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As the three humans made their way towards Irontooth's office, Harry couldn't help but wonder if they could ask Irontooth for an instructor in magic that'll have at least four years of a good grounding in Hogwarts magic and its electives, especially for Defence against the dark arts, mostly because of the sporadic teachings. Only third and fourth year had half decent instructors. Harry mostly regrets taking Divination for a couple reasons. One is that it's a useless class and the other is that he's sick of having his death predicted. Harry wished that he didn't take the easy way after second year, mostly because he knew that he could do better, but also because he would get berated by Hermione, Edmund and Lucy, now that they knew what he could do.

Walking into the goblin's office, Harry saw that nothing has changed from the last time they were in. Then again, Harry suspected that there really was no reason for any change as the goblins, although greedy, are also practical in what they need, which is why Harry doesn't really mind them that much. He's just much more weary of them. Going into the office, they all sat down and waited for Irontooth to stop writing. He finally put the quill down after a few minutes and looked at the teenagers.

"Can I help you with anything?" Edmund decided to do the talking since it was his idea.

"Yes. We were wondering if you could possibly help us find our two siblings, Peter and Susan. We know that they have magic in their blood so we were wondering if we couldn't find out if they were still alive." The room was dead silent. Edmund voiced the question Lucy didn't even want to think about. Her brother and sister being dead. Even though it could happen, she still didn't want to think about it.

"You also want to find them." It wasn't a question. Lucy and Edmund nodded, wanting to know if he could. Irontooth sat back, thinking. "Normally we just have the siblings names and nothing else. In your case, you want to know where they are and if they're alive."

"Yes," Edmund said slowly, trying to figure out why the goblin was drawing this out. Irontooth brought a hand up to his face, tapping his chin while thinking.

"Couldn't magical signatures help?" Harry asked as the idea popped in his head. Lucy and Edmund's were amplified, but there should be a couple of common elements that could help narrow down the search because they're all siblings. Irontooth narrowed his eyes slightly at that. It's never been done before, but there is always a first time for everything.

"It could possible work," he said slowly, "as long as they are not pure muggles."

"They're not considering we're siblings." Lucy said. She, Edmund and Harry figured that even if one parent was a squib and the other was a muggle, the children will still have the magic from the squib parent. None of them could figure out why exactly on whether or not the magic gene was recessive and there wasn't enough magic for it to manifest from the squib parent to the child, which is what they think is what happens with muggleborns children. Irontooth looked at the siblings for a moment.

"I need a couple of drops of blood from both of you and a copy of your magical signature."

"How do you get that?" Lucy asked curiously.

"For that, there is a special chamber here in Gringotts to record magic that doesn't have a physical manifestation like blood for example."

"Can we go there now?" Edmund asked eagerly. Irontooth shook his head.

"I need to clear and prepare the room. It'll take about an hour to do though so I would get some shopping done while you're here."

"Thank you Irontooth." Harry said as they went to leave the room. Irontooth went back to his paperwork. As Harry was about to leave the room, he stopped abruptly. "Irontooth, is there anyway for us to get a tutor?"

"For what?" Irontooth asked without looking up from his paperwork.

"For all three of us. Edmund and Lucy need to catch up on at least three years of magical schooling and I need someone who's versed in the pure blood ways," Harry said, making a small face at the end.

"I'll look into it," Irontooth waved him off with Harry taking that as his que to leave. As the three teenagers were leaving the bank, they saw a young man walk and talk with one of the goblins in a language that none of them had any idea of. Looking at each other, Harry just shrugged and kept walking as Lucy and Edmund caught up to him after giving each other a look.

"So," Lucy started. "What are we going to do for an hour?"

"We could explore." Edmund suggested. Harry didn't care that much either way.

"We could if you want. Where do you want to start?" Lucy just grinned.

"Second hand stores." Edmund nearly groaned at that. With Harry's questioning look, he decided to explain.

"Lucy likes going in them and checking out the different things that are in there."

"One man's junk, another's treasure." Lucy quoted. Harry just snorted as he led the siblings into a small junk store near the entrance of Knocturn Alley. The 'Bubbling Cauldron' was a small store, but was expanded on the inside. Very expanded. All three nearly went bug eyed at the amount of stuff inside and shot off in different directions.

Edmund went straight for the books while Harry was looking at everything he could see while Lucy was looking at the old clothes and the jewellery. Some of it was completely gaudy and had a hard time thinking that someone could wear that and go out in public with it, while others were just beautiful. She couldn't help but snicker at some of the robes that were in here and kept wandering down the isle and went past some furniture, some looked like its seen better days while others looked like they're in pristine condition. Making her way to the back, Lucy saw some weapons and couldn't help but cock her head at some of them and her fingers itched to touch one of the daggers.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Lucy jumped and quickly retracted her hand when she saw an old man standing a few feet away from her. "That blade is cursed. Cursed to kill whoever the holder sees first." Lucy turned slightly green at the thought of that.

"Hey Harry!" Lucy heard her brother call. Lucy decided to get away from the creepy man and knife and went over to her brother. She found him holding a couple of books that look like they're about to fall apart.

"What's that?" Lucy asked. Edmund grinned.

"One is an old training manual for medieval soldiers with magic and the other…well, I can't make out the title," Edmund said sheepishly. Harry frowned as he saw the squiggles starting to shift and slowly form letters.

"The art of parcel magic." Harry read. Edmund and Lucy were looking at the cover.

"They're just squiggles," Lucy said in confusion. Harry gave her a look of confusion at that.

"But that's what it says," he said in puzzlement. Edmund's eyes lit up.

"Parceltongue." He exclaimed. Lucy shushed her brother, remembering that they were back in England. "Sorry," Edmund said and lowered his voice. "Remember when you said that you never realized that you could speak to snakes?" Harry nodded slowly, trying to figure out where Edmund was going with this. "Maybe it has a written language like the modern languages." Lucy's eyes went big as the realization dawned on her as well.

"It's parceltongue written down," she said in excitement. "Who's the author?" she asked. Well, more demanded then anything.

"Um…" Harry opened the book and watched as letters formed slowly. "Someone called Scorpius Montrose." All three of them had a confused look on their faces as they've never heard of him.

"I thought that only the Slytherin line had parceltonge," Edmund muttered in a low voice.

"Well, the wizarding world has been wrong before," Harry murmured to him as he straightened up with the book in his hand. They brought the two books up to the counter and was given a weird look when they gave him the book with the squiggly lines on it, but didn't comment on it as it was none of his business. The three left the shop, with Harry and Edmund clutching their books, afraid that someone would steal them.

"Where next?" Edmund asked. Harry shrugged, not knowing where he wants to go.

"You know, it's funny." Lucy commented as witches and wizards moved past them. "We always want more time for other things and when we get that free time, we don't know what to do with it." Harry had to agree with her on that. At Hogwarts, there's usually another test, essay, homework, or trying to figure out what's trying to destroy the school that year. In Narnia, it was with the resistance. Right now, there isn't much to do other then wait for Irontooth to try and find Peter and Susan. And find a tutor. Right now, they're in the lull period of waiting, than it's training, training, training.

Harry was privately hoping that Ron and Hermione will get along with Lucy and Edmund. His biggest worry was choosing sides and the scariest part is that almost knows who he's going to choose. Of course, naively, Harry's hoping that they'll all get long but he also knows that Ron and Hermione doesn't like 'sharing' him with other people.

"-don't you think Harry?" Harry blinked back to the present.

"What?" Lucy snorted at this, knowing that he wasn't listening.

"I said," Edmund started with a long suffering sigh, "do you want to go back to the manor and drop all this off?" He held up his book in his hands and gave a pointed look at Harry's book. Harry and Lucy exchanged a look at this.

"Sure, it'll kill time and we still have a couple hours until we have to go back to Gringotts." They all went back to the entrance of Knocturn Alley and grabbed the portkey. Harry had an uneasy look on his face when he took it. He looked up from his hands and looked into Edmund's sympathetic look and Lucy's encouraging one. Harry took a deep breath. "Peverell Manor."

Lucy doesn't think she'll ever get use to portkeys after picking herself off the floor when she lost her footing on Harry's leg and fell backwards. "I hate portkeys," Harry grumbled. Edmund snorted as he got on his hands and knees.

"Understatement mate. And what is the trick to these stupid things?" he said, grunting as he got up off the floor. After picking themselves off the floor, they brushed off their clothes and started walking down the hall towards their rooms.

"Harry," Lucy started, an idea forming. "Parceltongue is just another language, right?" At Harry's slow nod, she continued. "Is there any way to learn the written version?" Harry had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Possibly. I mean, it shouldn't be that hard, should it?"

"It depends. I mean, the words look English to you but does the individual letters make English words, or Greek? Latin? It all depends on what the letters form if we use English, as it's technically new language compared to some of the other ones used toady," Edmund cautioned.

"Well, we'll find out somehow, won't we." Lucy said brightly. Harry just shrugged as they made their way to their rooms to drop off the books. The boys quickly dropped them off and hurried back. Harry waved his wand.

"Tempus." 15:52 formed in red letters above Harry's wand. "We better be getting back," he muttered to the other two, who quickly agreed, not wanting an annoyed goblin to deal with. They were troublesome in a good mood and none of them wanted to find out what a foul tempered one does. They all left the room when Lucy commented, "we really should find that ward stone." Harry just nodded, not really paying attention to the conversation and were all whisked away back to Diagon Alley, near the Knocturn Alley entrance, making a note in his mind to ask Pinky if she knew where the ward stone is in the manor. They made their way back to Gringotts and climbed up the steps.

"Pevencies?" A gruff goblin asked.

"Yes?" Edmund confirmed cautiously.

"Irontooth is waiting." The three just followed him silently and made their way down the increasingly familiar hallway to Irontooth's office. The goblin said something and a reply followed.

"I have got to learn their language," Edmund muttered to himself. The door opened and were all shuffled into the office.

"Good, we're all here." Irontooth said. He put his fingertips together and leaned forward slightly. "Just before we go to the chamber, you are aware that this has never been done before and may not work."

"We'll take the chance, any chance that we can get." Lucy said quickly. She desperately wanted to see her brother and sister again.

"Very well then." Irontooth said, and hopped off the stool. He walked out the door and the teenagers quickly followed him, not wanting to be left behind at all. They made their way down the hallway where the marble started looking less white and more rock was forming the walls. Lucy could see the crudeness of the small tunnel that they were walking down, with the jagged rocks coming from the walls. She was worried that her siblings have forgotten about her. Susan was already starting to believe that Narnia was just a dream within a year. Surely she would remember it now that two of her siblings were catapulted through time. Lucy was hopeful about that.

The two boys walked in silence of each other. Harry wasn't as worried as the other two, as he's only known the two older Pevencies for a couple weeks, while Edmund and Lucy were their siblings. Although he was privately hoping that it work, reuniting the family with the younger two coming with him when they could've stayed as a family and left him for his own time.

Edmund was hoping to see Susan again. Even though him and Lucy were closer in age, Edmund always saw Susan as a sort of mother figure when his own mother was too busy trying to find a job during the Depression. Then Lucy came and that took even more of her time away from him. He was excited to see Peter too, but more so for Susan. Edmund had to wonder though, if either Peter or Susan had a family. Was he an Uncle? Or did they stay unmarried? One thought terrified Edmund though: what if they didn't want to see them?

"-found a tutor for you. His name is Esmond Ransford. He's a rune master here at Gringotts and would be an excellent tutor for all of you." What Irontooth didn't say was that he was a slight troublemaker as well. After the accident in one of the temples in Peru, Esmond decided to stay in England to help with the maintaining of the vaults and searching for Goblin made items to be returned after their owner died. So far he's recovered a few things, so he's been a promising individual so far but was now wanting to go back out into the field after doing that for about five years.

"When can we meet him?" Edmund heard Lucy asked as they were now passing by runes carved into the rock on the walls.

"In a few days. We still have to tell him." Irontooth wanted to tell the human, just to see the look of shock on his face. Irontooth suddenly stopped, making Edmund stop and the other two run into him and Edmund stumbling forward so he wouldn't fall. They were in front of a par of doors about five feet tall, made out of dark wood with runes carved along the edges of it and a silver metal cast into the runes.

"Helps power the runes," Irontooth said, after seeing the curious looks that the runes were getting. That would be the only thing that the humans would be told. Goblins are very secretive when it comes to their enchantments, wards and mining as wizards from the past have tried to take them by force after being demoted to a magical creature of no intelligence to communicate with the arrogant wizards. Of course, the Goblin rebellions, especially the last one, told the wizards that even without a magical focus, they are no race to be underestimated or messed with. The goblin placed his hand on the door and whispered a word when a couple previously invisible runes pulsed with light.

The three humans backed away slightly, weary of what was happening. The doors creaked open towards them with more light flooding into the hallway. The room inside was circular with twelve torches lighting up the whole room, being a couple feet away from each other. There were stones making a pentagram on the floor, which held Lucy's curiosity. She didn't know what the significance of a pentagram was, but for it to be on the floor of the chamber, it must be pretty important. Irontooth hurried over to another two goblins, who were dressed all in black robes and were whispering to each other. Lucy didn't notice her hands that started trembling until she felt a bigger and warmer hand take hers. She looked up and saw Harry giving her a small grin of encouragement.

"Nervous?" He asked.

"A little." She admitted. Edmund was rubbing his hands together, a nervous habit he picked up from the time he was with the White Witch.

"Hey," Harry said. Edmund turned to see him.

"Everything will be alright." Edmund nodded, not completely sure that this little scheme will work. Irontooth came back to them.

"We are ready." The three teenagers looked at each other; no going back now.


"Miss Pevencie, we need you to step into the middle of the pentagram." The one goblin said while handing her a dagger.

"What do I do with this?" She asked slightly nervously. She still remembers the disaster with Caspian and the unsuccessful (thankfully), ritual to bring back the White Witch and was slightly nervous at this.

"Cut the palm of your hand and let it drop on the floor." Lucy screwed her eyes shut at the thought of her blood being spilt. She wasn't a wimp or anything, but she was not the happiest about using her blood in a ritual, knowing the disasters that can happen. 'You can do this Lu. You are a QUEEN and you can do this.' She thought, trying to not freak out at this. Bringing the dagger up to her right hand, she wanted to hold her breath, but knew that would make it worse.

"Just breathe Lu," she whispered to herself, and brought the dagger down. The stream of blood that came after the dagger touched her skin was shallow and the pain was just starting to come back to her brain as the blood dripped onto the floor. Lucy made a small grunting noise of pain and clenched her hand as it started to throb. She didn't even register what the goblin was saying.

"Lucy!" She was startled out of the blankness by her brother's voice.

"Huh?" She said. Edmund just rolled his eyes at this.

"You need to let your magic go." Lucy had a confused look on her face at that. Harry started speaking.

"Close your eyes," he started with. She closed her eyes. "Try and feel your magic inside you and touch it, bring it out." Harry wasn't quite sure how to do this, other then trying it out himself once in Narnia when he was wanting to try out something that Hermione and him wanted to do for a while but never got around to it. It does take a little bit of time to find your centre and core as your magic comes from there, but patience helps too he found out. He watched as Lucy struggled with trying to find her core and to release it. Once you 'touch' your core, your aura spikes like an involuntary muscle that just reacts.

"Have fun Edmund," Harry whispered to his friend. Edmund just rolled his eyes.

"Oh yes, I can see this being so much fun," he said sarcastically. He was not looking forward to this. Sure, last time it was the finger but the palm…Edmund wrinkled his nose at that. It reminded him of the ritual that he came upon for the White Witch at the How with Caspian. He figures that it'll take a while to get over that though. He turned his attention back to his sister who had a subtle glow around her. The goblins, who were impatient at fist, were working furiously at trying to get her magical signature. With the combination of her blood in their hands and her magic in the air, they had an anchor for the magic in the blood as they both belong to her. They started to chant and the runes around the pentagram were starting to glow as well. The two boys looked at each other as this happened, not knowing just what was suppose to happen. The glowing started to intensify and Lucy still didn't open her eyes as this happened. The boys started to squint as the light got brighter and nearly cried out in pain as the glow suddenly flared up and died down. Harry was just seeing spots now and kept blinking in vain, trying to get rid of them. He saw Edmund shake his head out of the corner of his eye and guessed that he was trying to shake away the pain of that flare.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Edmund demanded. Harry wasn't too sure and stared at Lucy, who looked quite drained. Her hands trembled slightly from exhaustion and looked ready to pitch forward. Edmund rushed to get her when Harry grabbed the back of his shirt.

"What are you doing?" He hissed.

"You never go into a ritual area without it being magic free." Harry explained quickly. He remembered Hermione talking about that when she was going through her runes book this past year.

"We have to wait until Lucy comes out?" Edmund asked in disbelief. Harry merely nodded at that and Edmund slumped at that. It took another few minutes for Lucy to come out of the pentagram with the goblin's permission and Edmund squared his shoulders as his sister stumbled out of the ritual circle.

"Much more tiring then I thought," she mumbled as she sat down on the ground. She barely registered that Harry sat down beside her as she leaned into him, taking a small nap. Edmund went through the exact same procedure but it went faster this time as he knew what he was doing this time. By the end Edmund knew how his sister felt. Tired, drawn out, and like he just led a major battle that lasted hours with no rest. He pretty much stumbled out of the ritual circle and landed in an ungraceful heap beside Harry and the sleeping form of his sister. He looked up with tired eyes and saw two small patches of glow that seems to be glowing a silver colour.

"Is that our magic?" Edmund asked tiredly as he gazed towards the now empty pentagram as the goblins started to clean up.

"I think so," Harry said with a frown as he wasn't sure. They all waited until one of the goblins came, as the doors were shut and had no way to get back to the surface. Edmund was nearly asleep when he heard footsteps coming.

"Lord Potter, it's time to leave." Harry just nodded and shook Lucy awake. Lucy grumbled and moaned but Harry wouldn't stop.

"Alright, I'm up," she grouched. Blinking, she saw the dark chamber. "We're leaving?" She asked. Harry merely nodded and helped her up. She stumbled when she noticed the numb feeling in her ankle. "Damn it," she mumbled, knowing that it'll hurt in a few minutes. "Foots asleep." Edmund winced at that, knowing how painful that it. The goblin opened the doors and led them to the surface.

"How long until we know about this?" Harry asked. Irontooth had a thoughtful look on his face.

"We'll send you an owl Lord Potter. I'll give you the contact information for your tutor and will arrange a meeting in the next few days." The three teenagers all nodded in acknowledgment at this and headed towards the smooth marble walls of the surface part of the bank. "I'll see you in a few days Lord Potter, Lord and Miss Galoris." He gave a small bow to them and left. Harry looked at the other two.

"Come on, let's go home."

How's that for being absent for a while?