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As they got in the cab, Harry mulled over different plans and ideas. He was already planning on going to Gringotts for the summer, but this just sped up his plans. First, he needs to know of his inheritance and if anything was blocking his magic, if the fluxuation was anything to go by. Harry was also thinking that they should go to the Leon vault that Aslan commented on.

Looking over at the other two, they both sat in silence, taking in the countryside. As they got closer to London, you could see that the siblings were trying to take in as much as they could.

Last time they saw London, it was all bombed out. The Blitz only ended a few months before and everything was rubble, or, almost everything. Now, everything is rebuilt and with more buildings. There were a few landmarks that they recognized though.

"Where are you goin'?" Harry looked at the driver.

"Charing Cross Road." The driver nodded and drove towards the road.

Lucy was watching as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower of London, and some of the small stores and restaurants that she remembered pass by. She remembered Charing Cross Road in passing, but knew the general area before the bombings started. Their mother was always weary about letting them outside the house a few hours before sunset because the night was the German's favourite time to attack the city. Shaking her head, she thought about going to the bookstore. 'I have to get caught up on what happened during the war,' she thought. She didn't notice that the cab stopped and Edmund was tapping her on her shoulder. Shaking herself from her thoughts, she smiled and got out of the car, careful of her dress. Grimacing, she made a note to ask Harry about going shopping.

After paying the cab driver, Harry led Edmund and Lucy towards the Leaky Cauldron.

"We'll explore after we get to the bank. And after Lucy has better shoes," Harry added. He didn't think that those would be comfortable. Lucy shrugged.

"I'm use to these shoes but I could always use a pair of runners." Lucy looked down the street and saw the small dingy sign that said 'The Leaky Cauldron' with a witch brewing in a cauldron.

"Is that it?" Lucy asked, pointing to the sign. Harry nodded but was slightly confused.

"I thought that non magical people couldn't see it without holding onto someone magical?" Harry said in confusion, remembering what Hermione said about her first trip to the Alley. Edmund and Lucy looked at each other in confusion.

"I have no idea why. I mean, nothing weird ever happened around us." Harry snorted but nodded.

"We'll get everything cleaned up at Gringotts regardless." With that plan, they all went inside.


Lucy and Edmund had to rub their eyes.

"This place is famous?" Lucy asked in disbelief. Harry nodded, knowing her confusion.

"I think that it's because it's the entrance into London as well." Harry pointed towards a man that was cleaning a glass.

"That's Tom, the bar keeper." Harry whispered to Edmund and Lucy. They nodded to him as they walked to the back.

"That's a brick wall."

"Thank you for stating the obvious Edmund."

"Shut it Lucy."

"Both of you," Harry warned. He tapped the familiar pattern of bricks and they watched as they melted into an archway, revealing Diagon Alley. Harry enjoyed Edmund's and Lucy's shock.

"Welcome, to Diagon Alley."


After shaking of the shock, Lucy followed Harry and Edmund through the Alley. For a majour shopping center, it was very small.

"It's not that big," Lucy said off handily. Harry nodded.

"There's another alley off this one called Knocturn Alley which is where all the 'dark' and forbidden items are sold. Some of the books down there are ridiculously rare and depending on the shop keeper, you will either get a good deal, or you have to try and knock the price down a couple hundred galleons."

"Books would go for that price?!" Edmund asked in shock.

"Yup. And I think there's another Alley here somewhere for the rich." Harry said cheerfully. As they went further into an alley, a huge white building stood out from the rest of the buildings.

"Gringotts?" Lucy asked. Harry nodded.

"Please don't act shocked." Lucy and Edmund nodded wearily and when they got close enough, they knew why Harry said that. The goblins.

"I thought that wizards hated magical creatures?" Edmund asked.

"They do. Why they trust them with their money, is beyond me. Double standards and hypocrites in my opinion." Harry said. Lucy and Edmund couldn't help but agree with that. As they walked up the steps, they got some weird looks, as they did look to be Hogwarts age. So why weren't they at the school? The three ignored everyone and went to one of the free tellers.

"Hello," Harry said. The goblin stopped writing and peered over to look at Harry.

"Yes?" He sneered. Harry gulped slightly.

"I would like an inheritance test done for me and my friends, a magic test for me and to visit the Leon vault." The goblin almost fell out of his chair at the mention of the Leon vault. No one but the goblins knew about it as it was one of their closest guarded secrets. He leaned forward.

"How would you know about that vault?" He asked with his eyes narrowed.

"We were told to ask about it." Lucy said. Edmund shot her a look but Lucy ignored it. The goblin was about to speak up when another goblin came over.

"Mr. Potter, come with us." He looked at the goblin with a blank stare.

"And your friends can come as well." Harry nodded as they followed the older goblin inside. Grinning, Lucy was nearly skipping at the fact that she gets to see the Gringotts inner setting. They walked down a hallway that had armour, family crests along the marble walls, and other inscriptions that made no sense to them. Walking towards a dark wood door that had a nameplate in a language that none of them could read, the goblin knocked.

"In!" Barked the voice. Lucy and Edmund looked unsure at each other, with Harry biting his lip. The three humans followed the goblin in and saw a huge office. One that you wouldn't expect a goblin to have.

"What is this about?" The goblin growled. The goblin in front of them bowed.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Irontooth, but these humans seem to know about the Leon vault." The older goblins head snapped up and stared deep into Harry's eyes.

"How would a human like you have knowledge of such a vault?" The goblin asked lowly. Harry just stared back.

"We were told to come to Gringotts and ask about it." Irontooth nodded stiffly.

"And who told you?" He asked. It was more like an order but the three of them looked at each other and wondered if the goblin would think they're crazy.

"Aslan told us," Edmund said after a minute. The goblin's eyes widened by a fraction and beckoned them over. He jumped off the chair and went into a locked cabinet while going through another four different locks with passwords, keys, or a combination. The final ward was complete goblin magic. Only another goblin could access the key. Irontooth took the small, deep burgundy pillow out which had a platinum key on it. Harry looked curious.

"I thought that all keys are gold?" Irontooth chuckled slightly.

"Most are. Our first five vaults though, have platinum keys that are all hidden like this. The owners are not allowed to keep them but they have a trust fund they can access instead for emergencies." Lucy got a curious look.

"But why would you do that?"

"Because, the first five vaults are what started Gringotts and are therefore, the most heavily protected, considering how old they are. Now enough questions. Is there anything else you need done?" Harry nodded.

"I need an inheritance test and magic test done before we leave."

"But what about ours?" Lucy asked.

"On the way back," Harry whispered. Irontooth got out some parchment that looked nothing special.

"I need three drops of blood on each piece." Harry nodded and looked at the small dagger in front of him and wearily took it. He pricked his thumb and watched as six drops of blood came out. The blood was soaked into the parchment.

"We wait for three minutes each." Irontooth said. They all nodded and waited for the parchment.

Harry started twitching from all the waiting. He can't stand not moving, after all the years being locked in his cupboard. Black writing started coming out in a spiderly writing. Irontooth snatched up the parchment and just about fell out of his chair when he saw the last line. No one has ever had the honour of seeing a knight, let alone have one in the same room. The honour that comes with that title…

"Mr. Potter, what do you know of your family history?"

"Nothing. Just stories about my parents," Harry said confused. Irontooth gave him the parchment.

Inheritance test for Hadrian James Potter

Father: James Charles Potter (deceased)

Mother: Lily Maria Potter nee Evans (deceased)

Godfather: Sirius Orion Black

Godmother: Alice Susannah Longbottom nee Blishwick

Family Houses




Other Honours

Knight of Narnia

Harry looked at the goblin in confusion.

"I thought my mother was a muggleborn?" Irontooth shook his head.

"She descends from a Celtic druid tribe that was famous during the time of Uther and Arthur. They were one of the few peaceful druid clans that escaped the Purges and resisted against Morgana. One legend says that one of the tribes member saved King Arthur in battle once, although we don't know if that's true. Your mother's family magic is in a way…picky, determining who is worthy of having it after the Golden Years of Magic were gone. You see, the Druids relied on the Earth for their magic but as humans kept poisoning the earth, their magic was starting to become twisted and warped until it's what it is today. Your mother was the first person is a few hundred years to have magic. Now, any other questions?"

"Just one. Who are the Peverells?" Irontooth gave a toothy grin.

"Have you ever heard of the Tale of the Three Brothers?" Al three shook their heads.

"When you read it, remember this; the story is true and the Hallows exist." Irontooth turned his attention to the other piece of parchment.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Harry looked at him in alarm.

"What's wrong?"

"Someone decided to play god." With that, Irontooth handed Harry the parchment.

Blocks on Hadrian James Potter

Horcrux (From 15 months)



10% (From Horcrux, age 15 months)


40% (From Dumbledore, age 15 months)


Fire Elemental

100% (From Dumbledore, age 15 months)


Harry was seething at this. Dumbledore just loved playing god. Well, you have to fight fire, with fire. But, Harry was wondering if that's what was making his magic fluxuate so much. Not to mention the fact of how much stronger his spells are. Although, Harry wonders why his fire ability never came through in Narnia. He brushed that aside as he went to more pressing details.

The horcrux was gone and all blocks were gone as well, so everything should be fine, right? Harry looked up at Irontooth, and saw the goblin staring at him.

"Mind explaining how you broke these without the help from goblins?" He demanded. Harry looked at Lucy and Edmund, who shrugged.

"May as well say the truth," he said. Harry looked back to Irontooth.

"The juice of a fire flower." He said shrugging. Irontooth nearly fell off his chair in shock. It was a mythical flower that was said, to be able to bring someone from the brink of death with one drop.

"And where did you get it?" He asked eagerly. Oh what a profit he could make!

"I can't say," Harry said. Irontooth nearly growled at that.

"It's from Narnia." Irontooth stared for a little longer before nodding. He's known of the old legends of the world that humans dismiss. That is, if they even learn about the world.

"Now," he said.

"What about their tests?"

"Can we see the vault first?" Lucy asked. Yes, she wanted the test done, but she also wanted to see what was in her vault!

"Very well, I'll be taking you down there." No one knew of the significance of that and just followed. They walked towards where they came from and turned in a different direction. The marble stared fading and became more rocky. Lucy and Edmund were staring down a black hole with tracks going down it. There was a wooden, rocky cart at the top of the tracks. Edmund went slightly green. Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Come on Ed. If you can ride Griffins, then you can go on this." Edmund looked at his sister with a look, but got in, even though he was shaking horribly. Harry let out a small grin at Edmund's face.

"Not scared are you?" He asked. You can easily here the teasing tone.

"Shut up Harry," Edmund grumbled. It's not his fault he doesn't like rickety things that seem to look like they're about to fall over the rail! Irontooth rolled his eyes at the humans.

"If we could get going?" The three teenagers got in and Irontooth pulled on the leaver and they shot of, straight down the tunnel. Edmund was almost gripping the side of the cart. Harry was grinning like mad at the rush of the wind through his hair and on his face. Lucy smiled at the rush of everything and almost whooped in laughter as they did another drop.

As they went deeper into the depths of Gringotts, there was a waterfall coming up.

"What's that?" Lucy called to Irontooth.

"The Traitor's Downfall. It washes away any enchantments and stops any thieves from coming anywhere near the old family gold." Irontooth explained. The three humans just nodded, although Edmund was trying not to be sick. The water crashed onto them, making them sputter.

"Bloody hell!" Harry cried. He shook his head, trying to get the rest of the watery potion out of his hair. Shaking his head, his eyes started to sting from the speed they were gaining. Lucy chattered slightly, not knowing how far underground they have gone and she was shivering from the cold.

After what felt like forever, the cart came to a grinding halt in front of a vault number '2'

"I wonder who has the first vault." Lucy said. Harry just shrugged, not knowing, considering he didn't even know about the platinum keys. Irontooth stood up and got out of the cart, with the three teenagers just sitting, not knowing if they should get out or not.

"Don't we need a blood test?" Harry asked. He remembered Ron saying something about the old vaults having blood access so no one could steal anything.

"That would be correct, but, as no one knows of the Leon vault, and you being a knight, that gives enough pretence or you to come in."

"I wonder what will happen when he finds out about you two," Harry whispered to Lucy and Edmund. Edmund sniggered quietly at the thought. Irontooth slid a fingernail through the crack and watched as a silver keyhole appeared. The goblin took the key and placed it in the hole and turned. The vault gave a small rumble, as if it was being awakened. Lucy, Harry and Edmund watched transfixed at this. The vault door swung open. They took a closer look and almost fell over.

They stood in front of a huge mountain of gold, books lining the shelves and weapons near the back. Edmund and Harry went straight for the weapons and stared at them in awe. Unlike other family vaults, these weapons don't look ancient and outdated, with hundreds of different weapons. Here, there were closer to about 10 different weapons.

Edmund went over to a sword that drew him in. The sheath was a deep red with gold lining the top and the bottom tip. He drew out the sword and was a bit startled. It looked a lot like the one he used in Narnia and was the perfect balance for him.

Harry found a bow that was a deep mahogany colour and a dark brown quiver full of arrows. Placing them across the back of his shoulder, Harry saw a small sword that was shorter then Edmund's, but looked like it was in remarkable condition. It was a cross between a sword and a dagger, but Harry liked it well enough. He strapped it to his belt and saw Lucy come over.

She looked at all the weapons and saw a dagger she liked. She almost missed the glint of light that came from a small bag of daggers near the corner. She picked them up and bounced one in her hand. The balance was amazing and decide to keep them.

Harry walked over to the books and almost fainted. Some of these texts were priceless! There were texts from Alexandria, the Founder's era, Harry was starting to feel giddy with all the lost knowledge. He took one last glance before noting to come back and grab some.

"Harry," Edmund called. Harry looked over and saw Lucy and Edmund were standing by a small table. Harry's curiosity won over and went over. There were two small orbs sitting there innocently.

"What are they?" Harry asked.

"Not sure," Lucy said. Edmund was reading something and dropped it in shock.

"You alright Edmund?" Lucy asked. Edmund was a little dazed.

"Yeah, fine."

"Well, what did that say?" Lucy asked. Edmund's eyes were shining with some excitement.

"You won't believe me."

"Try us," Harry dared.

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