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~*~*~*~*~* start~*~*~*~*~

Iris, Nell, Milagro and Lian walked along to their car parked at the end of the street. The heat was horrific and most of the girls were clad in vest top and shorts. They jumped into Lian's jeep and Irey squealed when her bare legs hit the burning leather.

" Lian you could have parked under a tree, in the shade or something," the redhead whinned. Lian's smirk was visible in the rearveiw mirror, which quickly turned into feigned horror.

" And get my baby covered in leaves? Fat chance miss fleet feet," Lian laughed.

" You got A.C in this thing?" Nell asked as she fanned herself with a magazine she'd brought along with her " I'm dying"

Lian turned the A.C on full blast and opend the windows to let some cool air fill the car. The girls sighed in relief and Lian started to drive.

They drove out to everyone's houses in turn and collected their bags and suitcases. Since Lian had more space, they had taken her car so she already had her things and the boys had taken Chris's seven seater.

Irey was the first stop and since Jai had already left they didn't need to make room for another person.

Next was Milagro who only had a few bags and then they headed over to Wayne Mannor to meet the boys and collect Nell's things.

The boys were still attempting to shove everything in the trunk of the car and Chris still had at least two holdalls under his arm.

The girls clambered out of the car. "Come on Damian put your back into it!" Irey shouted. Damian turned and shot her a glare "I have been for the past hour," he shouted back, wiping his brow of sweat from the effort. Who would have known, he kicked ass for a living but it was going to be suitcases that defeated him.

"You know, instead of busting your ass whilst shoving your suitcases into the trunk you could have easily used the spare seats in the back of the seven seater, since there is only four of you," she emphasised with a grin. Damian mentaly slapped himself as he realised that the speedster was right. The rest of the team laughed at his defeated expression.

Damian removed his suitcase and walked over to the door of the car, opening it and almost throwing his stuff inside, followed by Chris's things which were passed to him. He turned and bowed at Irey. "Happy now, west?" He asked.

" Yes. Yes I am," she smiled. The boys took up their seats in the car and once they had everything sorted the girls did the same.

They had to drive to the airport but thanks to Damian...everything was paid in advance and they were going private first class.

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