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Arthur POV-

As I regained consciousness, I looked around the room and saw brick walls, sacks of flour, mice scurrying around, and what looked like a cell door. Instinctively, my body shot up and I leaped to my feet. I was in a jail cell with a tiny window near the top, giving me just the tiniest bit of sunlight. I ran to the door and shook the bars all the while yelling, "Hello! Is anybody there?"

I heard laughing in response and swiveled my head to the right. Appearing out of the dark, misty shadows was Morgause.

"Morgause..." I grumbled under my breath.

"Arthur Pendragon, long time no see. Oh, but where is your precious friend? Ah, but it doesn't matter now does it? After all, he was just a man servant." She smiled wickedly.

"I'll kill you!" I screamed, trying to reach her throat through the bars.

She threw her hands up and body suddenly froze. "Ah ah ah, that wouldn't be nice now would it?"

I struggled against the magic placed on me, but could not succeed.

Where am I? Where are the knights? Have they noticed my absense yet? How long have I been here? Questions kept flooding my mind, while I glared at Morgause.

"Now sleep dear Arthur. Sleep." She waved her hand once again, and I felt my self falling into a peaceful slumber as I hit the ground.

Leon's POV-

As Sir Gordon and I returned with the fire wood, I felt that something was wrong. Looking around, I counted to make sure everyone was there.

Sir Gordon,

Sir Frank,

Sir Merek,

Sir Gregory,

Sir Frederick,

Arthur... where was Arthur?

"Where's Arthur?" I questioned.

"He went on a walk about ten minutes ago," Sir Merek stated.

"He should be back by now..." I muttered to myself. "Sir Frank, come with me. We're looking for Arthur." I stated.

He nodded, placed his equipment on the ground, and followed me out of the clearing. We saw a set of footprints that must have been Arthur's, and followed them. After a couple minutes, we reached a cave. Looking at the ground, I saw multiple footprints and it was hard to make out which on belonged to the King. Sir Frank and I ran back to camp and yelled, "Arthur's been kidnapped! Pack up camp!"

They all looked shocked, but quickly put everything away. After everything was packed and ready, we headed back to the cave, and followed the trail of footprints.

Arthur POV-

After I regained consciousness, once again, I found that I had been moved. I was now in big chamber of some sort, filled with paintings, towering glass windows and a throne in the middle of the room. I stood up and looked around for Morgouse. She was standing by the door, and started slowly making her way towards the throne.

"Ah, so our hero finally awakens," she stated as she sat down.

I ran towards her, but was immediately frozen for the second time today. "Now, now, my dear Prince, what did I tell you early?"

I just glared daggers at her, completely ignoring the question.

"Anyways, I have a special surprise for you." She smirked. "Come in."

As soon as the words left her mouth, the door opened. A figure came in; I could not make them out at first, for they were in the shadows, but eventually saw them. His black hair as messy as usual, wearing his blue shirt and brown jacket, followed by his red neckerchief... was Merlin.

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