He walked down the hall, alone. Surrounded by people, yet completely isolated. No one really cared about this boy.

His arms were bare for the first time in years. He had thought someone would see, would maybe ask about the scars, but no one did.

Jack walked into his last class, yearbook. This was his favorite class. Here, people noticed him, and talked to him. Plus, it was way freer than other classes. The teacher, Mrs. Toothiana, was standing by Sandy, another student who was sorting through some photos.

"Hey Mrs. Tooth!" Jack said, waving.

Mrs. Tooth turned and smiled. "Hi Ja-" She stopped and her mouth dropped. The mug she was holding fell from her hand and shattered on the ground. After a moment, she rushed over and caught his wrist, turning it over and revealing the scars that led up his forearm and into his shirtsleeve. "Jack… your arms."

Aster came out of the closet-turned-business-office and asked "What the- oh." He cut himself off as he saw what was going on. "Jack…"

Jack flinched. Aster never called him his real name. "Hey Kangaroo."

Before Aster could respond, the bell rang. Nick, an older boy with a beard, rushed in. "Sorry Mrs. Tooth, I was looking for… ебать."

Well. This was quite a scene. Mrs. Tooth holding his arm seeming close to tears, Sandy standing close behind her with a disbelieving expression, Aster looking like he was in shock, and Nick muttering Russian curses under his breath.

Aster was the first to recover.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"That depends on what you think it is." Jack said evasively.

Sandy, though he couldn't speak, decided to step in. He stepped forward, pointed at Jack, and made a slashing motion at his arm.

"Yeah, but what does it matter? No one cares."

They all seemed taken aback at this. "Jack, we care. We're your friends." Tooth stated gently.

"Yeah mate. You can talk ta us." The Australian smiled. "Yer like the annoying kid brother I never had." Jack pretended to take offence at that. Soon, everything was back to normal.

Except, when Jack wasn't looking, they all met each other's eyes. They nodded and went to work. But they all agreed, they were going to watch out for Jack. He was theirs, and no one would hurt him.

He wasn't alone.