Hey ya'll! I tried to give you a few days to get your questions and comments in before I began answering. I'm thinking the last of them have come in!

BTW I messaged everyone who messaged me and posted their comments/questions just in case you haven't favorited the story.

Thanks for reading and all your support. I know a lot of you have been asking so I will go ahead and announce...THERE WILL BE A MINI SEQUEL TO DREAM CATCHER! It will only be about three chapters long but that's enough to catch you up on what the characters have been doing since the end of Dream Catcher.

I will answer the questions/comments that were in the comment section first:

wreckless angel chapter 18 . 15h ago Wait... That's the end? I'm confused about why Jayden left? How old is he? Shouldn't he have had more respect and love for his mom than to leave her behind? I'm confused as to why he's mad at her. I thought it was a good story but i'm confused about the ending.
Hi and thanks for reading! Jayden grew up without knowing much of his family and when he came home he didn't think he belonged. Jayden is pretty messed up and of course doesn't think clearly. Yes it was wrong wo leave like that but he thinks he has a right to so he can find himself as he put it. We'll see what happens with him in the sequel though. :)

LilenaFour chapter 18 . Jul 30 Honestly this is the worst blackwater story ever WTF

Well I'm sorry that you thought it was the worst blackwater story ever. We all have our likes and dislikes, right? Thanks for reading though. :)

brankel1 chapter 18 . Jul 30 Loved it. wished Jake & Leah had gotten back together.
Hi and thanks for reading! They could have if it wasn't so much baggage. Let's all blame Angela for that one. lol

Guest chapter 18 . Jul 28 i waited all this time and i gotta say i'm kind of disappointed. unless theres gonna be a sequel?

Hi and thanks for reading! I apoligize for the wait but school comes first and it was a doozy this semester. Sorry you're disappointed and yes there will be a mini sequel.

DarkBeauty21 chapter 1 . Jul 28 I like the ending but I feel like it's not over. I mean Leah is just going to leave? And what about Angela? She gets to ruin everyone's lives get people killed but still gets Jacob and a baby? I just feel like something is missing

Nope, it ain't over til I say it's over. HAHA! Yes, Leah left sadly and Angela...we'll see what happens to her in the sequel. :) Thanks for reading!

Guest chapter 18 . Jul 28 It was an okay ending, but I feel like Angela didn't get her just deserts. To me she still got everything she wanted and Leah got nothing...
Hi and thanks for reading! No, Angela didn't get everything she wanted. Remember Jacob pretty much hated her guts in the end. :)

Firefly-class chapter 18 . Jul 28 Well, I could not see this ending any other way. La push wasn't Leah's home anymore and it really wasn't ever Jayden's. Leah's pack, family and husband betrayed her and now they have to deal with the consequences.
Jacob lost his wife and his son, all for a selfish imprint that played him all along. I am not sure if I am remembering correctly but is the baby even his? Ha, that would be the ultimate irony. Poor Embry deserved better, hell the whole pack deserved a better alpha than Jacob.

I was surprised Bella refused to feel sorry for Naomi. Edward obviously is not who she thought he was...that could have been her...Bella could not even empathize. It is kind of indicative of the selfishness she displayed in the books and in this story. In my mind, Naomi haunts Edward for the rest of his undead life.

This was an emotional journey. In my mind, Jayden and Leah are headed for great things and the Cullen's and most of pack deserve to have to suffer the consequences of their choices. After all the hiding for 13 years to protect the next alpha...Jayden left and probably won't ever return. I am sure the spirits would be proud...smh.

Thanks for finishing, i honestly forgot all about this story. well done.

Hi and thanks for reading! Leah really didn't have anything left in La Push so it's hard calling it home. The pack and Jacob both have some more maturing to do honestly. Maybe then they will recognize their faults and accept them.

Beautiful77 chapter 18 . Jul 28 Yes u r horrible for making us wait so long lol jk. It was good! I'm glad u didn't make Leah and Jacob and the evil wench lol friends. R u gonna make a part 2 on the kids and Leahs life? If not it was a good way to end it. Good job!
Hi and thanks for reading! Oh God no they could never be friends! LOL And yes there will be a part 2!

hgmsnoopy chapter 18 . Jul 28 Happy to see an update of this and as sad as this time is for Leah - and Jayden - at least they have the hope of new horizons and a chance to create a new life for themselves.
Hi and thanks for reading! Yea while it's very sad they both will be happier away from LaPush. There was no way I could make them stay there and it seem realistic.

Inosolan chapter 18 . Jul 28 Definitely the realistic way for this to end. Jake had destroyed too much to get it back. What happens to Leah in the end? Does Jayden use his wolfside?
Hi and thanks for reading! I couldn't write it any other way. I would feel horrible if I wrote a happily ever after for them. Just didn't work in this case. There will be a mini sequel so you can catch her ending in that. :)

Apocalypse owner chapter 18 . Jul 28 I'm sad it didn't ended up with a happy ending, but I'm glad that its different then the rest. I really didn't see anyway to put the broken couples back together but at least they didn't end loathing each other.
Hi and thanks for reading! It's a happy ending in an odd way. No they didn't get back together but at least Leah and Jayden can finally leave La Push.

Now I will answer the questions/comments I got in my messages:

Was Angela really pregnant with Jacob's baby? Will they stay together now that Leah is gone? Or, still separate but he takes care of the child?

What happens with the pack,? Do they now get rid of Jacob as Alpha?

Does Jayden ever reconnect with Leah? Will Jayden become Alpha of a new area?

Does Leah find a new love? Will she have more children later?

Feel free to post my questions on your final follow up post but I hope you can send me the answers as soon a s possible. Even if only partial because you didn't plan out the story line that far.

Hi! Thanks for reading by the way!
I'm thinking about writing a follow up story in a one-shot or three chapter story. It won't be anything long so I don't bore you guys. LOL! I can't give you definite answers but I will say this...

Angela is pregnant for real. I toyed around with the idea of having her fake a pregnancy but I threw that idea out. Will her and Jacob stay together? At this point he doesn't want much to do with her but in the future they may work something out but who knows. She took part in destroying his family although he imprinted on her and hid her from Leah. Jacob did say he didn't plan on staying Alpha forever but they haven't kicked him to the curb. I think everyone is still trying to figure out how to piece their lives back together.

Jayden does find his mommy and reconnects with her! He feels like she's all he has and vice versa. He wouldn't leave her forever but he knows he needs to find his purpose in life. Remember he was away from his family most of his life so he doesn't feel like he has an identity.

Hmmm Leah may find her a new love. She's an attractive female who has a good heart. There could be someone out there for her.

Thanks for reading again and look for something new here soon. I want to have it all written before posting anything! :)

I liked your story. I felt bad for Leah. Does she get a happy ending?
Hi and thanks for reading! We'll see what happens in the sequel.

I don't care if you post my questions. Here they are. I'm curious. 1) Will there be a sequel? 2)When is Angela going to reap what she sowed? It looks that the witch won. Jacob and Leah are getting divorced. He is estranged from his son. Jacob cannot be rid of her completely because of the baby. 3)Is the baby actually his and is Angela still in love with him. I hope he doesn't take the bitch back. 4)Is Jayden and his dad ever going to bury the hatchet. He may have done wrong, but I'd like to think one day Jacob and Jayden could have some relationship 5)Where's Rebecca? 6) Does Jacob truly love Leah it seemed like he was hesitant when it came down to choosing between her and the bitch 7) Is leah going to find her own imprint. If she cannot be with Jacob I want her to have a actual happy ending. I know these are alot of questions but I'm curious lol

Hello! Thanks for reading! :)

Yes there will be a mini sequel! I'm working on it now. I don't want to ruin the sequel for you but Angela won't get off totally. *evil laugh* lol You reap what you sow. And Jayden won't be able to stay away from his dad forever so they will talk. Will it be good or bad? I won't tell you that. Rebecca is still around and you'll hear from her in the sequel. Eeek, I don't want to ruin it for you but I hope you're happy with my half answers. LOL! You guys are making this so hard for me because I want to tell you! haha And don't worry, Leah will find a way to be happy. :)

Thanks for reading again and I can't wait to get the sequel posted! It will probably be about three chapters long.

Yes!:) I have a few questions though. Is Angela going to get the happily ever after she wants at the cost of Leah and Jayden? She gets Jake's child and him in her life because of it. I hope justice catches up with her. I dont want Jacob to fall into her crutches, imprint or not. I hope him leah and jayden can bury the hatchet one day plus how will the pack feel toward her even if she is pregnant (supposedly with jake's baby)

Hi! I thought I answered your message but I guess I didn't. lol Angela...we'll see what happens with her in the end. HAHA! I'm working on the sequel right now!

Thanks for reading!

I think I got everyone! :) Thanks for reading again and the sequel should be posted soon.