Wanted to do something for Easter, and this is what I got. Enjoy!

Jack sat up in a tree, watching kids run around in Burgesses annual egg hunt. Bunny had really pulled out all the stops this year, to make up for the Easter Pitch had ruined.

This past year had been different for Jack. After three centuries of solitude, he had been thrust into a group and told to play nice. There had been good times and bad, lines had been crossed by both sides. But slowly, carefully, the Guardians had grown into a family.

Sure, there had been setbacks. However, everything always worked out in the end. Jack had learned about the others, and they about him.

One year. One year since he had gained believers. One year since he had become a Guardian. One year since he had last brought a blade to his flesh.

That was one thing the others didn't know. Jack didn't ever remove his hoodie, so no one ever most of his body. It was a secret he intended to keep.

Easter was a time for new beginnings. An although last Easter hadn't started too well, the experience had given him a family, friends, and hope.

And with that thought, Jack flew down to join the children on the ground.

This could become a oneshot series, with some encouragement. And suggestions! Lots of suggestions! Well, see ya!