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Chapter 2


''Really, Bells. A vacation will do you the world of good.'' My dad said, for what felt like the millionth time.

I turned my head to he wouldn't see my eye roll. ''I'm sure it would, dad, but I still don't want a vacation. I. Am. Fine''

He sighed and leaned closer to me over the table in our booth at the diner.

''Just think about it, OK? For your old man.'' He smiled slightly ''I know you're doing better hanging out with Jake and the boys but it would do you good to get away for a bit.''

This was getting old fast!

''Is this your way of telling me you want to get rid of me?'' I asked, setting my spoon down ''Because I can find somewhere else to live if you don't want me.''

He looked up, horrified ''No! No, Bella I love having you here with me, kid. You know I do. I just think you could do with a break. You were such a mess after that boy left and then it was like you just... got over it. It cant be healthy. I think you need to have...''

''I didn't just get over it, dad!'' I whisper-hissed, cutting him off ''Jake and the guys have helped me deal with things. Would you rather me go back to my zombie state? Is that it?''

He sighed and shook his head ''I'm sorry, Bells. I just worry about you. If you say that you are fine then I'll believe ya.''

I smiled and patted his hand ''Thanks dad. I know its just because you care.''

We ate in silence after that. I could feel people staring at me. That happened a lot.

Ever since the Cullen's left, I had been getting the pitty look.

There were whispers too but I soon learned to ignore them.

''Jake coming over tonight?'' Charlie asked as we finished our ice-cream Sundays.

I nodded ''I'm making Mexican food. You know he cant resist.''

''OK. So I gotta head over to the station for a little while, but I'll be back around 7.''

I nodded ''See you then.''

He got up and paid our bill before leaving the diner.

I sat there for a few more minutes.

Bringing up the Cullen's didn't even hurt that much any more.

Sure it still caused a dull ache in my chest but I wasn't sure it was for Edward or the Cullen's in general.

I had a whole new life now. One that didn't revolve around Edward control-all Cullen!

A giggle in the next booth brought me from my thoughts. Looking down, I noticed Charlie had left his keys.

''Crap,'' I muttered, picking them up and heading out.

It was dull outside. Gray clouds hung so low it felt like you could touch them.

I knew that Charlie had parked in the lot round back like me so I walked round the side.

All of a sudden, the little hairs on the back of my neck began to prickle.

Never a good sign.

A noise ahead of me made me stop. It sounded like a muffled cry.

A thud followed the noise and the prickle turned into a shudder.

Something was wrong.


I franticly looked round for a weapon and found nothing.

I reached into my messenger bag that held my Newtons uniform and grabbed the first thing I touched.


Fuck it, it could blind someone if needs be.

I walked quickly around the last corner and froze.

Vampire! Huge fucking vampire!

I would know one anywhere and this one was chuckling to himself as he leaned over an unconscious Charlie.

Please don't be dead!

My fingers curled around my lighter in my pocked as he straightened up and turned quickly to face me.

A smile spread across his face and his nostrils faired, no doubt the freak was sniffing me.

''Hello,'' he cooed and stepped towards me slowly.

''Don't come any closer, glitter dick!'' I spat and raised my pseudo weapon of aerosol spray and a lighter.

Quite fitting I think.

He stopped and raised his eyebrows ''Glitter dick?''

''Glitter dick. Disco stick. You still sparkle like a fucking fairy.'' I shrugged ''Get away from my father.''

He looked down at Charlie and back at me ''What's your name?''

''Whatever it is, it's not on the menu. Now move away from my father before I torch your sorry cold ass.''

A voice inside my head that sounded suspiciously like Jakes, told me to shut the fuck up and run.

But that was my father and I couldn't leave him.

The vamps red eyes sparkled ''You know what I am.''

It wasn't a question but I nodded anyway.

''So you know what I could do to you in less time than it took you to blink.''

I shrugged ''That's still my dad. I don't really care what you can do. You're not eating him.''

He smiled again and folded his massive arms across his chest ''I like you. You have balls.''

''Great,'' I smiled ''Does that mean that you are going to be on your merry little way and leave my father alone?''

so I've become a little sarcastic since I've been hanging round the pack. Can you tell?

''Not exactly.'' the vamp laughed ''See there is this little thing..''

he trailed off.

''I really don't think we know each other enough to be discussing your dick.'' I replied before I could stop myself.

Shit! I had to remember that I wasn't with the pack right now. No, I was with a very dangerous, gorgeous, human drinking vampire.

He laughed loudly, causing Charlie to stir.

Thank god!

''What happened?'' Charlie groaned, propping himself up on his elbows.

''Are you OK?'' I called.

''Bella?'' Charlie asked, rubbing his head ''What are you doing all the way over there?''

''Yeah, Bella, come help your father.'' the vamp smirked.

I was torn. Torn and terrified.

Why hadn't the pack picked up his vampy scent and rescued me already?

''I think I hit my head.'' Charlie groaned ''Did I fall?'' he looked towards me ''What are you holding there, Bells?''

I quickly lowered the items and moved closer slightly.

''Nothing. You left your keys. I was just coming over to give them to you when...'' I looked towards the giant vamp who suddenly had sunglasses on.

The dude put Emmett to shame!

''..when you fell and hit your head.'' the vamp finished for me.

My mouth dropped.

''Who are you?'' Charlie asked as he got to his feet.

''Felix Tores, sir.'' the vamp nodded.

Charlie frowned ''I've not seen you around here before. Are you new?''

''I was just passing through and thought I would grab a quick bite to eat,'' the vamp smirked at me quickly.

''I was hoping to have a tour but I see forks doesn't have a tour guide. A pity really. It is a beautiful town.'' he sighed looking like someone had just kicked his puppy.

''Well, since you helped me out when I.. uh..fell, maybe Bella here would show you around?'' Charlie asked, turning his eyes to me.

My own eyes were wide and my jaw was slack.

How dare he offer me out like that! And to a god damn vampire too!

Sure he didn't actually know he was offering my services to a vampire, but still.

''I would love that!'' the vampire beamed.

''How bout it, Bells?'' Charlie asked ''The man practically saved my life.''

The hell he did! He was going to eat you, you old fool!

''I would be really, really grateful'' Mr huge Mcvamperpants smiled.

I frowned and looked from one to the other.

Chances are the vamp was going to eat me. I knew what he was after all.

My time was almost up anyway with Victoria an the hunt for me.

If I agreed, would he let my dad go?

Finally I sighed. Fuck it, if I was was going to die, at least I was going to be eaten by a hot guy and not a sadistic bitch who wants to make it long and very painful.

''Are you OK to drive?'' I asked Charlie.

He smiled and nodded ''It was nice to meet you, Mr Tores. Bella, I'll see you at home.''

With that, he hopped into his cruiser and drove off.

Sure, just offer out your only daughter as a tour guide and then leave her with a complete stranger!

Father of the fucking year award goes to...