I got the random inspiration to write this one-shot when I changed the end to one of my stories :-) but the one shot is extremely sad. I hope you like it!


"Hey, Eliza! Do you want to play video games?" Michelangelo chirped.

"Sure," Eliza mumbled sadly. She picked up the video game controller and sat down on the couch. Eliza looked down at her hands, HUMAN hands. She was the only human here. Eliza lived in the sewers for her entire life, living with four mutant turtles and a mutant rat. The other three turtles were just getting out of a training session with Master Splinter. Eliza once tried training in ninjutsu, but she had no skills and failed.

"Hey, Mikey, did you eat my pizza?" Raphael screamed from the kitchen.

"No, ask Leo!" Mikey obviously lied. Eliza hated pizza. She thought about the disgusting tomato sauce and gross cheese on top of doughy bread. Just thinking of it made Eliza sick to her stomach.

"Mikey, I have to go." Elizatold him asShe walked towards the bathroom.

"Mkay," he mumbled cheerfully as he got up and walked in the opposite direction. Eliza felt outcasted by their lifestyle. Once she got into the bathroom, She shut the door and locked it behind her.

Eliza looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her frizzy brown hair stuck in many different directions and her brown eyes looked tired. Eliza had never seen another human in her life before. She had no idea what a normal human looked like. In fact, She's never gone up to the surface at all. All of these years she was forced to stand in a carousel of agony, spinning around and around endlessly. She was tired of being an outcast, feeling so unwanted, so alone, and she couldn't take it anymore.

It started with a sob, and then one tear after another fell down her pale face. Eliza knew she was crying, and she couldn't help it. Eliza didn't want to exist anymore. She wanted to just curl up and wither away in the wind. Eliza was furious with herself, She was furious with her life. Eliza's hands balled into fists, and with one swift movement she shattered the mirror.

A feeling of relief washing through her as the horrific shards of glass fell to the ground. Eliza felt a malicious grin slowly creep its way across her face, but a loud rapping on the door startled her.

"Eliza, are you okay?" Leo yelled from the other side of the door. His voice seeped worry into the room. Eliza didn't answer, and the knocking became a loud pounding.

"Eliza, please answer me!" Leo's voice got louder.

"Eliza, can you hear me? Please say something!" Raph's voice added into the mix. Eliza knew she couldn't go out there, into the shame, and prove she was weak. Eliza looked around the bathroom and eyed the bathroom window. She ran to it, and shattered the glass with the heel of her shoe.

"Eliza!" Leo screamed at the sound.

Eliza didn't look back at the door. She focused on running away. The window was barred, but she slipped through with ease because Eliza was extremely thin. The window looked out at the surface. Eliza crawled and wiggled her way up. Eliza found herself in an empty alley. She had no idea where she was, or what this place was. She stood up as the sound of cracking wood echoed through the night. Eliza knew Leonardo broke down the bathroom door, and they'd be on her trail any moment now.

"Eliza!" The turtles' voices wafted throughout the alley. Eliza spun around and sped down the dark streets. Eliza would never let the turtles find her and imprison her in her own agony again.

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