WOW: fool. Spoilers for 5.08 - Changing Channels. T Rating and warning for naughtiness involving chocolate.

Okay, I've written a drabble that involves chocolate and Dean; two of my most favourite things in the world. Is it any wonder it kind of got away from me? I'm going to use the excuse that it's Easter weekend and it's also my birthday weekend, so I'm allowed a bit of indulgence!

It's not just Sam that ends up appearing in embarrassing commercials. A story in four individual drabbles.

Disclaimer: don't own them, and that's not likely to change anytime soon.


Chapter 1

Having seen Sam made to look a complete fool through his Herpexia ordeal, Dean was somewhat dismayed to suddenly find himself sprawled luxuriantly in a deep marble bathtub.

Immersed in champagne, he was covered with a scattering of crimson rose petals, and in the subdued lighting, the warm glow of a dozen chocolate-scented candles flickered and danced around him.

The softly melodic strains of Satie's Gymnopedie floated across the room, played by expert fingers on distant harpstrings.

Dean irritably flicked away a rose petal that clung to his damp chest, and glanced around himself.

"What the freakin' hell … ?"