Tragic Maiden Disposition:

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It was a solitary morning in Heartland. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and a lone boy slept in a bed that would allow two people to sleep in. That lone boy's name, was Yuma. He woke up to the sun, looking outside, but couldn't shake the feeling that something was grievously wrong in the world.

"But what is it?" he asked himself. He then realized he was in a bed, knowing full well he slept in a hammock upstairs in an attic.

"Is there a problem Yuma-kun?" asked a male voice from-

Wait a minute. MALE?! Yuma quickly turned to his side, where he saw a fully developed female Ryoga Kamishiro in the bed.


"C'mon Yuma-kun! Don't be so mean! We are married after all!"

Yuma just staggered out of the bed, looking at his hand. True to his word, an engagement ring was on it.

"Okay, this can't be real. KATTABINGU!"

He smashed his head against a post of the bed.


He woke up, finding nothing but the ring no longer on his finger, but now was in the Heartland Tow-

"Oh no! It's not over?!" he yelled as he jumped out of the bed.

"What's wrong now Yuma-sama?"

Yuma then looked to the side, where he saw Kaito, also as a female, wearing nothing but a lacy nightgown.


"GAH! Just a dream! I hope that's every-"

The side of the wall then exploded, where a wedding reception was set up, along with Anna wearing Kotori's school uniform.



When he woke up this time, he was relieved to find himself fin the hammock he always slept in.

"Finally, it's over."


His head then quickly cocked to the side, where he saw Kotori, along with a sort of bump underneath her shirt near her naval.

"I'm pregnant."

His eyes then widened to the size of dinner plates, before he fell out of the hammock, looking quite shocked, and had fainted the moment he hit the wood. Kotori just snickered as she removed a stuffed ball underneath her shirt. She then winked towards the readers with a giggle.

"April Fools!"

Incredibly short. I know, but still a little bit of funny.