Gilly POV

I HATE MY LIFE! My Mom(Medusa) Never Let me out of my pit(room) even though she KNEW that I knew a girl my age was next door. Well no more I say. I'm going to run away and bring my baby telekinesis with me! That night I wrote a note to my mom saying I was fed up with being trapped in that pit, I decided to go to camp Half-Blood a place my dad, Tartarus, told me about. He was satisfied I was finally going and he kept my secret from my mom, even after I teleported there.

At the Camp

I breathed in the fresh air and rejoiced. I'd been in that Pit my whole LIFE, I'm not exaggerating here. Almost immediately my mom appeared, She looked MAD. It was so satisfying to see, I danced up the hill and past the barrier. After I came through, a girl who looked a lot like me walked over and said "how did you make Medusa mad? Auntie is almost never mad"."Aunty? Ohhh your the person from the Pit next to mine". "How do you know about that?","I grew up in my room/Pit and She" I jerked my thumb behind me,"My mother never let me out, Ever". "Never", "Never". "Wow", "Yeah Wow". "I wish I had known you, we could have had fun together". I paused before answering "Yeah, we could have. Hey you want to meet Tele?" "Sure, if you'll meet Celby." "Sure I'd live to."

After meeting Tele and Celby:

After I met Celby and recognized her as a baby Cerberus We went to Chiron. A satyr was there and he looked puzzled as I walked in, the satyr muttered"She smells a little bit monster a little bit mortal". The Horse dude in the wheelchair said "welcome to camp half-blood." I replied "Hi, Chiron, Yes I know your the famous hero trainer, a centaur, and I know the gods are real." the dude looked genuinly suprise. I said(in Ghost)" Don't look so suprised, I come from below waaaaaaaay below.

End of chapter three

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