For all readers of my other stories: I've been through a lot (I got an infection that made me vomit eery hour and i had a fight with someone close so i was really depressed) so I am sorry for delays. I had to write this, and I PROMISE I will continue the stories. I feel bad abandoning something like this. Anyway, I wrote this to commemorate the new Lenore comics and as a late birthday to Lenore (the comic series turned 20 last year). This is just a love story between a popular pairing: RAGANORE :D. In my version, Lenore is 16, Ragamuffin is 18. AND I WILL SAY THIS: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SEXY TIME! I can't write lemons at all cause it'll probably end up awkward...

12 P.M.

Lenore awakens from her slumber. She dreamed about flying bunnies, giant piggies and jumping jelly beans singing a song around a bucket of glowing candy. All while they wore sombreros and fake mustaches. But, hunger crept though her stomach and she runs down to the kitchen to eat food. When she walked on the creaky floorboards, Ragamuffin instantly woke up. He has been on edge scince their transformation. It took a long adventure and things that disturbed the group but they did it and Ragamuffin became a 'human'. Lenore, sick of being a dead girl, wanted to be a dead young lady and became 16. As she puts it "I can eat more food!". But the real reason he was on edge was because of Mr. Gosh. After her transformation, the ramifications of being a young, 'developed' lady were the male suitors and perverts. Mr. Gosh only fell more in love, but it wasn't an innocent love. What once felt like an innocent puppy love turned into an almost lustful love. Lust wasn't the main thing driving him but it was a factor that grew after her transformation. Anyway,Ragamuffin decides to investigate. To his relief, there was only Lenore, rummaging though the fridge. She pulled out a pack of soda, and some cake. She also had a bag of chips on the counter.

"Hey, Lenore? What are you doing?" Ragamuffin questioned. She got herself 3 slices of cake and said "I got hungry. And now that you're up, wanna watch a movie? I got 'Dawn of the Dead' from the 70's". Having nothing else to do, Ragamuffin agrees and they go to the TV room. Lenore pops in the tape and leaps onto the couch next to Ragamuffin. The movie progressed, and soon Lenore was feeling droopy. She has seen this movie hundreds of times so she didn't mind falling asleep. Only 35 minutes into the movie did she lay her head on Ragamuffin's shoulder. Ragamuffin pretends to not notice. He just focused on the zombies attacking everybody. Soon, Lenore was asleep. As the movie finished, Ragamuffin looked at the sleeping dead girl. He carefully carries her to her room. After that, he opens her window and floats onto the roof. He looked at the moon, it's whitish light casting a glow on his black suit. Being 18 for 500 years wasn't much of a burden if you were a vampire. Girls chasing you, the cripsness of the cold breeze at night and the warmness of fresh blood. But after reminising his glory days, he felt now it was up to him to protect Lenore. She may have become a teen, but her childish demeanor has never left. Killing her kitties, collecting dead bugs and accidently setting people on fire. She was nuts.

"Ragamuffin? Are you there?", he saw Lenore had gotten out of bed and was looking for him. He flies though the open window and lands next to her. "Uh Ragamuffin, I had a bad dream..." Lenore said in a low, scared voice. "About what?" Ragamuffin asked, " i remebered how my family left me after the funeral. I was just asleep. Why didn't they care?". She didn't cry but she looked really hurt. Ragamuffin never worried about his family. He ate them. But they hit him and spited him. This didn't justify their deaths but Ragamufin accepted who he has become. Now, he hugged Lenore, saying "It's alright, they didn't understand and now you have me and Ppoty and all of your other friends,". Lenore didn't feel as sad but she felt loneliness in her heart. "uhm... Ragamuffin? Can you sleep with me tonight?", using puppy eyes to convince the blushing vampire. She didn't understand how the context of what she had just said was sexual. She just felt lonely and needed someone to stay with her. "Alright I will," Ragamuffin sighed. Lenore, filled with glee, jumps under the covers while Ragamuffin took off his suit jacket and pants, leaving him in a dress shirt and black boxers. He laid next to Lenore and turned off the bedlamp next to him. She then hugged him and laid her head on his chest. Despite now having a similarity in age now, Ragamuffin felt weird. Her showing such forms of affection?! This was bound to end up being fucked up. But she just cuddled up with him and slept peacfully. And soon enough, he fell asleep.

6 A.M.

Ragamuffin woke up from his slumber and he noticed that Lenore wasn't there! He got up and went downstairs where he saw Lenore eating pancakes. Their friend, Pooty, had got up earlier than them to make pancakes. "Good morning guys," the vampire told his friends as he stifled a yawn. "Hey dude!" Pooty said. "Pancake?" He offered. Scince there was no other food, Ragamuffin accepted the demon's offer. He sat next to Lenore, who was shoving mouthful by mouthful of pancake drowned in syrup. He caught himself staring when he bit into cold pancakes as Lenore ate the last bite of her meal. He ate in silenxe and he noticed Lenore looking at him. Of course he was used to eating a meal in front of a crowd but he felt something in his gut. A fluttery feeling? Was it the dreded spell of LOVE?!After the two finished eating, Lenore shouts "Lets go play board games!" And grabs Ragamuffins hand. she takes him to the room wirh all the board games. as they sat down, Ragamuffin tried to focus on the game, but Lenore kept distracting him. 'she's so cute' he thought as they played. the game ended with Lenore winning. Now, the vampite had some confidence to tell her how he felt about her.

"Lenore i-"; there was a knock at the door. "Ill get it!" Lenore said, running over. But, to her misfortune, it was Mr. Gosh! "What the hell?!" Lenore shouted. "I cant hold my love for you any longer lenore! Marry me!" He shouted. Lenore backed away. "Seriously, I dont love you! Youre just creept and leave me the fuck alone!" Lenore said, but she suddenly was pinned down by Mr. Gosh! He tries to kiss her, only to get thrown off and smacked against the wall. "LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!". It was Ragamuffin; he heard the commotion and to his horror, saw that Mr. Gosh was trying to force himself onto Lenore. Mr. Gosh gets up and angrily shouts "How dare you throw me off my future wife!". "You idiot! She doesn't love you! Learn to move on!"Ragamuffin shouts again, his anger level already higher than the Empire State Building. Mr. Gosh then notices Ragamuffin is in his underwear and shirt; "I see how it is! How dare you deflower the lovely Lenore!" He said in anger. "you vampire are so full of shit! You sicken me! Why I- GAK!". He was cut short by a knife. more soon followed until he was pinned onto the wall. While the two argued, Lenore had took the oppurtunity to grab a few knives.

She hugged Ragamuffin and said "Thank you. I was almost doomed to taste cooties!". He hugged her close and knew now he had to tell her what he felt. "Lenore, I think I like you...", and he blushed. Lenore looked up so fast she almost gave herself whiplash. "you ... Like-like me? More thank like?", she asked. "I love you" he said, "but do you love me?". Ragamuffin prepared himself for rejection or a knife to the back, but it didn't come. Instead Lenore hugged him closer and said "I love you too..". Relieved that she didn't overreact, he hugged her seems more bearable now.