Hey, so I'm back. It took a while, but here it is. This one won't be a regular upload schedule. It mainly serves to buy time, or get out some ideas that I think of for the characters. Also, if the skits have a lot of Emil in them, that's probably because he's my favorite character, and I honestly can't write anything without putting him in the scenario. I will try to balance the characters out, however, Emil may be getting a lot of screen time, whether as the main focus, or as a supporting character.

Warnings: Possible signs of spoilers for Tales of Symphonia 2.

Richter, Emil, and Marta

Marta glared from a distance as Richter and Emil left to go on another private mission alone together with the Descender. Ilia was also watching and sighed as she approached the girl.

"Really...Richter and Emil seem to go off on adventures a lot together."

"You think so too?" Marta immediately turned to the red-haired gunner, eyes filled with barely hidden curiosity and jealousy. "Lately, Richter's taken an interest in Emil, and I don't know what to do," she sighed, dejectedly. "I mean, Emil seems happy, and I don't want to think Richter's a bad person, but...sometimes, when he looks at Emil...It makes me so...so...Ugh!"

Ilia let out another sigh, rolling her eyes. "I honestly can't understand what's gotten you so worked up. It's just a training outing, and also, the Descender's with them, so it can't be considered a date either."

"I know...it's just...irritating, to see them so close together. Especially when I catch Richter looking at Emil with pained recognition, or when Emil wakes from a nightmare and immediately looks to Richter when he thinks I'm not looking."

"Well, it's not like I don't understand…" Ilia muttered to herself.


"Nothing!" Ilia stated. "Anyway, it's probably nothing to worry about. Especially not with the lovey-dovey atmosphere you two exude everytime you're together, whether it's with company, or alone."

Marta nodded, a reassured smile on her face. "Yeah...Yeah! Emil is mine and mine alone! I won't lose to anyone, not even Richter! Emil is my Prince! I won't give him over to anyone!"

And with that final outburst, Marta skipped off to her room, no doubt preparing for Emil's return, as Ilia watched, annoyed but glad Marta is back to her usual, peppy self, and went to go talk with Ange.

Welp. That was a trip. I was originally going to write about Emil's food carving again, but couldn't find a good plot, and settled for this one instead. It includes other characters besides Emil, although he is still mentioned. But I consider this a win.

Anyway, thanks for reading!