Nicole Watterson's Farting Problem

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: Honestly, I don't like this show, and I don't care about it. But the antics it has are worthy of a fanfic such as this. That's what I said before the show's fandom came to me and improved my thoughts about this show through time's progression. But the show is still ridiculously stupid, as Ben Bocquelet likes it.

Gumball and Darwin were at home, both of them bored out of their minds as Anais came down the stairs.

"Hey Gumball! Mom's gonna be mad when she finds out you didn't clean your room. So do it!"

Gumball groaned out loud, not feeling like doing it. "Come on! Do I have to? Why must you keep telling me what to do?"

"Because I'm smarter and more responsible." Anais bragged. "Now go clean your room before mom gets home!" she ordered, pointing upstairs.

Gumball dragged himself upstairs as Darwin followed him. "I'll help you with your room, Gumball. Though I'm just a goldfish. Don't expect much help from me."

Gumball sighed as he and Darwin went into Gumball's room.

Meanwhile, Richard Watterson was on the couch, being lazy as always. "Y'know, if I wasn't so lazy I would help too."

Anais rolled her eyes, coming down the stairs. "Oh please dad. Gumball needs to be responsible for himself. I always have to help him when he needs my help. He never learns."

Then, Nicole Watterson walked through the door, being tired from having worked overtime at the rainbow factory.

"Oh hey mom! How was work?" Anais asked her.

"Brutal. As usual..." Nicole wiped her forehead, being worn out as she headed to the kitchen.

"Hey dear could you make me a sandwich?" Richard asked.

"GET IT YOURSELF!" Nicole screamed, being too stressed out from work.

"Gosh mom, why are you always so stressed out like this? And plus dad is too lazy to get his own sandwich anyway."

Nicole sighed as she placed her hand on her forehead. "I'm sorry sweetie. It's because I work too much, that's all."

All of a sudden, Nicole's stomach grumbled, prompting her to look down at her stomach. "Gosh, what was that?"

"I don't know." Anais shrugged.

Suddenly, Nicole farted loudly, causing her to gasp in shock while blushing a bit.

Anais' jaw dropped in disbelief. "Mom...did you just...?"

Before she could finish, Nicole's butt ripped a loud 10 second poot that echoed through the house. "My goodness! Why am I suddenly so gassy?"

Anais coughed a bit, wafting her hand to get the smell away from her. "Pee-yew, mom! What has gotten into you?"

Nicole blushed in embarrassment as she let out three more raunchy poots. "I guess this is what I get from working too hard..."

Richard continued sitting in his couch, then he smelled his wife's farts, shrugging as he continued sitting down, being too lazy to care.

Gumball came down the stairs. "Alright mom, I cleaned my room just like you-" he quickly plugged his nose as the foul stench that came from his mom's butt entered his nose. "Oh god what is that?"

"Sorry about that, sweetie." Nicole apologized, before another deep pitched poot lifted her tail and her dress, revealing her panties, which were slightly damp at the back.

"MOM!" Gumball shouted, annoyed by his mother's gas as Darwin simply stared at Nicole, liking what he saw.