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Chapter 4

Hotch's POV:

A week had passed since Emily and I have spent anytime outside of the field together. We still haven't had dinner with Jack and his patience's is wearing thin. Of course he has met Emily before and he loves her but he misses her. So on the flight back home I decided to talk to her. Everyone else on the plane was sleep and I was reading over a case file JJ had finished several minutes before. I looked behind me to see Emily staring out the window so I took this oppurtunity to sit and talk with her. So I got up an walked over to her.

"Hey." I said

"Hey yourself." Emily replied.

I sat down in the seat in front and then I asked "How are you?"

"I'm fine, just a little tired." She replied

"Come here." I said.

So you came over and sat on my lap and and fell into the fetal position.

"Em, what's really wrong?" I asked her.

"I was thinking about my encounter with Doyle and how he said no one would ever love me." She said to me

"Em, you know that's not true. Doyle was a dickhead who just wanted to get back at you. I love you and for a while I fought this feeling but I just couldn't anymore." I said stroking her back.

"Aaron why do you love me? I am so screwed up it's ridiculous!" Emily said to him tears slowly forming in her eyes.

"Emily, we are all screwed up and we are all searching for that someone to help us refill the part of us that this job takes. I have found my solace in you and I hope the feeling is mutual. You are my safe net and I want you to be able to call me the same thing. You are a major part of my life now." I said to her looking directly into her eyes.

"God, I love you so much Aaron." She said pulling him to a deep kiss.

I moaned in her mouth and when I felt her mouth open I slowly dipped my tongue into her warm depths and our tongues did a swan dance. I could feel my erection slowly growing and grinned against her lips when she jumped at the feeling.

"I can't wait to get home and see Jack." She said.

"He can't wait so see you either." I said back to her.

We spent the rest of the flight cuddled together on that one seat and sleep soon overtook both of us.

Emily's POV

An hour later the jet landed and we were on our way back to Quantico it was about 2:30 in the afternoon. I decided to surprise Jack and pick him up from school especially because his dad had a meeting with Strauss and the director.

I arrived at Jack's school at 3:30 and the students were just being let out. I saw him being pushed around by some big kid and he was telling Jack that his mommy died because she wanted to get away from him. I walked over and told them to cut it out and then Jack ran over to me and yelled "Mommy". I was so shocked that I just went with it.

I showed them my badge and they ran off. I hugged Jack and asked him if he was okay and he said yeah but he then started to cry. All I could do was hold him and tell him that those boys were stupid. He got in the car and fell asleep on our way home. When we got to my condo I laid him on the bed.

I decided to cook and got started on dinner. I made burgers and fries which was one of Jack's favorites.

"Emily." I heard Jack's voice cry out from the bedroom.

"Yes sweetie." I answered

"I miss my mommy."

"I know you do Jack but she is always with you." I said to him

"I want you to be my new mommy." Jack said to me.

"I don't know Jack, your dad and I just started dating so we are going to have to give it time." I explained to him

Okay, but I'm still going to tell my friends that you are my mommy and can we not tell my daddy about this." He said to me

"Jack, I have to tell him but I will make sure he doesn't freak out okay?" I said to him

"Thanks Emily, I love you." He said to me

I love you too Jack now get washed up for dinner your dad will be here in a little while." I told him .

"Okay."Jack replied

Hotch POV

It was 7:30pm and I was ready to go home. I was thinking about just crashing at Emily's place because I din't want Jack to get home really late. I pulled out a picture of Emily, Jack,and that we took last year. I was thinking how this picture is what got me through the seven months she was away. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on my door.

"Come in." I answered

"Why are you still here?" Rossi asked

"I had to finish this report for the director and Strauss." I replied

"Go home to your girlfriend and son." Rossi said

"I'm leaving." I said as I started smiling.

"I'll walk with you." Rossi said before turning around to get his stuff from his office.

Before heading home I called Emily and was surprised by who answered the phone.

"Hi daddy." Jack answered.

"Hey buddy, where's Emily?" I asked

"She is cooking in the kitchen." Jack answered

"Do you wanna stay over there or go home tonight?" I asked already knowing the answer

"I wanna to stay here with Mommy Emily!" Jack exclaimed.

"Okay, tell her I'm on my way there but I have to pick up some stuff from home." I said

"Okay Daddy, see you when you get here."

"Bye buddy." I responded.

Who was that? Emily asked

"That was daddy and he is on his way home." Jack answered

"Well that means he should be home soon." I said

"Can we go out tomorrow?" Jack asked

"Where do you wanna go?" Emily asked

"Maybe we can go swimming at uncle Dave's house?" Jack suggested.

"Here, why don't you call him and ask if we could have a cookout tomorrow with everyone?" Emily said giving him her phone.

"I'll be in the backroom taking care of some business.

Hotch POV

I pulled up to her building, parked, and entered the 18 -story condominium. I used the key she gave me to open the door to her 2- bedroom condo.

"Emily, Jack, I'm home." Hotch said aloud.

"Hey baby, I'm in the kitchen warming up dinner." Emily said

I dropped my bags and went to go see the love of my life. I walked in and there she was frying french fries in shorts and the jersey she got from one of Jack's soccer's game.

I came up behind her and kissed her neck and then smelled her hair.

"Where's Jack?"Hotch asked.

"He is in his room on the phone with his Uncle Dave." Emily answered.

"Why?" I asked while i was walking towards the fridge to get a beer.

"He is asking if we could have a cookout/pool party tomorrow." Emily replied.

"Wow." I said.

"Yup, why are you home so late?" Emily asked.

"Paperwork." I replied

"I hope you didn't bring any home." Emily said witha stern look on her face.

"My job never ends baby." I said pulling her into a warm embrace.

"It does on the weekend." Emily said looking up at me with those big brown eyes

"Fine, but right now I'm going to wash up for dinner and change my clothes." I said before bending down to give her a kiss.

"Get Jack while you are back there." Emily said with a grin.

After thirty minutes we finally sat down and ate dinner. We made small talk and laughed at Jack's corny jokes.

"C'mon Jack let's go get ready for bed. We have a big day tomorrow." Emily said.

"Yeah, I'll take care of dishes." I said

After an hour of getting Jack ready for bed, tucked in, and reading a story to him, he was fast alseep and Hotch was in the bedroom.

"Aaron you better not be doing paperwork." Emily said sternly

"Babe, the director just emailed me and he needs this file by Monday morning. If I do it now I won't have to worry about it tomorrow or Sunday." Aaron replied.

"Fine, I'm gonna get ready for bed." Emily said

Emily went into the bathroom and changed into a purple Chantilly lace negligee.

She walked out and leaned on the door to their bathroom.

"Are you done yet SSA Hotchner?" Emily asked before biting her bottom lip

"I am now!" Hotch said before getting up and walking towards her.

He immediately began to attack Emily's neck while sliding his hands up and won her sides.

She pushed him back and said "Strip and then you can work on me."

Hotch quickly took off his jeans and his t-shirt. He walked over to the bed and covered Emily's body with his. He straddled her careful not to put all of his weight on her and ripped her lingerie in half.

"You are so beautiful Emmy." Hotch said while memorizing very inch of her body

He bent down and kissed the shamrock on her left breast. He then took her nipple in between his teeth making her moan in ecstasy.

He moved his hand down to her core and gently slid two fingers inside and began to move them in and out.

"Aaron, that feels so good. Don't stop."

He bent his head down and sped up his pace and that's when he felt Emily bite his shoulder. Emily then grasped his rocked hard erection and stroked it. Hotch let out a feral growl an pulled his fingers out of Emily.

He took her legs and placed them on his shoulders and entered her with one smooth thrust. He felt her stiffen and pulled out halfway giving her time to adjust. When he felt her relax he entered her the rest of the way. They quickly found their pace and Hotch felt like he was eighteen again.

"Emily, you feel so good, so wet, so tight...perfect." Hotch grunted out.

"Aaron, you...are...so...big...and you fill me ...completely." Emily said with breathy moans

He felt her walls clench him.

"Open your eyes, I want to see you when you cum."Hotch said.

"Aaron!" Emily cried and Hotch followed close behind.

They laid there trying to catch their breath when a knock on the door brought them back to reality.

"Yes." Hotch answered.

"Daddy is mommy Eml'y having another nightmare"? Jack asked

"No, she is fine." Hotch answered

"Okay. Get some sleep we have to be up early tomorrow." Jack replied

"Okay, we will." Hotch answered back.

"When did he start calling you mommy Emily?" Hotch asked Emily

"Today, when I picked him up form school these boys were bullying him so I showed them my badge and Jack told them I was his mommy." Emily responded

"Well, I think it's good for him because he isn't confused about you and Haley." Hotch said.

"You know I kind of like being called mommy, it makes me feel like I have a purpose." Emily said smiling

"I love you so much." Hotch said kissing her forehead.

"I love you too." Emily said snuggling into him.

Sleep overtook them and at about three o'clock Hotch's phone rang.

"Hotchner." He answered

It as silence and heavy breathing.

"Who is this?!" He asked again.

"Is Sean safe?" The caller asked

"Who is this?!" He asked again

That's when the caller hung up.

"Who was that?" Emily asked

"I don't know." Hotch answered

"Is everything okay?" She asked

"I'm not sure but let's go back to sleep and we will deal with it later." Hotch replied.

Emily fell right back asleep but for Hotch it was hard. Why was someone asking abut Sean?

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