LALAlove Obstacles

Okay so this is a crossover anime's that i will be using will be Gakuen Alice, Kodocha, Daa Daa Daa ! and my own characters that i made up along the way who i made a prologue of here they are. the two main characters of each of these stories will meet each other by getting sucked in a warp hole that took them to a deserted island. and now they have to team up and get back home safe and sound. Love will be tested, actions will be taken, decision will be made. what will happen to our heroes? would take about four chapter each probably until they all meet each other, and they would be suck in when each of them were about to confess i made it a little bit different so yeah just to let you know. My own characters i added.

Name:Miko Gotokuji

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Hieght: 5'6

Description: Has long brown wavy hair and bangs,but wears it in a high ponytail she has nice curves but covers it up by wearing biaggy clothes, lovely hazel eyes and milky creamy soft skin.

Personality: She's bubbly,oblivious, stuborn,and clumsy. But would also be there for her friends and help them out. She is always cheerful and angelic but if you mess with someone special and close to her she becomes dark, malicious, and frightning.

Hobbies: eat lots of sweets, play basketball,ride her skateboard,go to the mall, mess with Natsuki.

Name: Natsuki Urawa

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 6'1

Descprition: Has messy black hair, wears his clothes messy which makes him look hot, Beautiful light blue eyes and a very attrcting smile. So he's smokin hot for short.

Personality: arrogant, annoying, and a pervert with Miko, gives off a bad boy vibe which is not unless you mess with a friend especially could be very nice and caring sometimes and is also possesive on Miko when someone tries to flirt with her, who is oblivious about his crush on her.

Hobbies: tease Miko,hang out with his firends, play basketball, walk around the park, sleep on a sakura tree branch, and making sure no guys try to flirt with Miko in any way.