Welcome to my story, hope you enjoy-trixsbyme

Deze's POV (pronounced dezzy, and …=Me Dead)

WORST DAY EVER. My dad grounded me and that means I stuck in My Pit for One Week, in the Underworld, which means Aunty M is on duty. Uggg! Celbry will have to wait for that new stick I bought for each of his heads from Upstairs(FYI that means Above Soil, or the Mortal World) I wish I could DIE. But since my dad is the Pit essence(not armpit mind you), I can't. Even if Zeus were to kill me. Grrr. At least my pit has a garden more intoxicating than Persephone's!... Sorry about the wait Persphone forced me to eat one of her pomagranites but as soon as it's out of my system, I'll turn her into a WILD ONION. ("I heard that darling", "I KNOW, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TOO") Anyway I'll tell you about my Family tree.

… Hera killed me for a second there.

One Week Later:

Finally I can . Fine Dad I'll go to camp Half-blood, even though they won't accept me, and Dad, No Dating Gaea While I'm gone. ground signs. Come on dad you know she'll use me, anyway bye, I'll Dig a pit at the beach to live in.

At the camp

Oh My Word, you're so cute little dragon!, What's wrong are you trapped here? Ohh, You're guarding the fleece. I'll Leave you a friend to Play with. Celby! Come up here and play. Pelvus, Please don't kill her.

" Hellhound!"

"Someone Get Chiron and Percy"

"Save the little 9-year-old"

Are You crazy? I'm not nine, First off, and Second off, if you harm a hair on Celby I will Kick you into tartarus myself.

"OK what's the Problem, Maybel, oh... Nevermind I see the problem"

I roll my eyes and stop. Would you put the Sword away you're scaring Pelvus' new friend!


Come on Einstein, can't you see they like each other, or are you blind. ANNABETH don't you stab... her. You're dead Blonde.

"Try me, little Girl" says Annabeth

I scream" Dad will you please send aunty Medu up here, with her sunglasses and hat"

The ground rumbles and Annabeth stiffens as she senses someone she and Percy had fought back when they were twelve. Percy pales, with the same feeling. just as Aunty Em poppes up.

"hi sweetheart, you needed me?" Says Aunt Medusa

Yes, I meant to ask you this before I came But will you grab my darts, Arrows, bow, dagger, and Sword from my Pi... room?" "Sure sweetie I'll bring them up" she disappears then reappears,"oh do you want your pen dagger or just your dagger?" "Both please, and thanks" then I walk over and give her a kiss," try not to turn anyone to stone when you drop them off K" "Sure sweetie, but what about thooose two" NO, this place is supposed to be safe, not stone-turning" Fine sugar, I'll wear my glasses" Tell dad I love him" Alright try not to kill yourself, Oh HaHa, Kill yourself. Priceless" then Aunty Em is gone. I turn toward Annabeth" So about that Duel..." Nevermind, newbie, I'd probably just end up killing you" "Sure you would, sure you would, and Chiron you left a YOU KNOW WHAT in your tail" then I enter camp.

end of chapter one.