Chapter 1: Sis is Back

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Chapter 1: Sis is Back

Sakuno was running from the teacher's lounge after school with a big smile on her face. She started running twards the regulars, freshmen trio, and her best friend Tomoka.

She was excited. She was so excited that she didn't even stutter when she talked. She went twards the two closest people, Eiji and Tomoka. "Tomo-chan, my sister is coming back from America!" Sakuno said louder than anyone thought she could be. "Really?! Kya!" she cheered. "Shy-chan is back ~nya!" Eiji chimed.

The rest of the group had different reactions on the news that Sakuno having a sister. Momo and the trio had their mouths agape and eyes wide, Fuji had his eyes opened and was sadisticly smiling, Oshiai was reay to faint, Inui's pencil broke, and Ryoma, Tezuka, and Kiado all had their mouths a little open and eyes a little wide.

"Si-Sister?" Momo was able to utter being the first one to snap of the shocked position. "Hai!" Sakuno said as she turned and saw everyone staring at her and blushed a deep crimson. "N-n-nothing." She said just to be washed out by Tomoka's voice.

"She's not just her sister, it's her twin sister!"

"It's been forever since I saw Shy-chan!" Eiji whined. "WHAT!" EVERYONE BUT Ryoma and Tezuka yelled "You know Sakuno's twin?" Oshiai questioned "Yeah, h-he used t-to babysit u-us l-last year." Sakuno confessed

"Sheyenne and Eiji-senpai w-were good f-friends" "Is there anything else we don't know fssssss~?" Kiado questioned raising a brow, "W-well she also p-plays t-tennis."she said rubbing the back of her neck."

"She's actually really good! People used to call Sheyenne and Sakuno the Twin Princesses of Tennis! They were great doubles partners!" Tomoka praised. Everybody was a little surprised about the 'Tennis Twins' part.

"When's she coming back nya~!' an overly excited Eiji questioned while glomping Sakuno. The Ryoma's eye twitched a little. 'Why does Eiji-senpai hugging Ryuzaki bother me, it's none of my business any way' then suddenly, he wad brought back out of his thoughts by her voice.

"Well she s-said she would be back at l-least t-tomarrow." "WOO-HOO!" everyone but Ryoma, Sakuno, Tezuka, and Kiado cheered. Sakuno flinched from their sudden outburst.

"W-well I have to go. You g-guys still have practice, r-right?" they all nodded. "O-okay, bye." She explained and walked home to prepar dinner.

The next dayeverything was pretty normal. Sakuno and Tomoka were at the boy tennis team's morning practice and the guys were practicing. (obviosly)Then at the front gate a person with a grey baseballcap with a pikachu on the front, a dudes T-shirt that said 'Bronx Zoo' and a tiger on it, black shorts that reach below the knees with a chain on the right side, white rubber tennis shoes, and a tennis bag on their back that had 'R.S.' engraved on the bag.

"So this is Saigaku!" the person said. "Kya! He's so kawai!" a girl within a group of girls said not to far away from the person. "Eh?" the latter said while turning their head twords the group of girls with a clueless expression. "Kya~!" they exclaimed runnuing twords the person.

"AAHHH!" the person yelled while sprinting twords the school grounds.

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