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Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Emily POV:

I was sitting at my desk completing case files when I felt someone staring at me. I looked back and saw Hotch quickly look down. I saw Strauss walking to his office and she looked pissed but that was normal. That bitch was evil. I hope he isn't in trouble I said to myself. Little did I know that I said out loud.

"So, you're worried about him Prentiss." Derek said to me with a smirk.

Yeah, Strauss is always mad at him for something. I said

"We see the way he looks at you." Derek said.

"Yeah and the way he always sits next to you in the round table room." Reid added.

"Oh and don't forget the way he talks to her on the jet." JJ said coming towards the bullpen.

C'mon guys, Hotch doesn't have feelings for me. I said to them.

Okay, but do you have feelings for him Emily? Rossi asked.

No, I don't! I exclaimed.

"Don't forget that we are all profilers." Reid said

Fine, yes I have feelings for Hotch but I can never act on them. I said finally giving in.

"Why the hell not?!" Derek exclaimed.

There are rules against this kind of stuff. I said looking Derek in the eye.

"Bullshit, they didn't say anything about me and Penelope." Derek said

Well you aren't the Unit Chief and she isn't your subordinate. I said with an attitude

"I'm sure they will let you and Aaron slide if it doesn't affect the team." Rossi said

Let's just drop we all have work to do so let's get it done. I said.

"Avoiding the subject, oh yeah! You are definitely in love." Reid said

Shut up Reid I said as everyone started to get back to work while laughing.

*Meanwhile in Hotch's Office*

Aaron POV:

Yes, Strauss you can come in. I said.

"Agent Hotchner, is there something going on between you and Agent Prentiss?" Strauss asked.

No, why do you ask? I said.

I see the way you treat her and I see the way you look at her." Strauss said

Well, there is nothing going on between us. I said

"If anything does happen, I want you to know that I am in full support of this relationship. You deserve to be happy especially after losing Haley." Strauss said.

Thank you ma'am. I said.

You welcome Agent said Strauss as she walked out the door.

I walked out the door and asked Rossi, Reid, and Morgan to come to my office.

They walked and Morgan immediately asked what's going on.

"Yeah, your voice sounded urgent." Rossi said.

Strauss just gave me and Prentiss permission to date. I said

That's great Hotch." Reid said.

Yeah, how do I ask her out though? I asked

"Wait, did you ask her if you two could date?" Rossi asked.

No, she has noticed the way I look at her and she is convinced that I love her. I said

"You do Hotch, you love her more than you loved Haley." Derek said.

"Start off small and let her know you are interested." Rossi said.

"Yeah, send her text messages saying 'You look pretty' or something that is really cute or sexy." Reid added.

"Then ask her out." Derek said

I laughed out loud and said okay sure.

"Yes, you and Emily are finally going to get together." Derek said.

"Yeah, we have been waiting for centuries." Reid added

She has to say yes first right? I asked

"She will buddy, she will!" Rossi said patting my back.

Thanks for all your help. I said with a smile on my face.

"No problem." Rossi, Reid, and Morgan said in unison.

"Well it's time for me and my wife to get going." Morgan said walking out while Rossi and Reid followed.

I sat down at my desk and got back to work but my mind was in Emily.

*Back at the Bullpen*

Emily POV:

"Well, I'm leaving you guys my wife and I have a nice evening planned." Derek said smiling.

What do you have planned tonight Derek? Are you going to have her screaming your name again? I asked with a smirk on my face.

"Hopefully, I've missed my baby." Garcia said.

"Hahaha! Baby girl let's go now! Morgan exclaimed.

Bye you guys. I said.

Where's JJ? Reid asked

Oh, she went home because Henry was having a nightmare. I said.

"Well, I'm going to go home and call my mom then I'll read a book or two, or ten." With that being said Reid said good night.

"When are you leaving Emily?" Rossi asked.

I have to finish this case file and then I'm gone. Sergio and I have a date. I replied

"Okay, well I'm leaving and I will see you tomorrow." Rossi said

Night Rossi, Emily said.

Night kiddo, Rossi replied.

My phone vibrated and I looked down at it. It was a text from Hotch and it read "You look gorgeous today with a wink." I smiled at the text and said "you didn't look too shabby yourself." "Thanks he texted back. I started to ask him about Jack and how his life is going.

I never thought after Doyle that I would love again but Hotch is changing my mind.

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