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Arthur POV: (3 years later)

"Merlin! Stop pulling on the horse's tails! You know they don't like that!" Quickly making my way over to the little blonde haired boy playing in the stables, I picked him up, setting him on my hip and looked at him.

"I thought Gwaine was supposed to be taking care of you?"

Reaching up, the young child grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked. I chuckled, prying his hand away from my head. He started to pout and bring his hand back up, when his face brightened as he looked somewhere beyond me.

"There you are!" Gwaine's voice bellowed.

I turned around to see the night striding towards us.

"Princess Junior decided to run off on me when I was talking to Lancelot." He laughed as Merlin tried to escape my arms. "The little rascal."

Merlin pushed on my arms. "Down, Daddy! Down!"

I set him on his feet and he raced towards Gwaine, gripping his leg, and giggling as he swayed back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"Maybe next time we should leave him with Percival. Or better yet, Elyan; He is his uncle after all."

Gwaine waved his hand off at me, tickling Merlin's stomach which caused him to let go of his leg and fall to the grass in a fit of laughter. "Don't worry Princess. It'll be fine."

Chuckling to myself, I made my way back to the castle.

After I'd become King, I'd allowed magic into Camelot. Lancelot had returned to Camelot along with a friend, Percival, upon hearing of Merlin's death. So had Gwaine. They'd both been devastated.

I'd made Percival, Gwaine, Lancelot and Gwen's brother, (my brother-in-law), Elyan all knights of Camelot that year. Ever since, they've been the best knights, along with Leon, that Camelot has ever seen.

Merlin was turning one next week.


The atmosphere of Camelot hasn't been the same in three years; Not with Merlin gone. A couple months after we had gotten back to Camelot, Morgana and Morgause had attacked. They'd taken the castle and gotten to the King. Ever since I'd told my father about Morgana's betrayal, he hadn't been the same. He'd kept to himself and avoided contact with others as much as he could, staying in his room unless there was an emergency. Morgana had left Camelot with out a lady and the King with out a soul. It was like the life had been drained from him. He wouldn't sleep, he'd barely eat.

Once Morgana and Morgause had come with an army of thousands, they'd taken Camelot with the first hour, throwing myself and my father into the dungeons.

We'd been in there for a week, and the whole time I'd been praying for Merlin's promise to be kept. For the Dragon to come and protect us; To save us.

And he did. I'd been in my cell when I heard the screams coming from the courtyard. I'd looked through the barred window to see him soaring through the air, circling the kingdom. I'd wanted to warn the people not to attack, but I couldn't.

"Morgana Pendragon!" He'd called. "Show yourself!"

Morgana had exited the castle, along with Morgause, hurrying down the steps.

"What is the meaning of this!" Morgause had yelled.

"Give Camelot back to its rightful King. The throne does not belong to you, Morgana Pendragon. Nor will it ever."

"Leave, Dragon!" She'd cried. "You are not welcome here!

The Dragon had laughed. "It is you who should leave. Or you will face death."

The two priestesses had laughed.

Screams had erupted from the castle entrance and in had walked about a hundred druids.

"Leave Morgana Pendragon. Leave Morgause."

Morgana laughed. "Never! I am the Queen of Camelot! You cannot make me leave!"

She'd stumbled back as a druid aimed a fireball at her. "You have no right to the throne, Morgana Pendragon."

Out of nowhere, a group of druids had run forward. Morgause killed some, but some had gotten past and to Morgana. They produced a sword and stabbed her, saying that it had been forged in a dragon's breath. She'd screamed a horrible scream as she'd fallen to the ground. Morgause had gripped her sister's dead body and they'd disappeared.

A few months later, Morgause had returned and killed the King as revenge for Morgana's death. The Dragon had then come and killed her, but that did not lessen the damage she'd already done. The King had died.

It had taken months for the kingdom of Camelot to recover from its unexpected loss. I'd taken the throne not long after and had married Guinevere a few months later.

Within a couple years, we'd had a child. A baby boy with curled blonde hair and caramel skin. We'd both known what to name him. Merlin. It was the perfect name. After someone we'd both cared about deeply, who hadn't deserved to die the way he had.

Every year since he'd been gone, Gwen, the knights, Gaius, our son and I had gone to Merlin's grave on his death day anniversary to pay our respects and make sure he knew he would never be forgotten. Ever.

Shaking my head from my thoughts, I found myself at Gaius' chambers.

Gaius looked startled to see me, and hastily stood up. "My Lord, what brings you here?"

I blinked, unable to understand why I'd come myself, but took a seat nonetheless. "I don't know." The old man had taken his seat again.

My gaze drifted towards the door to Merlin's room. No one had used it in the past three years. "I miss him, Gaius."

There was a sigh. "I do too, Arthur. I still expect to see him exiting his room every morning, and sometimes find myself preparing two meals, rather than one."

I felt sympathy towards the Physician. Gaius had been the closest to Merlin. Merlin had been like a son to him. After he'd gone, he'd taken a piece of Gaius with him.

George has been my servant for the past few years, but it's just never the same. I always expect to wake up to Merlin's annoying, "Rise n'Shine." But it never happens.

At first I'd refused to have another man-servant, but after a while, the knights had convinced me, telling me I was horrible at doing everything myself.

"Camelot will never be the same without him," I stated, still staring at his door. I hadn't been in his room since the day of his funeral.

Gaius replied, without looking at me. "No, it won't."

We celebrated Merlin's first birthday with the whole of Camelot, having a big feast the night of, filled with entertainers, his favourite food and some sorcerers, (at his request, because he loves it when they make mini fireworks sprout from their fingertips.)

Now, a few weeks later, we were on our way to Merlin's grave in the outlining forest once again.

I rode at the front of the group, Gwen behind me little Merlin sitting in front of her, followed by Gaius and the knights.

We rode in silence, as we always did, unable to speak as we all remembered our dear friend.

Upon reaching his grave, I jumped off of my horse, along with the others, and slowly made my way towards it.

This is the only time each year that I allow myself to cry, and by now, the tears are already following.

"Merlin..." I whispered, as I stood before the grave.

The others circled around it, most shedding tears as well. The blonde haired boy just looked around the forest curiously while in his mother arms, while trying to catch a butterfly.

"You were a great friend to all," Leon stated.

Gwaine snorted. "You just had to leave me with the Princess, didn't you?"

We all laughed.

Gaius took a deep breath. "You were the son I never had m'boy."

"You helped me achieve something I shouldn't have gotten, when you barely knew me. And you entrusted me with your deepest secret. I am forever grateful." Lancelot's voice was quiet.

Percival always came, but never said a word, because he didn't think it was right since he never knew him.

"You helped take care of my sister while I was gone, and I am thankful." Elyan smiled at Gwen, who smiled in return.

"You were a great friend Merlin, I'll never forget you," she smiled at the ground.

Little Merlin's head shot up at his name, but after nobody spoke for a moment, rested it on his mother's shoulder.

I closed my eyes for a moment before speaking. "You were the brother I never had and you were always there for me, even if you were a prat."

"Says the Royal Prat himself."


It couldn't be.

We all whipped our heads around at the sound of the voice we all knew so well, (except for Percival.)

It was.


He smiled that smile I'd missed so much.

"Long time, no see."


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