A/N-I've decided that while I can come up with some good ideas the planning and follow through doesn't come with the same zeal as the ideas themselves. So here are ideas I've come up with for your viewing. Use them for brain food entirely or in bits and pieces, all i ask is that if you do right something along these lines you let me know so I can read it. I've listed this as a SG1/HP crossover as that is what the majority of the fics are. Also i came up with these mainly at school on my free time (HA!) so most aren't exactly A+ material. That is all!

Story Notes

~Male (MC) 11 years old in 2008. Fan of manga/anime (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece), fanfiction (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Harry Potter) and Sword and Sorcery (Conan, Dungeons & Dragons) books/games. Avid student of Greco-Roman History.
~~After seeing how meditation helps/aids protagonist by gaining/controlling powers, decides to try it. Uses Transcendental Meditation.

~2009~ Ruins discovered in Antarctica. Estimated 2-4 million years old. Estimated to belong to a advanced civilization due to unknown metals used and methods they were used in.

~2010-2011~ Rise in disappearances and mysterious deaths world wide. Deaths stop in December 2011.
~~At the same time archeological study of Ancient ruins commence.
~~Also MC sees rapid improvements with meditation (better memory recall and understanding).

~January 2012~ Scientists spot the formation of the largest sunspot in recorded history. estimated time of critical mass is 3-5 years.

~February 2012~ U.N. meeting called to decide what to do about sunspot.

~March 2012~ Large comet sighted using Hubble telescope. Estimated to pass Earth in January 2013 by less than 500,000 miles.

~April 2012~ Texts found in ruins similar to ancient Persian texts.

~May 2012~ Cult suicide in Wyoming. 192 found dead.

~June 2012~ Texts partially decoded and translated. Ruins found to be an alien outpost abandoned at the start of a war. Second war within 1000 years.

~July 2012~ Suicide rates raise 5% world wide.

~August 2012~ ?