Zack saw the text first and he couldn't believe what he had just read.

Zack went and packed a bag with some clothes. Then he went and put the bag in his car, and then he got in his car and drove, drove away. To get out of Maya's life, out of his moms life. Everybody seemed to be happier without him here. He left Maya a note on his pillow as it was 7am and nobody else was up. The note said;

Goodbye Maya

Zack had been driving for an hour now so it was about 8am, he had nowhere to go he just had to leave.

Maya's POV:

I wake up due to Ashley crying. Ashley sleeps in a bassinet on Zack's side of the bed and Emma sleeps in a bassinet on my side of the bed. So I sit up and notice Zack's not here. I just thought he was already up. I get out of bed and pick Ashley up and carry her out of the room and to her room with her crib in it.

Zack and I had everything together in a room, two cribs with their names above them in pink letters; we had a changing table and two dressers in there. The room was all ready and the walls we a light pink color. Ashley and Emma both had wooden polished cribs that were very expensive. Once they were 6 months Zack and I are going to have them sleep in here.

I went and changed Ashley's diaper and then got her dressed. As soon as I sat down in the chair in there and started breast feeding Ashley, Emma started to cry. I let Emma cry for a minute figuring Zack would get her, but he never did. So I put Ashley in her crib and brought Emma in here and changed her and then got her dressed. I then went and picked Ashley up and sat down in the chair and breast fed both babies. Once they were done I went and carried both of them into my room and put them in their bassinets while I showered. Once I was done I saw the note on Zack's pillow all it said was "Goodbye Maya"

I grabbed my cell phone and called Zack, he didn't answer. So I texted him. It was now 10pm and the babies were in bed and I still haven't heard back from Zack. I had called everybody and nobody knew where he was. I sat there and held the note and cried, I didn't know where Zack went.

I had my phone in my hand scrolling through my text messages and read mine and Zack's. I missed him so much; I love him more than he knows. I look down at my phone and see Zack's calling me.

I answer the phone but I can hear him breathing, so I talk. I say "Zack I love you, please come home, I need you here. I have no idea where you are, but I'm heartbroken. Anything your mom says or does will never ever change the way I feel about you Zack. Your mom thinks Cody's the better twin, well Zack you're the better twin." I couldn't say anything else I started to break down and bawl my eyes out.

"Zack please say something." Said through tears

I continued to cry on the phone listening to Zack breathe. I wish I could be in his arms right now.

Then he hung up the phone. I dropped my phone and cried more, about an hour later I fell asleep. That night I woke up with Ashley 4 times and Emma 7. In the morning I woke up to both kids crying, I went and changed them, fed them and got them dressed. Then I went and put my hair in a messy bun, and put on a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt. It was January 27th, the twins were only six days old.

After that I went and called Zack again, no answer. So I called Cody and talked to him for about an hour, while the twins took their nap. Then after that I got a call from a number I didn't know, but I answered it.


"Hi are you Maya Bennett, Zack's girlfriend?" Asked a strange voice

"Yes I am, actually finance. Why?"

"Well Zack's here at the Boston hospital, he was in a car accident and well he lost a lot of blood. He will live but he needs to be here for a week. Where are you now? He's in a coma also. "

"I'm in North Dakota with our two babies, they were born six days ago." I said freaking out

"Well you might want to get the next flight out here, Zack has been here for a day. His car is already fixed so you can take it home."

"Okay we'll be there as soon as we can, please tell Zack I'm on my way and I love him." I said hanging up the phone

I went and started packing a suitcase for me, then one for the twins, after that I called Cody and told him what was going on and for him and Bailey to pack a bag and come over now. After that I got the two porta-cribs ready to go, along with the diaper bag. I called the airport and there was a flight leaving tonight at 8pm. I booked three tickets and then Cody and Bailey showed up. I told them about the flight at 8pm in was not 4pm. Cody brought everything out to my car as we were going to park and pay to leave it there. While Cody did that Bailey and I woke up Ashley and Emma. Then we brought them to the car. Bailey sat in the back in the middle of Ashley and Emma, Cody drove and I sat in the passenger seat.

When we got to the airport I carried Emma and Ashley. Cody carried the two porta-crib and wheeled his and Bailey's suitcase. While bailey wheeled mine, and carried my purse and the diaper bag.

Once we finally boarded the plane Bailey sat by the window holding Emma, Cody sat in the middle, and I sat by the aisle holding Ashley. We only got three seats since Ash and Em were only 6 days old they just sat on out laps.

Once we landed we all carried the same things and got in a taxi and went to the closest hotel. It was the holiday inn, we got one room, I would have my own bed, Ashley and Emma had their porta-cribs, and Cody and Bailey had a bed. It was now 11pm.

"I'm going to go see Zack; the nurse told me whatever time we got here I could come."

"Ok, I'll watch the twins." Said Bailey

"Cody will you come with me" I asked as I grabbed my purse

Cody and I walked out of the hotel room and went and got a cab and then went to the hospital. Once we got there we went to the desk.

"Hi, how can I help you?" Asked the lady working there

"I'm Zack Martin's soon to be wife and this is his brother, can we please see him?" I asked

"I need to see I.D." Said the lady

Cody and I handed the lady our I.D's, and she let us go back to Zack's room. When we got there Cody and I walked in. Zack was lying in the bed in a coma. I broke down crying. Cody left the room and I went and grabbed Zack's hand and held it and said "Zack, I'm here. I love you please please wake up I need you. I love you" As on cure Zack opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Maya where am I?"

"In Boston, in a hospital, you were in a bad car accident." I said

"I was going to talk to my mom and tell her to leave you alone. Maya I love you!"

Just then Cody and the nurse walked in.

"We need to have Zack alone to ask some questions." Said The nurse

Cody left the room and Maya kissed Zack's head, grabbed her purse and then left the room with Cody and sat down in the waiting area.

Maya sat there so nervously waiting for Zack to be done.

An hour and a half later the doctor came and got Maya and Cody and brought them back to the room where Zack was. It was now 2am..

"Well the nurse said I can leave tomorrow!" Said Zack


Cody and Bailey drove Zack's car home with the porta-cribs. Zack, Maya, Ashley and Emma all flew home.

Once they got home it was time to put the twins to bed. Once they were asleep Zack walked over to Maya who was also in bed.

"Hey babe, I'm so sorry. I was walking by your phone and saw that my mom had sent you a text saying, Maya you're a slut and a whore. I hope you got to hell. I hope Zack dies before you so you can be miserable. I was going to take care of it by going and talking to her. I love you Maya, I'd do anything for you." Said Zack

"I know you would. Don't worry about your mom. She doesn't like me or you. We don't need her. All I need is you. I love you too Zack. Thank you so much for getting me pregnant. The twins are one of the best things that have ever happened to us."

Maya leaned over and kissed Zack.

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