Hey! So this is my first Merlin story! this is just a sort of thought I had while watching episode 3x01 of Merlin. Enjoy! :)

Arthur POV-

The knights and I have been searching for my dear man-servant for almost two hours now. Where could the idiot have gone?

Earlier that day, I had gone barging into Gaius' Chambers, demanding for Merlin to get his ass out of bed and actually get some work done today. Gaius looked worried and said that Merlin had been missing for two days now. I immediately rounded up some of my best knights and set out not too long after.

"Sire", Leon said, mentally shaking me from my thoughts.

I looked around and found we were in a clearing. Not only that, but there seemed to be a person in the middle, rolled on their stomach.

I put my hand up, signaling for my knights to heed while I checked out the mysterious man. Climbing down off my horse, I slowly walked towards the figure, noticed that he was bound tightly in silver chains, and seemed to be gasping for air.

As I kneeled down in front of him, I also noticed the thorn from the tail of a Serket stabbed into his mid-back. I quickly pulled it out, for it was deadly poisonous, and rolled the man onto his back.

Startled by the sight, I jumped back and gasped, "Merlin!"

Merlin just muttered, "Ar-thur," slowly in response. He was very pale, and indeed gasping for air. I tried to pry the chains off him, but they seemed to only get tighter.

"Ma-gic," Merlin uttered quietly.

"Magic?" I repeated uneasily. Merlin merely nodded. "Merlin, who did this to you?"

"Mor-gouse," he breathed out.

"Morgouse did this to you? God I hate that woman. It's okay, we're going to get you out of here." I turned, and just as I was about to order a knight to help me, I heard Merlin.

"No Arthur."

I swirled back around to face him. "W-what do you mean?"

"Not enough time." He spoke slowly.

"No," I shook my head in detest, "N-no. No, no, no. We'll bring you to Gaius, he'll help you."

"Listen to me," Merlin stated, blood now pouring from his nose. "You are the Once and Future King of Camelot Arthur," by now, all the knights had gathered around, "You are destined to bring magic back to Camelot and unit the kingdoms of Albion."

"But-," I started, but was cut off by Merlin.

"Shut up." the knights and I chuckled. Even when dying, he still finds a way to make us laugh. "I know you will be a better king than Uther, and I k-know-" Merlin suddenly coughed up a spurt of blood, "that you will treat the people of Camelot with more respect than your father ever has."

There were now tears welling up in my eyes from the words Merlin just spoke, and from how much he seems to believe in me.

"I-I n-eed to tell you something Arthur," Merlin said, looking slightly worried.

"Okay," I nodded.

"I'm a-" Merlin swallowed, "I'm a warlock."

My eyes widened. Feeling somewhat betrayed, I said, "N-no. You-you're just Merlin!"

"Arthur, please listen," I nodded, "have you ever heard the name 'Emrys'?"


"Yeah. Apparently he's the most powerful sorcerer around here."

"I-I am Emrys." Merlin stated, looking into my eyes.

Not wanting to believe him, I exclaimed, "Don't be ridiculous Merlin!"

"Let m-me show you." Merlin looked around. Suddenly his eyes glowed yellow and, not too far to my right, a pile of leaves was set on fire as if by... magic.

Stumbling backwards, I caught my breath, and couldn't believe the sight before me.

Merlin is a Sorcerer!? I thought to myself.

I managed to get out, "Merlin!?"

"I'm s-sorr-" But he never finished his sentence.

Confused, I looked at Merlin and saw blood coming from his mouth. He was even more pale than before, and his body started shaking violently.

All too early, the shaking stopped and my man-servant's body went limp. I watched in horror as Merlin's eyes rolled back in his head and Merlin's breathing came to a halt.

"M-Merlin!" I yelled, grabbing his chained body and trying to shake him awake. "Merlin wake up!" But he did not.

Each knight kneeled down before him, bowed their heads and quietly uttered a series of prayers.

I let the tears from my eyes fall and land on Merlin's face.

Even though he may have been a warlock, Merlin was still my best and closest friend. In fact, he was my only friend, and now he's... gone.

I screamed and yelled to the sky, "Morgouse you will pay for this!"

After the knights and I dug Merlin a grave and said our farewells, we headed back to Camelot, depressed and without speech.

We were going to find Morgouse, and avenge Merlin, one way or another.

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