~OC/SI goes to bed one night and has vivid dream caused by Ascended (more like Q than Ancient)

~~ascended asks if they had a chance to make a difference in the SGverse if they'd take it

~~~(maybe) is asked if they could have tech from on race from another (non-SGverse) reality what would it be

~~~~Examples include Precursor, Andromeda, etc.

~~wakes up the next morning as goa'uld queen

~~~genetic memory is blank except for all goa'uld technology including Anubis upgrades, Ra's staches locations, Sodan cloak and weapons (i know the cloak isn't really goa'uld but i like it (can be replaced by Nirrti's cloak)), Kull armor/weapons/warrior

~~~Also know Goa'uld language

~~creates third faction (Goa'uld, Tok'ra, New faction)

~~~be like Tok'ra and choose willing hosts or use clones (latter preferrable)

~~~~can gentically engineer host if clone

~~MUST either fight goa'uld or help other races hold off/fight goa'uld

~~~maybe make free race alliance?

~~~Maybe seed some worlds with humans and leave them to grow? and recontact them when advanced enough?