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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Two years later)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

" Dami are you ready yet?" Irey called up to her boyfriend. Damian appeared at the top of the stairs tie in hand.

" One second Beloved," he said as he tied the yellow tie around his neck.

" Well come on, we're gonna be late for the JLA New year party," Irey whinned.

" Correction," he said decending the stairs. " we shall be late, but fastionably so," Irey reached up and smothed out his coller and straightened the tie, that matched her dress.

" people will get the wrong Idea," she said pulling him closer. Damian chuckled and looked her up and down.

" From the way you look who could blame me," she smacked his shoulder and turned towards the door.

" I don't think so Wayne. Car. Now," and with that she walked out the door.

They arrived at the party slightly later than planned but everyone was having too much fun to notice the couple arriving, that was until Lian and Nell spotted them. Lian ran over to her speedster cousin and hugged her tightly.

" Hey! Haven't seen you in ages!"

" Li, you seen me last week. thanks for the house warming gift by the way." Irey thanked.

" I know, but a week is still ages to me and what can I say I saw it and thought of you,"

Nell started laughing suddenly. All turned to see Kon who by the looks of it was already half-drunk and attempting Gangnamstyle on the dancefloor.

" Oh my god," Irey giggled. Someone grabbed her waist suddenly.

" Boo," Irey jumped and turned. Bart was standing behind her and laughed. " got ya,"

" Bart," Irey playfuly scolded " you shouldn't sneak up on people,"

Bart pouted " sowy, but I was wondering if you would like to go see your dad, who didn't want to come over himself 'cause he is a lazy ass,"

Irey nodded and turned to Damian " you coming? Or ate you gonna start looking for the boys,"

He shook his head. " I'll meet you later," She kissed his cheek and then followed Bart out of sight. Before long Damian had spotted Jason and Cass.

"Hey," Cassandra greeted. Damian Smiled and Jason nudged his arm.

" So...you got the ring?" He asked. Damian nodded, briefly pulling a dark red box from his pocket and then slipping it back in.

" all set, no one else knows apart from you two, Dick and Tim. I didn't want to risk telling Stephanie, you know what she is like,"

Jason and Cass both nodded.

It wasn't until later on that Damian found the boys plus Milagro. " there you are," he said sitting down beside Cerdian.

" Damian, good to see you," he said offering his hand, he shook it and turned to the rest." just talking about Bart and Cissie and if the baby's going to be a boy or girl."

" I think it's gonna be a boy and It'll look like uncle Barry but they'll name him Max," Jai said matter-of-factly.

" you are very sure about this aren't you Jai?" Chris said leaning back.

" Yep, my plan is full proof."

" and if it's a girl?" Milagro pressed.

" I'll spoil her rotten,"

" everyone Can I have your attention please," Damian tapped the microphone silencing everyone. " now I know we only have a few minutes till the new year but this will take up a small amount of your time,"

Everyone stared at him on the stage and Jason, Dick and Tim smiled Knowingly.

" May I also ask for you to clear a path, I might need to run rather quickly after what I am about to do," everyone laughed, some understanding the reference. The split in half and Damian took a deep breath. " Iris...can you join me up here please?"

The redhead walked over to the stage cautiously, stopping at the bottom of the stairs.

" What are you upto Wayne?" she asked suspiciously. Some people laughed. Damian shrugged and smiled.

" Well you better get yourself up here and find out," he said. Irey rolled her eyes and sped up to him.

" as you know, Iris and I used to hate each other, but then as I got older I realised there is a thin line between love and hate and that I had fallen head over heels for possibly irritating and beatiful girl in the world."

There was a giant aww from the audience and Irey looked close to crying.

" are you taking cheese ball lessons from uncle Dick?" She asked. Dick laughed and shouted out.

" He's my top pupil!" There was more laughter from the heroes.

" But, really I only have one thing else to say," he pulled out the box and lowered himself to the ground. On one knee.

Irey's eyes were as wide as saucers.

" Iris Paula West, will you...will you marry me?"

" I-I..." Irey was on the verge of tears. Lian broke the silence by shouting.

" Say yes idiot!"

" Yes, yes I will marry you," Irey finaly said Tears trickling down her face. Damian grinned reliefe filling him. He stood up and slipped the ring onto her shaking hand. He pulled her in close and kissed her with everything he had. A louch cheering started in the hall. Mostly the girls and Lian jumping up and down with Nell.

" Wayne!" Every member of the Flash family stood at the back of the hall, wally in the front, stone faced. Everyone fell silent. Damian gulped.

" Yes sir?"

Wally walked-no stomped forward until he was infront of the stage. " We'll give you a ten second head start," he said " 1...2...3..10!"

Damian launched himself off the stage. Irey shouting after him " run Damian Run!"

Wally followed by the other flashes shot after him, returning to the hall after Barry had tripped Damian and the Wayne heir was hanging over Wally's shoulder. Damian was dumped into the middle of the hall and Wally grabbed him by the lappels of his jacket, staring right into his eyes. Wally smiled and raised an eyebrow.

" Welcome to the family kid," Bart started laughing as Damian's face returned to it's natural colour.

" dude, we we weren't gonna do anything to you," he walked forward and patted the bat on the back. " but I warn you, do anything to my little cousin and It's comming off,"

" point taken,"

He returned to the stage and Grabbed Irey around the waist, kissing her one last time just as the count down started.


The end.

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