Among The Living

by Slam'in Burst

Chapter 4: Rising Danger and a Dark Truth

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No Pov.

Koaru was walking towards the orphanage that she lived in when her ear twitched in annoyance. 'Why does it feel like someone is fallowing me.' She thought. Koaru stopped and pulled out her baseball cap and pulled it on, making all of her hair go up in it.

She kept walking and heard foot steps coming closer and closer to her. She suddenly stopped and the said person fallowing her bumped into her and fell to the ground. Koaru turned around to see a boy about her age with the same color hair as her in gravity deifying spikes and a forest green streak on the right side.

He seamed about 5ft 11in, the same hight as her, with a muscular build and pale skin. His head was down, so she couldn't see his eyes, he was wearing a pair of black and forest green Carmelo's, black pants, and a dark green graphic T.

"Why were you fallowing me?" She growled out through clenched teeth. The mysterious guy stood up and dusted himself off, to her surprise, he really was the same hight as her. He smirked at her when she saw his mischievous forest green eyes. "Well, I was about to ask you for directions." He stated in a husky voice.

Koaru glared at him and said "Direction's where." He seamed to think for a bit and then said "I'm trying to get back to my house. It's next to this kinda big place called the New Towns Vill Orphanage. Do you know where it is?"

"Yeah. That's where I'm going anyways. Just walk behind me." Koaru grumbled. The guy smiled and stuck out his hand to her " Well I'm Kia Jojo, you?" He said. "Koaru." She stated plainly turning around and walking, leaving Kia sweat dropping.

He stared to walk behind her and after five minute, they finally got to the front gate of the orphanage.

Koaru pointed over to a large black house to the right of the orphanage and said "That's probably your stop."

Kia smiled and clapped her on the back "Thanks for the directions dude." "NEE-CHAN!" screamed out a little girl's voice, making Kia jump while Koaru just let out a rare smile. A six year old girl with bright blond hair in a French braid and light gold eyes wearing a cute green dress ran at them and jumped at Koaru.

She caught her and held her on her hip. Kia looked like a fish out of water with his gaping face. "W-w-wait. You're a chick, not a dude?" He asked very confusedly.

She smirked at his reaction and pulled off her cap. "Yep. 100% chick here." She said gesturing to herself.

The blond tapped Koaru's shoulder to get her attention after quickly glancing at Kia curiously then said "Lady Dimai is really mad you weren't here and doing all of the chores when she got back and she said you're in a lotta trouble."

Koaru let out a tired sigh and set the blond down. She crouched down in front of her, trying to make sure Kia wouldn't hear and failing in the process. "Okay Gem, go round up all of the children in the orphanage and bring them all up into my room. Keep them in there until I come and get all of you and tell you it's okay. I'll be in the house once you open the curtains of my room, got it?" Gem nodded, Kia heard every word.

Gem ran into the house as she left a stoic Koaru and curious and confused Kia.

Koaru turned towards him and said pointing at his house, "It'd be best if you go to your place. Now." She growled out the last word. Kia just put up his hands in surrender "Easy killer." He teased. He looked towards the orphanage and then back at her "So I assume you live here."

Koaru glared at him menecingly (A/N: Sorry! i can't spell for my life!) and said "Yeah, and say away from all of us." "Okay." He replied smirking.

He watched as she looked up towards where the attic would be as curtains opened up. She started to walk into the doors as he went to his own home. Totally unaware of what was awaiting the tomboy next door.

*The Orphanage*

"YOU LITTLE UNGRATEFUL BRAT!" yelled out a high-shrill voice of anger as a woman with shit-brown hair(A/N: NO OFFENSE TO BRUNETS, MY BRO AND BFFs ARE BRUNETS!) and silver/grey eyes and tan skin slapped Koaru across the face.

Koaru barely even moved from the impact of the blow. Suddenly, Dimai pulled out a small pocket knife from her jacket and shoved Koaru into the wall where a stray nail was sticking out of the wall and pierced through her clothing and arm.

She flinched and clenched her teeth at the searing pain in her bicep as Dimai dragged her arm down the nail until it was an inch or so from her shoulder.

"Do what ever the fuck you want to me, but if you any of this shit to the other children here, you're as good as dead bitch." Koaru growled out at her.

Dimai just laughed as she threw Koaru down to the wooden floor and Koaru just let her. She got down and sat on her legs, holding both wrist to the floor, "Don't you ever talk to me like that again you little bitch." Dimai spat out "You're worth nothing to no one, got that. And you still don't get it do you. You're my little toy, nothing will change that. The other children aren't as interesting or old enough to play with, for now." she purred.

"Why you little-!" Koaru was cut off by Dimai "Ah, ah, ah. They still will never be as entertaining as you." she purred again.

She lifted up Koaru's shirt to look at some of her handy work. There were many scars and bruises littering her belly and other parts of her body. She took the blade and slashed a cut onto her right cheekbone.

Adding an other wince on Koaru's part. "Now let's see if we can get a scream come out of you." Dimai smirked.

Dimai kept cutting, lashing with a whip, and beating her with many things and eventually got a loud scream to erupt from her lips, but that was the only scream to come out besides grunts, winces, flinches, and groans of pain.

After Dimai became bored and left to get a manicure, not before telling her to clean up the blood and making dinner for all 16 children, including herself and the one baby.

Koaru, glad that she took her shoes off at the door, took off her bloody socks so she wouldn't track blood all through out the place. She then limped a bit up the stairs to the attic of the three story building, which was her room.

She heard the loud sobs of about every child up there. She put on her brightest and most genuine smile she could muster even though she had blood in her hair, streaming down her forehead into her left eye, and staining all over her. She opened the door to the awaiting 15 orphaned children.

A 12 year old named James started to close the curtains that faced the large black house to the right. As he did, Koaru saw Kia sitting on his bed looking at the window for a brief moment.

She let that image dissolve from her mind as she had all the children except the baby and a 10 year old named Yaya who held the baby but also cried, gently hugged her and cried on her.

Koaru comforted all of them and then changed, made food for everyone after dressing her wounds and feeding the baby formula, helped them with their homework along with her own, and put every one to sleep with a lullaby called "Sweet Angel". As she was leaving the last room, which happened to be Gemineye's/Gem's, when a soft voice stopped her, "Why do you let her do this to you?" Koaru turned back towards Gemineye's bed and crouched down next to her, looking into her innocent eyes.

"You could easily defend yourself from her or beat her to a pulp, but you don't. Why?" Grmineye asked with worry and seriousness in her light gold eyes. Koaru just gave her a true small smile and told her, "I do it for you, for all of you. You guys have gone through enough pain in your lives and you don't need anymore of it. You know, sometimes I think you're a little to smart for me."

Gem looked at her with sad and remorseful eyes and questioned her, "You have gone through the same thing as all of us, maybe even worse. So why do you have to still hurt?" Koaru's smile turned a little bitter sweet and she replied with sadness, "I was born just to feel pain and take away the pain of others. That's my purpose on this earth."

Whispering a goodnight to a shell shocked Gem, Koaru kissed her forehead and went to her room to sleep.

*Earlier in Kia's Room*

Kai was laying down thinking about his new neighbor living in the orphanage next door and about how she smells totally different from anyone else he's ever met when he jolted up from a sudden loud scream.

He looked for the source of it and ended looking out of his window to the left at the orphanage.

When he did, he saw about 14 children and one baby huddled up together on the floor of what he assumed was Koaru's bedroom, considering it was the attic that the curtains opened up from. They all sobbing very loudly that he could hear it from his room.

Suddenly, their cries started to die down a bit as it seemed they heard something from the door to the right. All of the children looked at it as the handle started to turn.

As the door opened, a boy with blue hair happened to notice Kia looking through the window and decided to close the curtains. Before he could, Kia saw the bloody face and hair of Koaru and a bit of her bloodied cloths as she stepped into the said room.

His eyes widened with shock. Before the curtains fully closed, his eyes met with Koaru's one normal lime green eye and the other like green eye with blood flowing around it.

When the curtains closed, Kai was stuck with one question in his head, 'What the hell is happening next door!?'

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