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There weren't any other words to describe this situation. They were stuck—in deep sh*t, people might say.

And that was true.

"I've reported back to MI6. They said that while they are searching for a new safehouse, we'll have to keep on high alert. Alex doesn't leave our sight anymore. Furthermore, I've dropped the remnants of the camera at HQ, Smithers will analyse it."

"I've gotta check on Alex," Fox said, getting up from the chair and leaving the room.

Wolf felt his phone vibrate, and he answered it.

"Royal and General Bank requires your presence here in Liverpool street immediately with some issues concerning your bank account. A car will be sent—"

"I'll drive," Wolf cut in, ending the conversation.

"We better go, Mrs Jones has some news for us," Wolf said to his teammates.

"WOLF!" Fox came hurtling down the stairs, screaming, crashing into Snake, sending the two of them toppling to the floor.

"Wolf…Alex…he…he…" Ben muttered incoherently, trying to get a hold of himself.

"Fox, report!" Wolf barked. Fox immediately straightened up, hands snapped tight by his side.

"Charge is missing. Window cut out...Wolf, he's gone!" Ben cried, collapsing to the floor, trying to hold in the flood of tears pricking his eyes.

"After trying so hard to pull him back to a normal, he gets kidnapped! What did he do wrong to get this life!" Ben yelled, pounding the floor with bare fists.

Wolf stared at Ben in shock. Snapping out of his trance, he raced up the stairs and ran straight into Alex's bedroom.

Everything was intact. No messed up sheets, no torn books or papers, nor were there toppled chairs—absolutely no sign of struggle.

It was as though Alex had made his bed and went out.

The one only difference…

The window was cut out neatly.

In a squeal of tires, the five men arrived at Royal and General Bank. All five were dishevelled, and equally exhausted.

They stepped into the lift that went up to Mrs Jones' office, and went into the office without knocking the door. Mrs Jones and Smithers were sitting at the couch, analysing a blueprint on a laptop.

"Ah, you're here…" Mrs Jones sighed. She was rather fond of Alex, but that boy was a trouble magnet…definitely a Rider.

She had received the news of Alex's kidnapping, and was absolutely furious. However, she had ruled out SCORPIA to be behind all this. MI6 had tracked SCORPIA and gathered intelligence on them—they were lying low and recovering from the failed operations, and they had signed the terms given by MI6 to keep away from Alex, to protect the boy from further involvement in espionage.

Smithers stood up and waddled to the door. "Gentlemen, if you could follow me to my office…"

I'm surrounded…it's too dark…what am I supposed to be seeing? I know I'm awake…but I can't see my hands…I can't feel them. Am I blind?

This silence…deafening silence….too horrible…Am I deaf?

Am I dead?

Open your eyes, boy…open them…

I've opened them…

Do you like what you see…

No…no…let me out…no.

Let's drive you off the edge of insanity…shall we? Bathe you in darkness…

"We've constructed a 3-D model of the supposed camera…it was supposed to look like this…" Smithers flashed an image on the screen.

A metal scorpion badge with a camera hidden at the front stared at them. Wolf was reminded of the cracked lens at the front.

"This is a SCORPIA-issued badge for their assassins. A camera is hidden right at the front, and can be activated by whoever who holds the control. SCORPIA uses it to track their assassins. The badge is similar to a tracker, and is able to move around when controlled by a user. In other words, whoever was controlling the tracker is able to gain knowledge and entry to the safehouse. They probably learnt about the designs of the safehouse and thus are able to get into the house without a problem."

"Why…why did Alex have the badge?"

"Due to some…issues, Alex had gone undercover in SCORPIA during his mission. I'm surprised that he didn't dispose of it…"

Ben was quiet. He was a relative silent man, but his silence had meant another thing this time. He bit the inside of his cheek and thought carefully…Where…had he seen the badge before…

"Uh, Ben?" Alex caught hold of Ben's shirt sleeve, flushing a little. He didn't know how to catch Ben's attention properly.

Ben turned around, staring at Alex's hand, which held his shirt in a loose grip. It was such a small childish action, but Ben gave a small smile. "Yes?"

"I...I just want to ask...what...what are these?" Alex dug into his pocket, retrieving the dog tag and badges.

Ben noticed the dog tag and the MI6 badge first. He closed his eyes and gave a sigh.

"I'll have to tell you a very long story if you want to know about them..." Ben started.

"Oh. Okay then..." Alex cut him off, and tucked them into his pocket.

"You don't want to know?" Ben asked, surprised.

"My instincts told me no, not now."

Alex had shown the badge then! Ben didn't really notice it…but there was this other badge that was lying on Alex's palm…

"Damn!" He cried, startling the rest of the people in the office.

"I saw it…I saw the badge...but I failed…failed to notice…"

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