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I promise I tried to push this idea to the back of my mind while I'm still working on Choices. It's been nagging at me all day and I figured why not let it out. This story is going to be very different from my last ones. I usually don't make Nessie such a prominent part of my stories but you'll see why she's important once everything gets started. Enough of my blabbing… here is the start to my new story, Dream Catcher. Enjoy.

Leah rubbed her swollen belly as Jacob flitted around the kitchen cooking breakfast. Leah laughed as Jacob hit his head on the cabinet above him.

"What's so funny," Jacob asked, grinning at his pregnant wife.

"You trying to cook a simple meal. It's just bacon and eggs, calm down," Leah replied. She chuckled when she saw Jacob drop an egg on the floor. He cursed under his breath as he tried to pick it up with his fingers. "Let me help you before you burn the house down."

"No, no, no. You sit down and take a load off your feet," Jacob said. He placed his hands on Leah's waist and forced her back down to her seat. "Your feet are huge baby."

"Hey!" Leah playfully smacked Jacob on the arm, earning a quick apology from him. "It's your fault I'm like this anyway."

"Oh it is huh? I believe you were the one who jumped my bones," Jacob said, wiping the egg from the floor. He huffed when the egg continued to slide out of his hands.

"Jake seriously let me do that," Leah pressed, standing up once again. Jacob rushed to her side and placed his hands on her waist.

"Leah have a seat before you over work yourself. I don't you hurting yourself or my son," Jacob said, kissing her stomach. "Sit." He said again when Leah tried to protest.

"Ugh, I'm pregnant not disabled. Geez," Leah sighed and plopped down on the chair. "Hurry up with our breakfast before me and Jayden starve to death."

"Order up ma'am," Jacob kissed Leah's lips and turned back to the stove.

Three months later everything turned for the worst. The Volturi was coming back for Nessie and they had written the Cullens a letter explaining that they were interested in the next Alpha too. Although shape-shifters were vampires natural born enemies, the Volturi was interested in having a 'guard dog'. Alice was blinded with a shape-shifter being involved in the plan so no one knew when they were coming. The sooner Nessie and Jayden were protected, the better.

"So you're telling me I have to leave my pack behind? Jacob that's some bullshit! I'm co-Alpha, it's my job to protect this tribe," Leah yelled as Jacob told her the plan. "And why do I have to babysit the demon spawn leech? I didn't sign up for this shit when I joined you." Leah paced back and forth with Jayden nestled in her arms. "This is why they should have left a long time ago. Tell me why you allowed them to stay again?"

"Would you just calm down and watch your mouth in front of him." Leah covered her mouth when she realized she had cursed in front of the baby. Jayden looked back at her with wide eyes.

"I'm sorry Jay." She kissed his forehead and he cooed. "But don't you think this is a bad idea? I can't…I can't leave you behind to fight these leeches alone. I'm your wife, your mate, and your partner in this pack. I'm not going. .period." Leah rolled her eyes as Jacob opened his mouth to speak.

"I'm also trying to protect our son Leah." Jacob threw his arm around her shoulders. "Those bastards aren't laying a finger on my child."

"But why can't I help? You know I can help too and Nessie can protect herself. Hell she's half vampire, I'm sure she can protect herself. Jay can stay with my mom," Leah added.

"No he needs to be completely out of harm's way. You can come back right after it's all over, I promise." Jacob kissed Leah's forehead before kissing his son's.

One month later

"I can't believe you're making me do this," Leah pouted. She wiped the tears that were rolling down her cheeks and threw her arms around Jacob's neck. "Please keep me updated on what the hell is happening."

"Don't cry baby, everything will be fine." More tears rolled down Leah's cheeks as Jacob kissed her cheek. "Take care of my son okay? I'll send for you once this is all over."

"I should be here with you fighting those bastards," Leah replied.

"Leah it's time," Alice announced.

"Don't you see I'm trying to tell me husband good-bye," Leah snapped. Alice simply smiled and closed the door to the limo. "Why do they have to do everything big?" Leah asked, referencing to the limo awaiting her.

"I love you so much. I promise you everything will be okay. Let me tell Jay bye," Jacob pecked Leah's lips and walked over to the limo. Jayden grinned and babbled as Jacob picked him up from his car seat. "I'll see you later little man. Take care of mommy for me okay?" Jayden giggled. "Okay you should get going Lee. I love you." Jacob captured Leah's lips with his own.

Leah broke away and pulled Jacob in for one last hug. "I love you too. I love you enough to do this stupid shit."


"Sorry. Stupid stuff. I better go before I change my mind. Tell my mom to stop freaking out and I'll call her when I get where ever the hell they're sending us. Bye Jake."

Jacob grabbed her hand. "It's not bye, it's see you later." Jacob pecked Leah's lips one last time and helped her in the limo. He strapped Jayden in his seat and closed the door. He tapped the top of the limo and it pulled off. Leah peaked out the back window as her pack and the Cullen's waved.

"Here goes nothing," Nessie said.

"Yep," Leah replied.

There's the prologue for you guys. The next chapter will have a lot more detail about what the hell is going on. Thanks for reading!