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chapter 23

I felt so smug. Standing here with my mate in my arms while her ex and his fuck-tard-family looked on with terrified expressions.

''Now. What to do what to do...'' Aro said as he began pacing with his hands clasped in-front of him.

''Master, the punishment for telling a human our biggest secret is usually death.'' Jane smiled sweetly at Carlisle.

Aro chuckled ''Yes Jane, I am aware of that. But since they didn't actually tell Isabella what we are.. though they didn't exactly discourage her from finding out either. And Edward did drop more than a few idiotic hints.''

''That was not Edwards intention, I assure you.'' Carlisle said holding one hand up.

''Oh? And when did you become a mind reader too?'' Aro replied smartly.

Way to go Aro.

''I... I didn't.. I don't...''

''Moving on.'' he said waving his hand ''The fact of the matter is, you invited a human into your family, in to your home and then you left her. Abandoned her. Left her to fend for herself in a world where she knows what kind of things go bump in the night. What kind of people are you? Who does that? Even I have my standards and I am as they say, heartless.''

''Edward thought..'' Carlisle began but Aro cut him off again.

''And do you always listen to the words of a seventeen year old boy? Are you not the coven leader, Carlisle?. Because it seems to me that blindlessly following the orders of two manipulating teenagers isn't the best thing a coven leader can do now is it?''

None of the idiots said anything.

Bella was shaking with silent laughter in my arms.

I looked down at her and raised one eyebrow.

She shrugged ''What, its funny.''

God I loved her.

''How about a vote?'' Aro asked looking round happily.

''Agreed.'' Caius added. Marcus nodded.

''Alright. So a punishment must be decided on the Cullen's. Who here would like to put forth an idea?''

''Make them feed from humans!'' one of the lower guards called out.

Caius rolled his eyes ''The idea is to punish them you idiot. Not give them a treat.''

We all chuckled at that.

''Come on, surely you can do better than that.'' Aro laughed looking round.

''Does it have to be a punishment for them as a whole or can we give them individual?'' someone asked.

Aro pondered this for a few seconds ''Hmm. Surprise me.''

''Make them split up their so called family,'' Demetri called out.

Aro considered this and tilted his head ''Not bad. Not bad. But I want something... more.''

''Make them kill each-other?'' Jane added happily.

That's more like it!

''Why not let Bella decide?'' Alec asked ''She was the one they abandoned. Shouldn't she have a say in this?''

''Excellent idea, Alec.'' Aro smiled and strode over to us ''How about it dear? Would you like to decide their fate?''

All eyes turned to my mate and I felt her stiffen in my arms. She hated being the centre of attention.

''Thank you, but I would much rather just stand here in the background and watch them get what they so deserve.''

well said beautiful.

''very well.'' Aro bowed to Bella and turned back to the Cullen's.

There must have been something showing in his expression because the Cullen's all huddled together like frightened little mice.

''Aro, old friend... surely we can... I mean, Isabella wouldn't have told a soul about us. Our secret was always safe.'' Carlisle pleaded moving in front of his family.

''but you left her. You all left her.'' Marcus said speaking up for the first time ''the girl thought Edward to be her mate and he willingly left her after treating her so cruelly. In the forest no less. The bonds this girl once had for you were strong and loyal. Fierce. But now... now the bonds have been slashed ripped and torn to shreds from her own pain and betrayal of those she once loved. I wouldn't have blamed her if she did go straight to the nearest humans and told them about the monsters that abandoned and hurt her.''

wow. I could see the same look on everyone's faces. I think that was the most Marcus has spoken in years.

''Bella, I never wanted to leave you. I told you. I love you. I thought I was protecting you from this world.'' Edward pleaded stepping around Carlisle.

''I know what you told me, Edward. I just don't care.'' Bella said quietly.

''Bella, love, think about this... they will kill us. Do you really want us dead? We love you. I love you.''

this was getting old fast.

''stop telling my mate that you love her, Cullen. She told you she didn't care. Take a fucking hint already.'' I growled.

He glared over at me. I Just smirked back.

Bella stepped forward and frowned at her ex.

''Edward, what we had, what I thought we had, its well and truly over. I love Felix. I have loved him since the day I met him and I will always love him. You and your family are just people I used to know. that's all. You played with my emotions and my life and then tossed me aside like I was nothing. Its time you got what you deserve.''

she stepped back and entwined out fingers. Edward looked like his world had just crumbled around his feet as he dropped to his knees.

''Bella...'' he croaked.

''get up you fucking pussy.'' Demetri sniggered.

Jane giggled ''he really is pathetic isn't he?'' she skipped over to where we were standing and grinned at Bella ''what did you ever see in him? He's so...mehh!''

fucking mehh. Gotta love Jane. She's crazy.

Bella smiled slightly ''it was the hair,''

Jane laughed loudly ''yeah it is kinda sexy. In a just rolled outta bed kinda way. He's basically a walking, talking, whining haircut.''

Bella giggled. Looks like my girls would get on ok. that's good to know.

''ladies, as amusing as this is, we have decisions to make.'' Aro smiled. ''brothers,''

he walked over to the thrones and took a hand from each of the brothers.

Looks like things were about to start.

Bella looked up at me. I could see the worry in her eyes. She wanted them punished but still worried they would be killed. She was entirely too good of a person. I fucking love her so much!

Bella looked up at me as though reading my mind and smiled.

''love you little warrior.''

''I love you too,'' she replied, giving my hand a slight squeeze.

''you know this is forever, right?'' I asked her with a grin.

''forever sounds pretty good to me.'' she replied.

Sounded better than good. It sounded fucking fantastic.

She jumped a little when Aro clapped his hands loudly a few minutes later.

They had decided...

The look on the fuckers faces was priceless!

Did they really think they would get away with it?

My girl was back in my arms and I was keeping her there. Hopefully for the rest of eternity.

The Cullen's were sentenced. Edward and Alice were made to join the guard for a minimum of two hundred years. Of course, Jasper would be joining too because his mate was here.

Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie would be fee to go but were on call for anything the brothers asked. Taking care of newborns, that kind of thing.

And Emmett decided to join the guard on his own. After Marcus told him that Barbie vamp, as Bella had christened her wasn't actually his mate at all, he decided to stay with his Belly-bear.

I was jealous for a few seconds before Marcus them went on to tell me that his and Bella's bond was a strong one of brotherly/sisterly love. Nothing more.

Plus, the guy was fucking awesome.

The ball was held and Bella and I spend most of it holed up in my..our chambers, showing each other how much we had missed the other.

We headed back to Forks a few days later.

Charlie had stayed down in Masen county but was due back.

I finally got to meet Bella's smelly friend Jake.

I used mind ju-ju to make him and his pack of pups think I was human. So its cool. We even hang out from time to time.

Charlie returned and life went back to normal.

Bella and I were leaving for Italy in a months time. She was letting me turn her. I couldn't fucking wait!

We could come back and see her dad any time she wanted once her thirst was under control.

She wouldn't have to lose her farther and I had a really great bond with the man so I was glad.

Whenever we came by, I could send out brain waves so to any human, we looked like we were ageing like they were.

Life was finally good.

Great even. Fucking perfect!

Bella and Jane hit it off and became like sisters. They were going to be a nightmare together when Bella is turned let me tell you.

My girl was constantly smiling though so I was happy she was happy. Our love was unbreakable and she even agreed to be my wife.

Edward and his bratty sister was miserable. And everyone else was happy.

All was right in the world.