Among The Living

by Slam'in Burst

Chapter 1: Memories & New Students

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Koaru's Pov.

I'm an outcast. It's as simple as that. I'm a monster among humans (If they found out what I am) and a freak among vampires. That's what happens when you're a mistake. I'm the only half vampire alive, or should I say 'half' alive.

Well, I have black hair that goes just above my shoulders with a neon green streak on the right side neon-lime green eyes. I'm wearing green and black jordans, a black unzipped hoody with a lime green guys shirt that says 'Dare me', and black shorts that go below my knees with a chain on the left side covering almost all of my skin. The sun can't kill me like other vampires, it just gives me some serious scars if I'm exposed for more than six hours.

I just wish I could meet someone like me, then I wouldn't be as lonely. Don't get me wrong, I can take care of myself just fine but when you grow up living with a human mother and vampire father and see them die right before your eyes when you are 5, it kinda messes you up a bit.

I was a little traumatized I'll admit, but who wouldn't be. It made me feel like I was alone in the world.

But, to think they died because they were in love and had me. That was the worse part. The killers said my punishment was to live.

Well now I'm still in New Towns Vill (Weird name right?) and I still go to school. Well, I know I'm a tomboy and play a lot of sports and am the best athlete in the school, but having my own fan club of 'GIRLS' that's just messed up. They actually think I'm a dude! That pisses me off.

Very few people actually think I'm a girl when we first meet. The first people to ever find out by their first look at me were these two girls I met when I was 7.


I was walking in a park wearing jeans, a hat, and a lime green tank-top when I started to here some faint crying. I walked twords the sound. As I got closer they got louder, I was able to tell that it was more than one person and they were girls.

I finally found my self at a large oak tree. I walked to the back side of the tree and saw two girls about my age. One had orangish-red hair tied with a large red bow that put it into a pony-tail, it looked like it went down to her knees and she had on a pink spaghetti strap dress with a white flower designs on the bottom with flip-flops on. The other girl had golden-blond hair in twin curly pig-tails and was wearing a white tank-top and a blue skirt that went to mid thigh and sandals. They both hugged their knees to their chest and hid their faces in their arms.

I walked in front of the two crying girls with an emotionless face and said "What's wrong?" with a little worry in my voice. They both snapped their heads up at the same time with tears streaming down their faces. "ONEE-CHAN!" they both screamed as they hug/tackled me. I fell on the ground.

"W-what are you d-doing?! I'm not a hugger." I said with a little sweat drop on my head. "We're scared!" the blond sobbed "Can you stay and talk to us please onee-chan?" the redhead pleaded while sniffling.

"Okay." I let out a defeated sigh, then I realized something "Did you just call me onee-chan? Does that mean you guys know I'm a girl?" I asked face still emotionless but eyes flickering with a little astonishment. Both girls looked back with confusion "*sniff* O-ovcourse " pinky (my nick-name for the red) said "How could we *sniff* not?".

I shook my head "Sorry pinky. It's just that I'm used to people mistaking me for a boy." I replied giving a small smile. "Why are you guys so scared?" "O-ou-our moms and dads l-left two hours ago and o-only aunty and d-daddy came b-b-back." the blond stuttered. At first I didn't know how to respond, then I said "Well, I'm sure they will come back soon. First of all,why did they leave, what did they look like when they came back, and what are your names and age?"

"They left saying they had unfinished business to 'take care of'." The blond said more calmly than before sitting to the right of me. "When they got back they both had ripped cloths and some boo-boos." "What about your names?" I asked "I'm Momoko Akuzumi (not so sure if I spelled that right.) and I'm seven and a half." pinky said. "I'm Miyako Gotoukuji desu, nice to meet you.I'm six and a half." the blond said. "Okay, I'm Koaru Matsubara. Now, go home and go talk to them. I bet everything swill be okay." I said giving them one of my rare smiles.

"HAI!" they both chorused giving me a big toothy grin. Then ... I noticed something, they both had two little kinda sharp canine teeth on there top row of teeth like me.


They left that day and I never saw them again. I always worried about them and wondered what happened to them.

"Okay class. We have two new students." my home room teacher said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Please introduce yourself." she asked. What I saw caught my attention and made my eyes wide.

"Ohaiyo, I'm Miyako Gotoukuji." a girl with golden-blond hair in two curly pig-tails, a baby-blue tank-top with a white long-sleeved crop top that said "Love" in rainbow graffiti (not sure how to spell that), a black skirt that goes to her mid-thigh, and black platform sandals said quietly giving a small smile.

"Hi, I'm Momoko Akuzumi." a girl with orangish-red hair in a pony-tail held by a big red bow, a pink dress that went to her knees, a black jean jacket that went to her elbows, and brown high heeled boots that go half-way up her calfs said coolly also with a small smile.

"P-pi-pinky, blond girl?" I uttered under my breath surprised.

No one seemed to hear me, until I saw the girls turn their heads towards me and go wide-eyed and gasp. Then, they had huge smiles on there faces.

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