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Skit 2: Fear Awareness Club

Warnings: OOCness …

Yuri: *sigh* (deadpans) Hello everyone and welcome to the Fear Awareness Club aka FAC. In this club we will admit our fears and talk about the best way to keep them in check and face them. Che, why am I the one to do this thing?

Estelle: Well, because you're the only one available.

Yuri: Fine. My name is Yuri Lowell what's yours. Make sure to state your fear also.

Estelle: *sigh* oh, Yuri. My name's Estellise but you can call me Estelle. My fear is getting hurt and hurting other people.

Guy: My name's Guy. I have Gynophobia. BAD.

Yuri: ok…Next!

Asbel: My name is Asbel. My fear is losing the people I care about.

Ruca: um…I have a fear of Iria.

Everyone in the Room: *stare~*…

Ruca: …what?

Yuri: Never mind. Moving on.

Raine: My name is Raine Sage and I supposedly have Hydrophobia.

Karol: I admit, I have a fear of monsters, dark places, ghosts, heights, and bugs.

Rita: … I have…a fear of… heightsghostsandlosingEstell e.

Yuri: …*whisper*Finally! Ok! Now that we all have broken the ice, please come back tomorrow.

Rita: WHAT?! Are you saying that this whole day was just for introducing ourselves?! UNBELIEVABLE! Yuri you stupid IDIOT!

Guy: that's it?

Yuri: yup. I'm gonna go out to see if any monsters want to come out and play! See ya tomorrow! Repede! (leaves the room)

Everyone: …

Karol: well that's Yuri for ya.

Rita: I can't believe him! What a battle maniac!

Estelle: Was he really that bored?

Ruca: Well, since there's nothing we can do, why don't we go back?

Raine: You're right. Everyone, let's go!

Everyone: ok!

The End

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