table to the Slytherin table. Was it so odd for there to be inter-House relations?

Mukuro looked wholly amused at the sight of his quasi-protégée and the attention they had garnered. He gestured to the area in front of him for her to sit. "How are you, Chrome?" He inquired, "I saw you eating with Tsunayoshi."

"A little excited," She admitted shyly, "I have the same classes as Boss, so that's a relief. I-I just wish we would have a class together."

"Oya?" Mukuro hummed. "Don't fret. We'll see each other everyday during meal times, yes?"

"O-Of course, Mukuro-sama," She agreed enthusiastically, head bobbing up and down. When it came to Mukuro, she wanted to spend any time she could with him. The Vongola were her other family, but she'd always remember him, Chikusa, Ken, and MM as well.

Her exclusion from Kokuyo Land had hurt her, but Mukuro and the others made it a point to visit her whenever they had the chance. That part warmed her heart.

"Drop the -sama, Chrome," Mukuro advised as he sipped on his tea, "we're on English territory. No sense in glorified honorifics."

Like... as equals? Chrome flushed pink and nodded again, fingers fidgeting with the parchment of her schedule. "Alright, Mukuro," She tried.

"See? It's easy," he said calmly, "how is your House, by the way?"

"It's... bright. Very bright. The common room is very quaint and welcoming," She described, "it's a warm place. I like it a lot. What about Slytherin?"

"Cold. Dark. Under the lake, but it gives a nice green glow," Mukuro replied, "so far my Housemates have enjoyed my company. They do rather prefer purebloods over any other blood types."

"But, but Mukuro-sama," She whispered, her only eye wide with worry, "you're not. What if they find out?"

"What did I say about the -sama?" Mukuro's voice turned icy. She bit her lip and leaned back as she whispered a small apology. "Oh, Chrome. Can't you have a little faith in me?" He asked, sighing mockingly. "And they're not all fanatics."

"I know," Chrome said, frustrated with herself and frustrated with him, "I can't help but worry for you, Mukuro."

"Sentimentality," Mukuro's nose wrinkled, but he still smiled that usual, playful smile.

She sighed. He was always so difficult, and yet she couldn't help herself from ador—

"Hey, Chrome!" A warm voice called out her name. She felt someone's hand on her shoulder and she blinked owlishly as Cedric grinned at her. Tsuna was already beside the Head Boy's side, uncomfortably fidgeting as Mukuro's own grin sharpened considerably at the sight of the pretty boy.

"Oh, Diggory," Chrome blinked confusedly at the older man, "what's happening?"

"Cedric is fine," He insisted, "Tsuna was a little confused about where to find the greenhouses, so I thought I'd help you two out."

Right! Classes started soon. Chrome bolted upwards, checking the watch that Chikusa had given her before they left. Ten minutes until classes began...

"I'll talk to you later, Mukuro," Chrome promised firmly, holding the strap of her bag tight to her chest. Cedric patted her on the shoulder gently before his hand rested between her shoulderblades.

Mukuro smiled coldly. "Do take care," He said frigidly, "and Tsunayoshi?"

"Yeah?" Tsuna asked confusedly.

Mukuro leaned in to whisper to the Vongola boss as he saw Cedric chuckle at something Chrome said. "Do watch over Chrome for me," He murmured into the boy's ear.

"I always do," Tsuna muttered back, shivering slightly.


Butobuter pus.

He had nearly been splattered in the face with oozing yellow-green bubotuber pus, and was now walking around reeking of gas.

Chrome said it was fine.

All he wanted to do was hide.

The Herbology teacher, Professor Sprout, who was also his Head of House, insisted he still go to the Hospital Wing so that skin could be inspected. Apparently bubotuber pus, when undiluted, had the tendency to burn the skin until it reached bone.

And the jovial way she had described it had not been reassuring.

Tsuna shuddered and felt along his face. It felt fine, certainly, but what if the pus was slow-acting and an hour later half of his face would be gone? The pus was a thousand times more hazardous than anything Bianchi made.

He finally reached the doors of the medical ward, and hesitantly stepped inside. It was virtually empty—seeing as it was the first day of school—and he cleared his throat to speak. "H-Hello?" He spoke hesitantly.

Someone grabbed his arm.

"HIEE!" He shrieked and nearly jumped a foot into the air.

"Goodness gracious, child!" The woman who had touched him grabbed on to her heart. She stared at him incredulously. "Are you trying to injure yourself further?"

"N-No," Tsuna stuttered unsurely.

She humphed. "Come sit," She gestured to an open bed.

He trudged over to it, and sat himself down as she crossed her arms. He studied her, noting her uniform and cap was reminiscent of nurses' clothes in old western films. "Well?" She raised an eyebrow.

Tsuna finally realised she wanted an explanation for his appearance. "Um, a bubotuber plant sprayed some pus on me... Most of it got on my apron, but Professor Sprout said to—"

"Say no more," The matron raised a hand. She grabbed Tsuna by the chin, making him squirm uncomfortably, and examined his face closely. "You have tiny splatters of the pus around your chin area." She informed him.

"I-I do?" Tsuna's hands flew to his face.

She smacked them away. "Don't spread it any further. The pus could burn your fingers as well," She scolded him, pulling out some type of ointment. Uncapping it, she motioned for Tsuna to lean his face forward.

Tenderly, her nimble fingers slid the ointment below his jawline, stopping until it was just above the juncture between his neck and jaw. Tsuna shivered at the cold gel, trying to stay still as she massaged it into his skin. The ointment tingled, not wholly unpleasant but unusual.

"There we go," She said softly, "all done. Rest here for the remainder of the period. Call me if you need me, I'll be in my office."

"O-Okay, thank you, um..." Tsuna paused. He hadn't even asked for her name.

"Madame Pomfrey," She supplied with a maternal smile.

Tsuna smiled back unsurely, leaning against the soft pillows of the sickbed.

Reminds me of Mom, he thought. He really did miss Nana.


"Hello there."

For potions, Gokudera had been left to pair up with some ditzy blond girl after arriving to potions last. Well, he had assumed ditzy from the way she initially presented herself, but now it seemed that perhaps she was more of a... daydreamer. Too lost in her thoughts? He wasn't sure.

"Oh!" She sounded both alarmed and amazed as she stared openly at Gokudera. He jerked at the sound as he glanced around wildly. "You're positively surrounded by Aquavirius Maggots."

He blanked. Hours and days scouring through piles and piles of dusty old books, and he had never heard of such a thing before. "Aqua what?" He repeated.

"Aquavirius Maggots!" She insisted, her blue eyes dreamily focusing on his confused face. "They're creatures that resemble small, little brains. My father says that if they're around a person, it means the person is quite intelligent."

"Of course I would have to be intelligent for the Tenth..." He muttered under his breath. "How can you see them? Is this some trick?"

"You don't have to see something in order to believe in it," She replied serenely. "Gokudera, was it?"

"O-Oh. Yeah," He said, sticking his hand out for her to shake. "Hayato Gokudera."

She smiled at him simply. "Luna Lovegood. If you wish to know more, take a look at The Quibbler." She handed him a tabloid newspaper.

Normally he was turned off by tabloid-like journalism. He'd seen his fair share of pathetic, gossip tabloids that circulated through the Mafia. He'd seen his own former Famiglia's name on the cover of the infamous The Mafiosi tabloid, accompanied by that picture of his mother—that picture that they had no right to have, no right to publish, and especially no right to look at.

"Gokudera?" Luna broke him out of his reverie.

"Yeah," He coughed and grabbed the paper.

His eyes glazed through the front page. WEETIMOROUSBEASTIE SIGHTED ONCE MORE IN SCOTLAND—TESTIMONIES BY FAMED WIZARDS THEOPHOLOS MALENTUS AND GILDEROY LOCKHART. He mused over the article and the odd creature on the front... Perhaps despite being in an unnatural magical world... perhaps there was also more supernatural creatures creeping around. His mind went wild for a moment. Aliens? Magical aliens?

"Gokudera. Lovegood. My classroom is meant for work, not speaking of mindless, erroneous rubbish." The hook-nosed potions Professor stalked up to their desks, a prominent scowl on his face.

"Of course, Professor," Luna replied in that unfocused voice of hers as she pawed through her own potions book.

Gokudera scoffed at the teacher's attempts to reel them in. "Non me ne frega un cazzo," He grumbled, but proceeded to stuff The Quibbler into his bag and look for the potion they were supposed to be making.

"What did you say?" Professor Snape asked coldly, stopping the new student in his tracks.

"I said that I'll be working now," Gokudera responded just as firmly, a steel edge to his tone. He continued to stare down the teacher, who eventually made an irritated noise and strode away with a flash of his robes.

Snape paused, though. "Five points from Ravenclaw for talking back," He said. Gokudera still couldn't give a shit. Vaffanculo, he snorted.

Luna stared at him as though he were odd. "Most students don't stand up to him," She hummed, "oh well. Five points is nothing this early on. We should start the Girding Potion."

Gokudera read the list of ingredients and instructions. Dragonfly thoraxes, fairy wings, flying seahorses, and doxy eggs... Gokudera listed them off to Luna, who dutifully retrieved them from Snape's potion stores.

They worked in sync and efficiently, and with Gokudera's expertise after nights practising with potions, finished much earlier than any other student pair did in the room.

Gokudera was smugly satisfied when Snape marched towards them, and bitingly admitted that the golden potion was "adequate".


His classes were a complete and utter bore. Just as he had done in the regular education system, Hibari excelled at every obstacle thrown his way. Whether it be nonverbal spells or complicated potions, Hibari breezed through them as though they were nothing.

He hated the crowding as well. Stuck in a classroom all day? But the baby and Dino had promised that magic would lead to an upper hand against major opponents. And that he could learn patience. Which, admittedly had not been a major part of his vocabulary.

But if Hibari had to choose one he could tolerate, out of all the boring classes, it would Care of Magical Creatures. With Hibird perched atop his head, Hibari surveyed the group of Knarls with unbridled interest.

"You like 'em?" Hagrid's booming voice erupted in Hibari's ear. He resisted the urge to twitch at the loud sound. "Knarls're sweet creatures. Unless o' course, they're plunderin' through your garden!"

Hagrid let out a thundering laugh.

Hibari almost snorted as he heard a girl shriek when a hedgehog brushed up against her robes. Apparently all the students were scared of animals. But the little animals reminded him of Roll. He scanned all of the hedgehogs for this "Knarl", and spotted one that appeared slightly different.

The quills were shorter and a shade darker. It also was more perceptive than the other animals, glancing furtively towards the humans while the hedgehogs busied themselves with sniffing the ground.

"There," Hibari grunted, "between those two hedgehogs to the left of you, giant. That's the Knarl."

He leant down then to pat at a hedgehog. It brushed against his hand, akin to a purring cat. Hibird danced atop Hibari's head, chirping out, "Roll! Roll!"

"Well, I'll be!" Hagrid whistled lowly. "Yeh were right all along, Hibari!" The Knarl was drawn out when he hurtled toward the bowl of milk that Hagrid placed on the ground.

Of course. Hibari let out a smirk as he let the hedgehogs crowd around him. Perhaps this whole situation wasn't so terrible if it meant he could surround himself with small, little creatures. His collection of just Hibirds back at Namimori wasn't nearly enough to sate his desires.


"You're, um... You're gonna die?"

Yamamoto shifted in his seat, licking his lips as he squinted at the dusty astrology guide in front of him. The font was old and stilted, and the pages were already browned, so it was difficult to read. Astrology was on the board for the day in Divination, so he had been trying to decipher his partner's future.

"Oh, wait!" Yamamoto grinned widely. "I was wrong."

His partner, Neville Longbottom, let out a sigh of relief.

"You're just gonna get hurt really badly." Yamamoto corrected himself, his smile still bright. "Since you're a Leo. And it said that in September under the watch of the planet Mars, bad things will happen to a Leo? Or rad things? I can't read what it says, haha."

"He's so clueless, it's cute," Fay Dunbar giggled.

Parvati grinned as well. "And that smile, too."

Neville grappled for Seamus's robes. "Please trade places with me," He begged imploringly. He took Divination very seriously.

Seamus snorted. "You're on your own, Longbottom. Dean and I are partners in everything." Dean shot him an apologetic look as Neville depressingly slouched back into his chair.

Sensing the troubled air crowding around his Divination seat mate, Yamamoto cleared his throat suddenly. "Ah, I'm sorry," He said. He sheepishly rubbed at the back of his neck. "I'm not doing a good job, am I? I just wanna tell you about how nice your future will be."

"Oh..." Neville was taken aback by Yamamoto's ashamed nature. And Yamamoto seemed so genuine in his belief that Neville's future was going to actually go well. "Um, it's fine." He said quietly.

"Really?" Yamamoto asked, brown eyes wide.

"Really," Neville managed a smile.

"Nice!" Yamamoto cheered. "Y'know, you remind me a lot of my friend Tsuna. Always nervous and a little timid... but has a lot of heart."

The brunet? He recalled the short, Japanese boy who had been sorted into Hufflepuff. Surprisingly enough, the boy had taken longer than anyone else to be sorted. "T-Thanks, Yamamoto," Neville whispered, feeling his face flush in slight embarrassment, "so, um, let's read your fortune?"

"Go ahead," Yamamoto urged him on.

Neville flipped through the pages of his own book to look for Taurus predictions. He slid his finger to the September category and read off the description. "You... you will have to sacrifice a goal of yours... and lost—lose relationships related to the goal," He muttered.

Yamamoto froze. Immediately, he knew what the prediction had meant. His team had garnered the attention of the Japan High School Baseball Federation during the summer, and his coach had said that they were being considered for the spring game, the Japanese High School Baseball Invitational Tournament. Spring Koshien had always been Yamamoto's dream, but...

He had quit the team. He only had two choices: Vongola Famiglia or a future in baseball. And he'd chosen the Vongola. Admittedly, his whole team had been questioning, furious, begging for him to come back. But he was gone for the entire school year. He couldn't participate or bring honor to the Namimori High baseball team.

"That's depressing," Yamamto said finally, trying to laugh away the bad vibes.

Neville frowned at Yamamoto's abrupt shift in attitude. In attempt to bring back the taller boy's cheery disposition, he read off more of the predictions. "B-But, um, it also says that you'll gain new and happy relationships. You'll find yourself content with your choices," Neville babbled out, hoping desperately he hadn't ruined Yamamoto's day.

"That's good to know!" Yamamoto's brown eyes brightened. "The prediction's coming true already. I already have a new friend on the first day of classes."

"Really, who?" Neville asked.

Yamamoto blinked. "Ah... I meant you," He said embarrassedly.

"O-Oh." Now Neville was embarrassed. "Well, I-I'm glad to be your first friend at Hogwarts."

"Me, too! Say, do you play baseball?"

Neville's blatantly baffled expression nearly threw Yamamoto back into another depressed stupor.


"Mad-Eye Moody?"

Ryohei pondered over the name as the twins, Fred and George, and their friend Lee crowded around his own desk. He furrowed his eyebrows. "So his eyes are mad at people? Sounds like an extremely odd medical condition," Ryohei concluded, slamming his hand down on the table.

"Wh... No!" Fred sent him an incredulous look. "He's loony? Mad? Barmy?"


Fred and George exchanged looks. "British slang must be lost on the foreigners," They said simultaneously.

"Be nice, guys," Lee laughed as Ryohei sent him a grateful smile. The two redheads scoffed, their hair glinting from the sunlight beaming through the glass windows.

It reminded him of the redheads he kept seeing everywhere. "Oh! I keep seeing people with red hair in the common room," Ryohei informed his newest group of friends, "are they all related to you two?"

"I'm insulted—"

"—that you think every single redhead—"

"—you see—"

"—is somehow related to us," The twins chorused.

Lee snorted. "More than three-fourths of redheads in Gryffindor are related to you, though."

They both groaned. "Since Lee sold us out, yes," George sighed dramatically, "we'll confess."

"We got us two young ones. Ron—you'll see him clinging on to Harry like a leech," Fred listed off, "and Ginny. Our younger sister. Fiery little thing, though, she'll hex you before you could even see her."

Younger sister?

Ryohei stopped from re-wrapping his hands with the white plaster, those words flashing through his mind. He imagined a bright smile, a scolding yet loving voice. Kyoko... He sniffled a little and pulled out a worn-out photo from the pocket of his robes.

His little sister Kyoko smiled up at him, dressed in her Namimori Middle school uniform as she posed beside a blushing Tsuna. He frowned as he recalled the last moment they had spoken. She had been against him going to school overseas, and for the first time in a long while, had scolded him with a raised voice. He saw the tears in her eyes, and felt the worst for making his own sister cry, but these things had to be done.

But in the end, she had accepted his choices. And as long as Kyoko accepted him, that was all that mattered.

Fred whistled at the photo. "She's a cutie. A friend from back home? What's her name?"

"Don't even dare!" Ryohei exclaimed, a fire lighting in his eyes. His chair toppled backwards, stunning everyone around him. "I will fight anyone to the extreme if they think they can touch my little sister."

"Oh, she's your sister?" Lee squinted at the photo. He looked back and forth between the frowning Ryohei and the beaming Kyoko. he shook his head. "I just don't see it." She was way too pretty to be related to someone like Ryohei.

"Hush—" Before Ryohei could say anything more, he had to duck before the blackboard's eraser flew at his head.

"Sasagawa! The lesson plan for today does not include angry outbursts." Professor Moody grunted out. "Feel free to take this fight outside. Or otherwise, sit down."

"S-Sorry, Professor," Ryohei bowed. He sat back down in his seat, fingering the photo laying on his desk. He grinned at it.

Don't worry, Kyoko, He promised, I'll learn everything I can, and make you proud.


"Here, Rokudo. Take a seat next to, Granger."

The blue-haired teen smiled and slid into the chair beside the curly haired girl. She in turn gave him a wary look, pulling her books off to the side to make room for his own work. There was an air of uneasiness.

Ah yes. Prejudices. He was a newly appointed Slytherin, she was a loyal Gryffindor. Their Houses had their little eccentric rivalries, so it was no wonder she wasn't particularly friendly.

He drummed his fingers against the wooden desk before them. Arithmancy was a subject he had read up on out of curiosity, and he had requested from the baby that he be placed in a class.

"Do you use Agrippa's system or the 'Chaldean' system?" Mukuro asked her. "I've never used Chaldean before."

She was surprised by his initiative in the conversation. "Professor Vector has us learn both, but I mostly prefer Agrippa's system." She admitted shortly.

Mukuro flipped through his papers until he found that certain chart. He did Tsuna's name first.

Tsunayoshi Sawada. 2+1+3+5+1+7+6+1+8+9=43. 1+1+5+1+4+1=13. 43+13=56. 5+6=11. 1+1=2.

So Tsuna's "Character Number" was a 2. Mukuro found the personality chart to see how he was defined. Two represents interaction, two-way communication, cooperation, and balance. Twos are imaginative, creative, and sweet natured. Peace, harmony, commitment, loyalty, and fairness are characteristic. But two also introduces the idea of conflict, opposing forces, and the contrasting sides of things: night and day, good and evil. Twos can be withdrawn, moody, self-conscious and indecisive. (1) Mukuro suppressed a smirk. It did seem indicative of Tsunayoshi.

"Is this correct?" He asked his partner, sliding the paper her way.

She blinked and calculated the numbers much quicker than Mukuro could ever. "Yes," She said, "Sawada? Your... friend in Hufflepuff?"

Was Tsuna his friend? Mukuro shrugged vaguely. "Ah yes, Tsunayoshi and I are old... acquaintances." If by old friends, you mean that I scheme to take over his body, then yes...

She was startled by his admittance. Hufflepuffs with Slytherins? The sheer audacity! Mukuro had to bite back a taunting laugh.

"Arithmancy is much more promising than the foolishness of Divination, is it not?" Mukuro questioned suddenly. "More logical than that babbling nonsense." Preferably, he would not look to the future by inspecting the remains of his tea, nor would he look at a nonsensical round orb that he could manipulate himself.

Numbers were cold and factual. Rituals were illusions. And while he relied on illusions, it wouldn't hurt if he learned to calculate the probability of him taking over Tsuna's body.

Hermione's eyes widened, and she nodded furiously. That seemed to be the key to her opening up, Mukuro noted. "Of course! The Divination professor, Madame Trelawney—she utterly infuriated me last year."

"I can only imagine," Mukuro responded, leaking some sympathy into his voice.

"For Merlin's sake, I could barely stand that class," Hermione huffed, "please tell me you aren't also taking that sham of a class as another elective. You seem to be more sensible than that."

"It wasn't of particular interest to me, so I declined." Hiding his amusement with this side of her personality, he continued on. "My only other elective is astronomy."

She seemed to relax at that mentioning of that subject. "Astronomy is an intriguing class. It's mainly just on the telescopes, though." She murmured, her past assertiveness disappearing as she busied herself with more numbers.

For a moment though, she stopped and glanced toward him. Uncertainly, she said, "If you would like, I could teach you about the Chaldean system."

"Would you, please?" Mukuro asked with a lilt, leaning against his elbow as the bushy-haired girl burst out into specifics. It wasn't an exceptionally interesting day, but the girl had served a form of some amusement.

And if it meant he could stir up some trouble between Slytherins and Gryffindors—well, even better.


"Lambo wants to go home!"

Lambo frowned at the old man before him. The man wore flowing robes and a weird, pointy hat. He wasn't at all familiar to Lambo, who prided himself on recognising anyone.

"Lambo wanna see Mama!" Lambo whined loudly. "And where's Tsuna? Stingy Tsuna!" He could even feel himself missing dumb Reborn. And Stupid-Dera.

The old man laughed, his voice twinkling melodically as Lambo pouted at him. He shoved a bowl of candy and fudge towards the five-year-old child. "Do calm yourself, Lambo," The man said, "my name is Albus Dumbledore. You'll be staying at my castle for the time being."

Lambo paused from stuffing himself with the treacle fudge, mouth and cheeks already dirty. "Castle?" He repeated, his mouth full of the fudge.

"Yes, dear child, a castle," Dumbledore confirmed.

"Aha!" Lambo jumped upwards, pumping his fist. "Lambo will inspect this castle myself! But Lambo knows his castle is five-thousand times better than this dusty old castle!"

Dumbledore chuckled at the Bovino child's antics. "That inspection can be arranged, little one," He said as he brought out his Patronus. The phoenix erupted from his wand, and Lambo's mouth dropped in awe.

The silvery fluid phoenix flew in circles around Lambo's afro-head, and he reached out to grasp at its tail. "Wah, Lambo wants one!" He declared.

"One day," Dumbledore patted Lambo's puffy head before speaking to his Patronus, "go and find Assistant Professor Dino. If he's not available... well, Severus can always pitch in."

The bird let out a melodic note in agreement before it flew away.

"Now, candy!" said Dumbledore brightly.

Lambo nodded feverishly in agreement.

Reborn and Dino

"Isn't... isn't this illegal?"

Dino panted furiously as he helped lug Reborn's tech into the secret hiding spots that the hitman tutor had already built into the magical school. He didn't know how Reborn did it, but the baby managed to create a network of transportation and several rooms to hide in before he popped out to bother Tsuna. It was similar to the renovations he had done in Namimori Middle.

And for the moment, Dino was stuck bringing in a miniature fridge and coffee machine into one of Reborn's newest breakrooms.

"Quit complaining and start working," Reborn replied bluntly, lying down on his tiny couch. The enclave in the stone wall was hidden by a fake panel that appeared to be grey stone. It could fool anyone except for Reborn.

Dino grumbled. "Years later and I still have to listen to what you say. I'm supposed to be an Assistant Professor."

"That's a fake title." Reborn sipped his coffee. "Besides, none of them want you."

"It's official!" Dino whined. "It's not my fault all the other Professors said they didn't need my help right now. The Headmaster tried to cheer me up by making me eat some flying lemon chocolate bat, but instead it chased me out of his office."

"You should've eaten it, then," Reborn mused as he popped out a case of chocolate candies himself.

Dino stared at his former tutor, eyebrows furrowed. Normally Reborn would be so focused and much more amused by any of his painful situations. There was something off about Reborn... "Why aren't you bothering Tsuna?" He asked finally, setting down the coffee maker on the tiny, constructed counter.

Reborn's head tilted down until only his small smile was visible on his round face. "It's a miracle I'm so perceptible to someone who is as no good as you." He chuckled. "Of course I want to see how Tsuna is doing, but..."

"But what?" Dino pressed further, ignoring the jab Reborn managed to get in.

"There's no point in coddling Tsuna." Reborn admitted. "He's already proven to be worthy of the Vongola inheritance. Babying him after all we've been through would only stunt his growth."

"So you're giving him a little more freedom to make bigger decisions," realized Dino. He broke out into a large grin, laughing slightly. "You really do care about Tsuna, huh? That's so...nice, Reborn."

Reborn scowled heavily as he threw a chocolate frog at Dino. "Be quiet. You're just a no good student."

"Reborn cares—Oh, Santo Cielo! Why is the frog biting me?!" Dino screeched as he took off down the hallway to escape the hellish candy. He tripped over his feet, however, and the frog ended up leaving chocolate bite marks across Dino's beige sweater vest and tanned skin.

Sighing delightedly, Reborn went to pour himself a new cup of cappuccino. "And balance is restored." He declared.

OMAKE — Hogwarts Council of Order

Hibari was a man who didn't tire easily. In terms of battles, he could last for hours, perhaps days, if he was fighting at maximum potential. But for once in all seventeen years of his life, Hibari was completely and irritatedly tired.

Tired of all the love letters.

Despite the fact it had only been three days, three days, since the first day of school had began, he had already received ten letters from admirers professing their infatuation for him.


I absolutely love—

He ripped it up.

More drivel continued and he grew more irritated. He oddly ached for Kusakabe, who sorted through his mail for nonsense like this. Biting back a sigh, he opened up another letter. It was multiple paragraphs long.

Dearest Kyoya,

Mere words cannot express the instant adoration I held for you the moment I saw you the first day in the Great Hall. I know we haven't talked properly. Well, you glared at me yesterday when I tried to talk to you in the Common Room.

But, Merlin, when I saw the passion in those grey eyes of yours, I knew then that you need someone to care for you. That you need love. I hope that one day, we could possibly find our mutual affection in the same way Sir Luckless grew endeared to the witch Amata in the wondrous story of The Fountain of

He crumpled up the letter and chucked it into the bowl of a nearby student.

"Hey!" The boy screeched at the wad of parchment in his soup.

Hibari's eyes narrowed dangerously. The blond boy squeaked and scooted away. Jaw clenching, Hibari stabbed into his hamburger steak. There was a minuscule part of him that wanted Kusakabe there. He needed his lieutenant to assist him in maintaining the desperately needed discipline at Hogwarts, and to sort through all the sickening confessions he was receiving.

However... if Kusakabe couldn't be there, perhaps Hibari could find a replacement. A suitable replacement.

His mind alighted with a flood of ideas. If he couldn't have the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee at his beck and call, perhaps it was time to recreate a new institution inspired by it.

Ryohei stared concentratedly at the noticeboard in the common room.

To all Herbivores

The establishment of the Hogwarts Council of Order has created a necessity of new members to aid in maintaining proper control within our school. For acceptance into this committee, come to the library this Friday at 6 pm. Anyone late will not be considered.

Further requirements include:

No crowding

No impromptu "love" confessions

No pineapples

No forms of silliness, goofiness, or slacking off allowed

No questions asked

Unwavering loyalty

Any breach of these requirements will result in severe reprimands.

—Kyoya Hibari

(Organization approved by Headmaster Dumbledore, and overseen by Assistant-Prof. Dino Cavallone)

"What's that, senpai?" Yamamoto hummed as he saw Ryohei studying the flyer. He scanned it. "Oh! Sounds like Hibari's gonna be having fun," He said amusedly.

"Yes! And I will join this extreme order as well!" Ryohei said determinedly as he pumped a fist.

Yamamoto blinked. Once, twice, and then— "But senpai, today's Friday. And it's six minutes until six o'clock."

"WHAT?" Ryohei bolted for the entrance of the common room. He shoved past that boy with the scar and glasses, ignoring his protests, and ran for the library.

"HIBARI! I've come to join your club!" Ryohei shouted once the raven-haired teen was in his sight. There was already a group of people, standing further away from the frowning Hibari. Although there were a mix of students from different Houses, the Slytherins were more prominent.

Hibari glared at him. "What makes you so certain that you'll be accepted, Sasagawa?"

"Um. I want to help maintain order to the extreme!" Ryohei sent him a passion-fueled look, arms on his hips. He had considered joining the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee after he firsthand experienced their deep passion for their committee, but then he saw all their pompadours and opted out. Appearance wasn't a major issue with him, but there was no way he was sporting that ridiculous hairstyle.

Scoffing, Hibari chucked something at the younger man. Ryohei deftly caught it, inspecting the badge. Golden yellow letters were stitched to form "HCO" against a light purple background. He "aw"ed and "ooh"ed at it.

"What?" A blond boy stomped up suddenly, a scowl on his face. "You rejected two Slytherins, but the second a Gryffindor steps up, he immediately is accepted? This is ludicrous!"

Hibari sent him a withering look so vicious, it caused the blond Slytherin to recoil. "As I recall, the notice specifically required 'unwavering loyalty' and 'no questions asked'. Either you concede to these terms and my judgement, or I bite you to death."

The boy's already fair complexion paled further and he mumbled under his breath. He stepped back as whispers broke out around.

"Merlin's beard, that guy is so wicked!"

"He didn't have to be so ruthless towards Malfoy..."

"Shh, Hibari might hear you!"

Ryohei grinned as he stepped up to Hibari. "I am ready to be your right hand man, Hibari!" He declared.

"Unacceptable." Hibari's tone was clipped.


"Un. Accept. Able." He enunciated. Hibari was inching towards the idea of shutting Ryohei up with his tonfas, but he recalled the conversation he had with the Bucking Bronco and the baby.

"No violence. If word gets around that this 'club' of yours is hurting students, there's no doubt that Dumbledore will shut down the whole program," Dino informed his former student.

Hibari frowned further, arms crossed. What was the point of a disciplinary department if it meant he couldn't use brutal force to keep people in line?

Reborn swerved in to appease the Cloud Guardian. "Violence is prohibited, but there are... other ways of convincing no good students. Blackmail, threats, glaring. It works well on people like Dino or Tsuna."

"W-What?" sputtered Dino. "I'm not like that! And all those stuff are bad too!"

But Hibari had ignored the conversation after Reborn's suggestions. A malicious smirk slid across his face.

"See what you've done, Reborn? That smirk dooms every student!"

Yes... threats would most definitely succeed. These kids were much less resilient compared to Namimori Middle students. Much more reliant on magic compared to physical prowess. And magic came rather easily to Hibari, even if it occasionally reminded him of the putridness of illusions.

But Hibari could work with that.

do you know...how hard...it is to write mukuro...i s2g

arithmancy is super weird btw

and i hate that i put lambo now bc i dont kno what to do for him? gaaaaah

Okay so I worked out an idea about how to include all of Harry, Cedric, and a guardian into the tournament. It requires breaking of canon (ok but ive been breakin canon left and right) and stuffing of characters (OCs) and complexities, but I'll be damned if I don't make it work.

Tell me, then, which guardian you would prefer to see compete in the tournament and I will take it into consideration. Which guardian should be part of the Twi-Wizard Tournament? (No Lambo tho, but that's a given). So far people have asked for mostly Tsuna—which is admittedly reasonable—and Hibari—which would make sense due to age. I'm honestly leaning towards Tsuna or Mukuro because with the way I'm writing the tournament, Hibari's solidarity wouldn't mash together well.

btw that love letter encapsulates all the feelings i have towards hibari. i mean like he's my fourth fave character but still.